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This industrial designer, creator of famous products, specialises in office and domestic furniture and lighting. He has been working professionally since 1974 and has collaborated with some of the sector´s major companies. Among other activities, he has won several important awards and has also taught at EINA, the art and design school associated with the Autonomous University of Barcelona

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Gabriel Teixidó

Gabriel Teixidó

Aire range of office furniture produced by Aridi

Aire range of office furniture produced by Aridi

Address: Joan Oliver, 14, 2º-3ª | 08190 Sant Cugat del Vallés | BARCELONA

Web: -

Telephone: +34 935891107

Fax: +34 935891107


Sector: Industrial

Clients: Permasa, Aridi, Levesta, Carpyen, Interi, Joquer, Oken, Franch Sillería, Grassoler, Andreu World, Enea.

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