Reports on firms and brands

AURA sideboard, designed by Angel Martí & Enrique Delamo09/12/2016TREKU: a place for everything

Functional furniture that bring order as well as great style into our homes. 

TOLEDO AIR chairs, designed by Jorge Pensi for BARCELONA Dd06/21/2016RESOL, in praise of plastic

It´s a world leader when it comes to timeless designer furniture made from that most ubiquitous of materials. 

LOTTUS seating family, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina04/15/2016ENEA

Innovative, sustainable furniture that’s taking the world by storm

Yotel Hotel, NYC (USA) by Rockwell Group11/19/2015KriskaDECOR. Light and breezy

Interior designers can't get enough of KriskaDECOR metal mesh curtains. These delicate curtains bring colour and originality to projects and a captivating sense of movement. 

TAM TAM lamp at Barcelona´s Brummell Hotel11/19/2015MARSET

 Creates lamps with care which thrill their users

BABILON collection, designed by Aitor García de Vicuña (AGVestudio)08/31/2015INDUSTRIAS TAGAR

From hotels to libraries via playschool, Tagar is a furniture brand that offers great design for a diverse range of sectors. 


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