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Nani Marquina and her daughter Maria Piera Marquina05/24/2017nanimarquina

30 years of rug delight

CARRIL pendant lights03/13/2017MILAN ILUMINACION, shine a light

Milan Iluminacion is one of Spain´s most established lighting companies. Fleet of foot when it comes to moving with the time, it also remains true to its founding principles. 

Dekton flooring slabs in the Sirius finish. Baku airport, Azerbaijan01/23/2017COSENTINO, bestriding the globe

It's a huge global brand, yet it remains a family-owned business run from the Spanish city of Almeria. And far from being steeped in history, this remarkably successful company dates back to just 1979. 


Handmade emotional light 

AURA sideboard, designed by Angel Martí & Enrique Delamo09/12/2016TREKU: a place for everything

Functional furniture that bring order as well as great style into our homes. 

TOLEDO AIR chairs, designed by Jorge Pensi for BARCELONA Dd06/21/2016RESOL, in praise of plastic

It´s a world leader when it comes to timeless designer furniture made from that most ubiquitous of materials. 


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