Reports on firms and brands

VAURIEN sunbed. Photo courtesy of DVELAS


Bespoke designer furniture made from recycled sails  

SAM collection, designed by Francesc Rifé for Carmenes07/18/2018CARMENES

Timeless upholstery combines the craft of tailors and cabinetmakers  

ESSENS tables Collection by Jonathan Prestwich for Inclass03/19/2018INCLASS

Ongoing innovation  

FLUTE armchair, designed by Michele Mantovani for Colección Alexandra03/19/2018COLECCIÓN ALEXANDRA

Luxury and Exclusive Handcraft Furniture 

PAL collection designed by Francesc Rifé for Point01/23/2018POINT

Handmade outdoor furniture that’s sophisticated, comfortable and tough 

LEDS-C4 lights at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel in Barcelona, Spain11/06/2017LEDS-C4

Creating space and sensation through light 

Outdoor armchairs and pedestal tables. Fortune II collection08/02/2017Tecni Nova

Their luxury furniture combines craftsmanship, fashion, comfort and exclusivity 


News about interesting fairs and events which Spanish companies and designers are taking part in

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