Inma Bermúdez and Moritz Krefter. Photo by Inma Bermúdez Studio.


Functional yet beautiful designs that make users smile

Lucas Echeveste, Natali Canas and Oliver Franz Schmidt co-founders of EQUIPO CREATIVO. Photo by EQUIPO CREATIVO.09/27/2019El EQUIPO CREATIVO

We design accessible spaces with soul

Laxmi Nazabal and Lucas Abajo co-founders of Muka Design Lab. Photo by Muka Design Lab07/15/2019Muka Design Lab

Slow design with a Basque touch

Álvaro Catalán de Ocón in his studio. Photo: Courtesy of Acdo05/28/2019Álvaro Catalán de Ocón

Pure design and craftsmanship with a social and environmental vision

Ramón Esteve. Photo: Courtesy of Ramón Esteve.03/14/2019Ramón Esteve

Architecture and design focused on people

Eduardo Villalón and Alberto Sánchez founders of Mut. Photo:  Courtesy of Mut12/03/2018MUT

Emotional designs from the heart

Raúl Durá, Ommar Uribe and Pedro Rivera founders of La Mamba. Photo: Courtesy of La Mamba09/25/2018LA MAMBA

Simple and honest design


News about interesting fairs and events which Spanish companies and designers are taking part in

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