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Eyesynth glasses02/22/2018Alegre Design designs the exterior of the Eyesynth glasses for the blind

Glasses that allow people with visual disabilities to 'feel the space' through their ears

Cactus Fragrans colletion02/16/2018Lladró’s lifestyle through porcelain defines its new collections

It presents a new lighting line Light&Scent; Jamz, a set of lamps; and the brand’s first collection of tables, Moments.

RC chairs collection, designed by Francesc Rifé for Blasco&Vila02/09/2018B&V revamps its identity with a new name: Blasco&Vila

It celebrates it by showing us its new collections created by Francesc Rifé, José Manuel Ferrero and Stephanie Jasny

Giro tables, designed by Pedro Paulo-Venzon for Viccarbe01/24/2018Viccarbe unveils Giro & Bamba tables to round off the year

The two auxiliary pieces created by Pedro Paulo-Venzon could redefine design frontiers

Stua’s Laclasica chair in the Nieuwe Kerk church in Delft (Netherlands)01/17/2018Stua’s Laclasica chair in the Nieuwe Kerk church in Delft (Netherlands)

The chairs furnish this Gothic temple dating from 1496, recently restored by Van Hoogevest architects

Bold collection armchairs and table01/10/2018Lagranja Design unveils new furniture collections in Madrid

Designer chairs, tables, sofas and poufs make up the Lagranja Collection


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