Atlas para Marset06/21/2010Joan Gaspar

Joan Gaspar, who was born in Barcelona in 1966, studied at Barcelona’s Artes y Oficios college. His entire career so far has been linked to the creation of new ranges of products for interior design companies.   

Oscar Díaz02/24/2010Oscar Díaz
Jaime Tresserra11/23/2009Tresserra – a Mediterranean sensibility

Jaime Tresserra Clapés, the only designer of the Tresserra Collection, was born in Barcelona in 1943 to a family of artists who instilled in him a very unusual sensibility still recognisable in his work today. After studying law, he became interested in various artistic disciplines taught at the Barcelona collage, Escuela Massana, then went immediately afterwards into the world of advertising. He finally took up architecture and interior design and started to create his first exclusive pieces of furniture for his clients.In 1987, this Catalan designer set up his own company, J Tresserra Design, which would later be renamed Tresserra Collection, and began to exhibit his work at international fairs where it was very well received. In 1994, he opened his own showroom in Barcelona and in 2005 his shop in Paris, situated opposite the Louvre.

Antoni Arola10/23/2009Arola - master craftsman of lighting

Antoni Arola, who was born in Tarragona, Spain, in 1960, is currently considered one of Spain’s most versatile and original designers. He designed his first lighting collection in 1994 and since then hasn’t stopped ‘playing with light’, as he puts it. Creator of such pieces as the Nimba lamp for Santa & Cole or the Ishi-Doro collection for Metalarte, he has scooped Spain’s Premio Nacional de Diseño (National Design Prize) in 2003, among other awards. He was recognised as a designer poised halfway between artistic, narrative or industrial design. In fact, he is a designer whose approach is closer to craftsmanship than industry.


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