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In 1967 in Castellón de la Plana was born Taullel S.A. The great ceramic Project Tau began. Taulell was constituted as an Association of Companies during the 60s. The founding members were entrepreneurs from five companies with strong ties in the world of ceramics and a professional management team. The industrial development favoured high production figures of ceramic biscuit and it became Europe’s top producer. Tau entered the 21st century with a powerful brand, a great workforce, cutting-edge facilities, global commercial networks and a highly innovative product.

Tecni Nova

Tecni Nova was established in 1986. The company makes upholstered furniture (sofas and chairs), wooden furniture for bedrooms and dining rooms, and accessories such as lamps, mirrors and picture frames. Tecninova’s artisans are skilled in marquetry and gold leaf and are at ease working with precious materials such as marble and bronze.


A respect for tradition, social responsibility and products which are 100 per cent natural are all hallmarks of this cooperative which manufactures textiles for both the home (sheets, bedspreads, counterpanes, cushions, plaids, curtains) and clothing (scarves, mufflers, shawls or baby blankets).


Treku was founded in 1947 in Zarautz in Guipúzcoa. It specialises in the design and manufacture of contemporary furniture. The company originally took its name after its founder, the cabinetmaker Jesús Aldabaldetrecu, and, in 1970, it was renamed Muebles Treku. Today, the company is committed to providing a specialist and bespoke service, to sustainability and to the high quality of its products and services, which are distributed in Europe and the US.


“And if we did something different?” That is how we got the idea of offering our painted paper store clients new and fresh products that where original, attractive and with a clear creative attitude.In 2004, Tres Tintas Barcelona was born: a new painted paper and fabrics company aiming to make something new. In 2009 Tres Tintas had presence in 36 countries.


Tresserra was created in response to the needs of a special kind of consumer, whose aspirations reflect a particular life-style. Our goal has always been to reject the industrial constraints which so often sacrifice beauty to profitability. Faithful to this aesthetic compromise, we combine fine craftsmanship with the noblest materials to give shape to our designs.


Thanks to its long, varied experience, Troll’s technical lighting product portfolio is the largest in the Spanish market.Troll roots date back to 1929, when a certain Julio Feliu de la Peña started company that manufactured electrical equipment. It has opened offices in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Mexico. Troll, which employs some 300 people, controls the whole lifecycle of its products, from conception to final application. The brand Troll belongs to the Luxiona group

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