JM Ferrero05/05/2015Estudi Hac, hip styling and humour

Jose Manuel Ferrero graduated only seven years ago, but he has been extraordinarily prolific ever since. His company, Estudi Hac, designs lighting, furniture, bathroom fittings, bed linen, interior design and graphics for many high-profile companies.  

Tumbona Flat para Gandía Blasco05/05/2015Mario Ruiz: Work ethic

Extensive experience designing a wide range of products enables Mario Ruiz to draw on vast creative resources when facing new challenges in the furniture industry. Having become accustomed in the early stages of his career to creating designs based around the technology and techniques required to make an industrial product operational and the productive processes that made it a reality, his career has evolved in recent years towards a greater affection for an object’s outer skin, its emotional component and language, without ever losing his focus on technique, concern for manufacturing and the use made of the object.

Ensombra, parasol para Gandía Blasco05/05/2015Terrific trio
Sillón OM para Mobles 11405/05/2015Quirky but practical

Martín Azúa is a designer who thinks about the small picture as well as the big. Because daily life is enhanced by having little things that work well. And if they are multifunctional and don’t take up much space, so much the better.Take his picture frame coat hangers. Such a simple idea – a colourful plastic circle that you put over a picture that you can also hang a coat or tea towel over. Or his instant breadbasket that requires only a napkin and two metal rings. And why do medals have to bulky things hanging from a ribbon when a piece of metal you can clip to your jacket will suffice.

La Siesta producido por La Mediterranea05/05/2015CuldeSac, a creative mix

CuldeSac is less a design practice than a laboratory- a collaborative environment for creative people of all stripes-curated, manager and run by four principals Francisco Pons, Alberto Martínez, Pepe García y Pilar Roger.Although two of their number (Martínez and García) studied at the Royal College of Art in London, they chose Valencia as their base, for the lifestyle and to find a new kind of practice. The relatively relaxed atmosphere there has allowed them to conceive a place where corporate work mixes with projects that are aimed at fostering inter-disciplinarity, mixing diverse techniques. 

Wanda05/05/2015Wanda Barcelona


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