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Patricia Urquiola’s Nub chairs

A chair which sparks memories of our childhood.

Patricia Urquiola surpasses herself with each new piece she creates. In recognition of that, Spanish chair manufacturer Andreu World decided to entrust her with creating its latest design – a collection called Nub, which was unveiled at the Milan Furniture Fair last April.


Nub is an attractive range of chairs and armchairs with natural wood frames adaptable to countless combinations in terms of shape and upholstery. A highly sophisticated form of cabinetry shaped Nub, which takes a very contemporary form. What stands out about it is the appealing way the spokes in its backrest swell out at different points at the same height as the back’s lumbar region.


According to Urquiola, ‘Nub has powerful emotional connotations – memories of our childhood when we played with bobbins which our grandmother used when she made lace. These small wooden rods were popular toys for us during our childhoods. Now I’ve revisted them and used them for a design in a totally new context.’

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