Adriá Guiu e Iñaki Remiro02/01/2011GR Design: function, form and emotion

In 2005, Adria Guiu (born in Barcelona in 1980) and Iñaki Remiro (Pamplona, 1978) pooled their ideas and knowledge to set up their company GR Industrial Design. Since then, the studio has devoted itself to the design of furniture, homeware, lighting, packaging and to planning designs for exhibitions and public areas. Both designers had extensive prior professional experience – they’d worked at companies such as Henkel, Sanofi-Aventis, Martin Azúa (in Iñaki’s case) and Mobles 114 and Miscel.lania (in Adria’s case) – which has enriched the studio’s collective work. GR Industrial Design likes to say its pieces are characterised by simplicity yet they’re the result of assiduous, thorough explorations of the history of architecture and design and the latest materials and technological advances. The three key philosophical concerns behind its work are functionality, form and emotion. GR Design has created a chest of drawers for Martínez Otero, a water decanter for Balvi, a sofa for Joquer, bathroom accessories for Neo Dek and coffee-makers for Valira. A notable recent piece is the very contemporary-looking Otto stool with a long, curved seat for the company Farell (a Barcelona-based firm with a long history in collaborating with architects, which recently launched its own first collection). Other pieces which stand out are a range of spatulas and spoons for the catering sector. The mixture of polyamide and fiber can profit that these designs could be flexible, resilient and withstand up to 220 degrees Celsius and Teo, a highly individual-looking toilet brush in bright colours for Plastisan. GR Industrial Design is also about to launch a new magazine rack for Balvi and the Lingote pouffe (meaning ingot in Spanish), a very unusual piece for a new design company called Woouf. Interiors from Spain met up with this studio to find out more about its ideas and projects. Interiors From Spain: Which trends and designers are you mainly inspired by as a design studio? GR Design: We like to keep abreast of what’s going on in our sector and follow the work of many designers, some better known than others. But we find the inspiration for our work in everyday life, in people and their experiences. IFS: How do you normally go about designing a new piece? GR Design: We start by studying the product concerned and everything that surrounds it, analysing it from all viewpoints (what the point of it is, how it would be made…). This stage is vital and we don’t come to any conclusions until we have immersed ourselves completely in the world of the product. After this initial stage, we ask ourselves basic, fundamental questions, the answers to which help us to realise our project. IFS: Is there any type of object you’ve never designed before and would like to design? Or any particular company you’d like to collaborate with? GR Design: In a world as changeable as today’s, any object has the potential to be redesigned, provided the reason to do so is to improve it. Therefore, all jobs can be absorbing, although some will seem more attractive than others. The ultimate goal and challenge for any designer is to create a piece that is enduring. IFS: What do you think of the overall state of Spanish design today? GR Design: We think there are people creating fantastic work in every design discipline. But it’s a shame they don’t get the degree of international recognition they deserve. Some designers whom we like and follow include Nadadora, Lo Siento Mucho, Emiliano López and Mónica Rivera. IFS: What do you see as your main challenges for the coming year? GR Design: To continue growing internationally. To view one of this Studio latest video, click here 

Cristian Zuzunaga11/24/2010Cristian Zuzunaga, king of graphic punch and colour

Although designer Cristian Zuzunaga is originally from Barcelona, for over 10 years he’s lived in London, where he studied typography and graphic design at the London College of Communication. He then did an MA at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2007.His geometric designs are inspired by ultra-modern buildings in cities like London, New York and Shanghai. They reflect the aesthetic of cutting-edge architecture in world-famous cities today. In conjunction with the impressive way Zuzunaga marries graphic design with typographic and silk-screenprinting techniques to create patterns flooded with vibrant colour, his designs have earned him international recognition in the fields of industrial design and art.  

Ana Mir y Emili Padrós10/25/2010Emiliana Design – a lust to create

Ana Mir (born in Valencia in 1969) and Emili Padrós (Barcelona, 1969) both did an MA in industrial design at Central St Martin’s in London. Since 1996, they’ve w 


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