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3x3, 3Patas’s most versatile design

One of the most fun and novel discoveries in the Nude exhibition at the most recent Hábitat de Valencia design fair was the 3x3 collection designed by 3Patas for Francesc Ros.


3x3 is original and versatile – characteristics, too, of the studio 3Patas and its young designers. Its central piece is an unusual large table which incorporates two smaller tables which can be removed and used as separate pieces. When the latter are removed, they leave holes in the main table top where two aluminium bowls can be placed, thereby subtly modifying the table’s use. 3x3’s flexibility means that users can create a space to suit their personal tastes by experimenting with different groupings of the piece’s elements.


The tables’ legs can be easily disassembled so the furniture can be stored easily and quickly. The result is a highly versatile collection which adapts well to small, ever-changing spaces.


3Patas is a young studio, co-founded in 2010 by three designers: Carla Neila, Isabel González and Santiago Hermosín. They work in different areas of design, from product, furniture and lighting design to the creation of exhibition stands, interior design and corporate branding… Their philosophy aims to investigate innovation without sacrificing the sympathetic shapes which give a human feel to their products and allows them to harmonise with their social setting as well as the environment.

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