Luminaria Oda para El Torrent04/03/2013Andreu Carulla, rustic and refined

Andreu Carulla, who trained as an industrial designer, founded his own studio in 2005. This is dedicated to the design and development of new products and creation of more artistic pieces designed specifically by him. Situated an hour away from Barcelona, the studio is located in a natural, typically Mediterranean landscape which creates a very inspiring atmosphere for its creative activity. 

Café Larios en Madrid03/07/2013TOMÁS ALÍA


Silla Nao diseñada para Capdell02/07/2013EDEESTUDIO

Edeestudio was set up in Valencia in late 2008 by interior designer Esther Albert and industrial designer Eduardo Alcón. Since then, they’ve worked together in industrial design, interiors, graphics and multimedia.

Cyrcle diseñado para Symplio01/14/2013ADN DESIGN

 ADN Design is an industrial design studio co-founded in Bilbao in 1990 by Carlos San José, Brigitte Sauvage and Carlos Alonso Pascual. It describes itself as a multidisciplinary studio which believes designing means improving people’s daily lives by creating useful, practical objects. Yet their products also aim to seduce and thrill. The team designs products, services and systems capable of giving meaning to people’s experiences and forging strong emotional bonds between consumers and brands. 

Ostricht pillow10/29/2012Kawamura-Ganjavian – humour-filled designs

Kawamura-ganjavian is an architecture studio founded in 2000 by Key Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian. After first meeting in London, where they were both studying, they worked abroad in various countries: India, the US, Japan, the UK and Switzerland in the fields of town-planning, architecture, stage and industrial design, both as professional designers and academics. In 2006, they settled in Madrid, where they oversaw their projects in Spain, the UK, France and Switzerland, and founded their multidisciplinary, creative practice, Studio Banana. The studio’s work encompasses product design, temporary architecture, environmental and interior design and construction projects – the latter entailing architecture in the widest sense. 


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