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Enea came into being in 1984 under the auspices of a company called Eredu Sociedad Cooperativa. Since that time, it has focused on manufacturing and selling designer furniture. All its products are characterised by innovative, individual, industrial design and are manufactured to rigorous quality standards which guarantee their success in the international marketplace.


Epoca’s furniture represents utmost luxury, refinement and glamour. Handcrafted using ebony, mahogany and rosewood, each piece is a work of art that combines in an exemplary fashion unique, exclusive designs with exceptionally high quality veneers which, together, create outstandingly beautiful settings. Today, its collections have a presence all over the world; both in the most exclusive private residences and in the most iconic hotels, villas, embassies and palaces.


Escofet is a Barcelona-based industry that designs and manufactures quality, high-class products in architectural concrete and cast stone. Thanks to its long experience, audacity and future vision, Escofet is now a market leader, a meeting point for the industrial avant-garde and modern architecture. Since its foundation, Escofet has helped to improve citizens' quality of life and stimulate their imagination. Our heavy reliance on innovation and our constructive criteria have opened up new fields in the creation of city spaces and building, making the most of cutting edge technology applied to the excellent qualities of concrete and other materials as well.


Estiluz has over thirty years' experience of designing, developing and manufacturing high quality lighting products.The experience acquired in these international markets has allowed it to grow enormously both in the domestic and contract sectors, and it now has an excellent reputation in the world lighting sector. The main factory and offices are in Spain, and the company has four subsidiaries of its own and a network of distributors and customers including companies such as Four Seasons, Hilton and General Electric.


After a long experience in the bathroom industry dating since 1963, Jose Estapé founded Estoli S.A. in 1980. Step by step, Estoli became an important player in the Spanish market, created a network of distributors and representatives through Europe and established partnerships with important sanitaryware manufacturers in the world. Since 2004 the growth strategy of Estoli has been to combine its traditional technological excellence with a strong commitment to design.


Eve was founded in 1981. Our conception of furniture is based on 20 years experience as a cabinet maker's workshop making customized pieces and decorations. For us, each piece is unique and must be designed, manufactured and finished accordingly. Pieces with their own identity, reflecting the experience and quality of their making and combining craftsmanship and modern technology.


Expormim, located in Valencia, has been in business for over 50 years and specialises in furniture with a Mediterranean and handcrafted feel. It markets three product lines: in, out and rattan. It has its own showroom in Mogente, Valencia and works with both established designers such as Oscar Tusquets and up and coming designers such as Nieves Contreras, Mut Design and Ebualá.

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