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The B.Lux Group, which comprises the companies B.Lux and Vanlux, is a standard-bearer in the creation and production of contemporary designer lightning. The roots of the company can be traced back to 1980, when it was set up as a cooperative in the town of Marquina (Vicaya, Spain). Following collaboration with designer Jorge Pensi, in 1987, the Regina and Olympia collections were created. Extremely innovative, their creation represented a turning point for the company, allowing international expansion. From that moment onwards, the image of B.Lux has been undeniably linked to a specific kind of product.


Kanpazar outdoor lamp

Kanpazar outdoor lamp

Address: Pol. Ind. Eitua, 70 | 48240 Berriz | Vizcaya (SPAIN)


Telephone: +34 902 107 735

Fax: +34 902 107 796


Sector: Lighting

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