David Ramos & Jordi Bassols06/23/2016RAMOS & BASSOLS

We like to lavish attention on the tiny details in our work

LUA lamp by Martín Azúa for Arturo Alvarez06/23/2016Martín Azúa

He´s a designer who's experimental approach has won him corporate clients as well as an 'indy' reputation.

Alberto Bejerano and Patxi Cotarelo co-founders of DSIGNIO04/05/2016DSIGNIO

‘We create designs with no expiry date’

Alex Selma and Clara del Portillo co-founders of Yonoh02/15/2016Yonoh, “Design for Living”

The key to how we work is to do what we like

Ramón Úbeda11/23/2015Ramón Úbeda. The art of being an art director

Renowned designer Ramón Úbeda runs his own studio, but since 1997 he has also been the art director at BD Barcelona Design.

Eva-Prego y Cutu-Mazuelos, co-founders of Stone Designs08/31/2015Stone Design

Few designers manage to imbue their products with such a joie de vivre as do the duo who make up Madrid-based Stone Designs. Eva Pérez Rego (1974) and Cutu Mazuelos(1973)describe themselves as impulsive, passionate, direct and sincere and these characteristics are always evident in their work.


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