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Banco Blink de Héctor Diego02/02/2011SPAIN: STREETS AHEAD

Benches, street lights, bollards, fountains, bicycle-parking bays – all are innovative solutions which seek to transform urban areas into new spaces conducive to wellbeing and socialising. The Spanish companies Escofet, Santa & Cole, DAB, TD Cabanes, Proiek, Vimalto, Durbanis, Onadis and B.Lux are all specialists in the field of street furniture. Here is our selection of their latest pieces.

Bodegón de las 9 piezas seleccionadas12/16/2010HITS OF 2010

With the start of the New Year, we welcome 2011 and bid 2010 farewell. To commemorate 2010, Emilio Pimentel-Reid, shopping editor at Elle Decoration UK, has picked out for us the best designs launched by prestigious Spanish companies in 2010. We hope you like them!

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Reportajes/MadeinJapain_dic010/A403x180.jpg11/24/2010MADE IN JAPAIN, THE TRUE STORY OF SPANISH DESIGN

This year Japanese visitors were enchanted by Spain´s exhibition of modern furniture during Tokyo Designers Week, which was set against a brilliant manga-style carton backdrop. Here’s our selection of the best photos from this recent event.

Programa Metal de Actiu11/02/2010IN THE HOT SEAT: THE LATEST OFFICE TRENDS

The office fair Orgatec 2010 has just come to an end. Among the exhibitors at the last fair – which centred on the idea of health and wellbeing as conducive to productivity and creativity in the workplace – were several Spanish companies showing their latest wares.

My vinilo, Colección Skyline: Japan10/06/2010ON-TREND WALL-COVERINGS

Check out our exclusive report on the latest collections launched by various Spanish firms specialising in wall-coverings: Tres Tintas Barcelona, Equipo DRT, Coordoné and Myvinilo, among others. These are guaranteed to introduce a totally new style in interiors.

Consola de estilo art decó de Época envejecida con pan de plata07/22/2010PRECIOUS METALS

Spain´s classical furniture manufacturers are experts in the ancient art of gilding. Companies such as Amboan, Mariner, Moblesa, Muebles Canella, Soher and Vicente Zaragoza continue to train apprentices in the art. We highlight a selection of theirs most exclusive pieces which those who visit the fair Habitat Valencia (held from September 28 to October 2) will have the opportunity to admire.  


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