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Lzf Lamps’ Armadillo light

The result of a new collaboration with Luis Eslava Studio.


Once again, Luis Eslava demonstrates his creative flair with his new design – Armadillo for LZF Lamps, a new pendant light whose shade is made of myriad rectangles of wood, specifically a material called Polywood ®.


The light, which is inspired by the armour-like shell of the animal it’s named after, is available in two sizes and eight colours.


Unveiled at the design fair Hábitat Valencia this year, it was also the inspiration for the company’s stand at the event. Designed by Marivi Calvo, the latter deliberately reflected the lamp’s textures. Accordingly, the stand featured over 4,000 rectangles of wood, creating a background that perfectly harmonised with the lamp which glowed a spectacular, fiery shade of orange.


View video Stand LZF Lamps in Valencia 2010

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