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A graduate of Industrial Design from the University of Valladolid, with a Masters in Interior Design from the IED in Madrid, Daniel García Sánchez has worked for companies such as Estiluz, Repsol and Siemens. Having lived in London and Mexico, he now resides in Madrid where he collaborates with other studios and makes his own line of products.


Daniel Gantes is a product design graduate who studied at EASD Valencia. After a few years creating unconventional designs for the home, he began developing ideas linked to the sleep and relaxation sector. He is currently introducing his design, Buenas Camas — under the unusual concept Gantes1944 — to interiors projects, designers, specifiers and consumers.


Dear Design and Architecture was created in 2005 by Ignasi Llauradó and Eric Dufourd. Dear is the result of a combination of the experience of its partners and collaborators and a mission within contemporary design: functionality and pleasure. The Dear team, made up of professionals from the spheres of industrial and graphic design, interior design and architecture, share an ambitious commitment: to conceive of creativity as a globality. Breaking down barriers between art and technicity is the cornerstone of this philosophy. Dear brings coherence and global solutions to projects aimed at companies and private individuals. Dear's spirit of innovation can be seen in their corporate image design, creation and renovation of architectural spaces, product and event design.


This industrial designer offers a wide variety of products ranging from items for decorative and technical lighting to furniture for children and even products for oral hygiene and cleaning .

Diego Fortunato

A feral creature whose magical lineage goes back to the secret union of Snow White and The Dragon. His objects, which have been doing the rounds for over a decade, are surprisingly simple and utterly uncomplicated. After his industrial design degree was auctioned off for 3€, he lives happily ever after.


Industrial designer Diego Ramos founded his design studio in 2006 after studying in Barcelona and at the Royal College of Art in London. He has created a wide range of products, from packaging and product design to furniture. His work has been widely exhibited in Switzerland, Brazil, London and Japan.


Discoh Design was founded in 2008 by Kiko Gaspar and Miguel Abarca after eight years of joint collaboration in different design studios and companies in Italy, Barcelona and Valencia. The work of Discoh has arisen from the conception of industrial design as DISeño COHerente. Their work's common denominator is always the search for COHerent results, avoiding reactionary trends and designs, with the sole purpose of creating objects which respond to need. Discoh Design understands design work as a tool which must be applied to all product development phases.


DSIGNIO is a Integral Design Studio located in Madrid that executes international projects. It was founded by Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo in 2002, both of them Technical Engineers of Industrial Designs and Interior Design Master. DSIGNIO focus its activities in the Industrial and Interior Designs, working for nationals and international companies. They have received several prizes and have participated in different showrooms. The professional practice has been combined with teaching, taking part in conferences and class in different Universities in Spain and Mexico.

díez+díez diseño

This studio is made up of two brothers: industrial designer Javier, and interior designer José Luis. This fact is reflected in their designs by complementary approaches to such facets as scale, patterns of use, clients and time. Their projects range from the intimate scale of bathroom pictograms to concrete pieces for the urban environment. Their approach to projects in not a linear it doesn´t aim directly at the commissioned product, but rather takes a circuitous route that ventures into art, philosophy and poetry - territories in which they aim to involve their clients and, particularly, the users and purchasers of their designs. They were represented at the Diseño Industrial en España and Pasión Diseño Español exhibitions.


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