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Sofá Aramis de Perobell02/28/2012MAGIC RUGS

Without abandoning tradition and using the most noble materials possible, Spanish rug manufacturers create spectacular patterns and textures dreamt up by designers of international renown. And all are bound to inject oodles of character into any space.

Chaise Longue “Isabella” realizada en madera de haya pulida en oro blanco de Amparo Mora01/31/2012WORKING PRACTICES

We present plenty of inspiring new Spanish furniture for offices and contract interiors.

Butaca Opalina y puff de Gabriel Teixidó para Grassoler.12/23/2011SEEING RED

Spanish designers have long been drawn to the colour red, for its strong associations with passion and energy.

Los haces naranjas funcionan como guías visuales para trazar un recorrido por la exposición.11/21/2011SPAINALIGHT

Today’s best Spanish designs interact with each other at Spainight, an original exhibition curated by Stone Designs, held in Tokyo at the beginning of November, during Tokyo Designers’ Week.

329744419 texto alt.10/27/2011FURNITURE TO GROW UP WITH

They come in funky colours, soft textures, feelgood designs… and, as the situation demands, are practical and hardwearing. We give you the lowdown of Made in Spain furniture specially designed for toddlers…

Chaise Longue “Isabella” realizada en madera de haya pulida en oro blanco de Amparo Mora10/03/2011SPANISH DESIGN FOR A GREENER WORLD

In recent years, Spanish companies have been increasingly endorsing eco-friendly trends. Recycling, economic use of materials, use of reclaimed materials and sustainability are some key themes behind today’s most environmentally friendly products. What’s more, they’re this creative…


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