Point´s furniture at the Blue Mountain Country Club in South Corea. Photo: Courtesy of Point.

Furniture by Point at hotels, villas, spas and clubs around the world

Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Spanish outdoor furniture firm Point. Few firms in the sector can boast of being around for 100 years and being pioneers in design, innovation and...

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Point´s furniture at the Blue Mountain Country Club in South Corea. Photo: Courtesy of Point.09/11/2019Furniture by Point at hotels, villas, spas and clubs around the world

 Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Spanish outdoor furniture firm Point. Few firms in the sector can boast of being around for 100 years and being pioneers in design, innovation and top quality. This is at the heart of why Point’s furniture collections have been used for so many projects all over the world.In Gangwon Province, South Korea, surrounded by nature – and at 765 m above sea level – is the Blue Mountain Country Club. Poolside at this exclusive golf club with beautiful mountain views, are relaxing sunbeds, armchairs, and sofas from the Weave collection designed by Vicent Martínez.At the magnificent Dubai Media & Internet City in the UAE is the sophisticated 5-star Grand Plaza Mövenpick Media City Hotel. Collections from Point grace the terraces and pool of this establishment, which has breathtaking views of Dubai’s exclusive Palm Jumeirah and the Emirates Golf Club. Selected pieces include: tables and chairs from the Hamp line, created by Francesc Rifé; armchairs and tables from the Weave collection; Golf and Sunset sunbeds, by Alfonso Gallego and Esther Campos, respectively; the Roma parasol; and the Weekend table, by Juan Santos.Relax at CHI, The Spa, at the exclusive 5-star Shangri-La Hotel in Paris that features sunbeds, armchairs and tables from the U collection by Gabriel Teixidó, or unwind on the Romantic sunbed or in Alfonso Gallego's Bubble armchairs.Lastly, and in the Americas, the luxurious Rancho Punta Mita villas in Mexico have been fitted out with Golf sofas, Hamp armchairs, U sunbeds and Lineal sunbeds designed by Gabriel Teixidó, and with Mist lamps created by Estudi{H}ac. Similarly, in the USA, Francesc Rifé’s seating and tables from the Pal collection furnish the terrace of Hotel G in San Francisco.

Vondom´s furniture at the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland hotel. Photo: Courtesy of Vondom07/09/2019Vondom captivates luxury hotels and other facilities in China

 Vondom continues to expand impressively in the Chinese design-project market. We are delighted to unveil the latest luxury hotels and facilities furnished with design pieces by the Spanish firm.Our journey in China begins at Sheshan Mountain, 50 kilometres from the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. November 2018 saw the inauguration of the exclusive InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland hotel, a stunning 18-storey resort whose architecture is in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. Buried some 90 metres deep in an old quarry – with only two floors above ground level – it is believed to be the deepest hotel in the world.  ATKINS was the brain behind the design of the concept and the façade, while the interior design was undertaken by CCD/Cheng Chung Design. To enhance the feeling of harmony and serenity of this space, Vondom chose to use pieces from collections by designers Ramon Esteve (Faz and Ulm), Javier Mariscal (Mora), and by Archirivolto (Fiesta).Designed by the renowned firm Zaha Hadid Architects, the spectacular Morpheus hotel opened in Macau in June 2018. The huge, twisting geometric façade – which makes this 40-storey building unique – is its hallmark feature, allowing you to pinpoint the hotel from anywhere in the city. Vertex chairs, created by Karim Rashid, imbue the lobby of this artistic and sculptural hotel with modernity, elegance and refinement.In 2019, Vondom also provided furniture for the WAITAN-BFC gym in Shanghai, and for the Vanke Longcheer Yacht Club.Founded in 1998, the Vanke Longcheer Yacht Club is located between the Dapeng Peninsula and Daya Bay. It has been used as the competition’s base for the China Cup International Regatta for six consecutive years. Designed by the well-known dock manufacturer, Bellingham Marine, and the Deson design studio in Shenzen, the main building’s facilities include the club house, apartments owned by members, a breakwater, yacht berths, and yacht repair workshops and facilities. Collections supplied by Vondom grace the outdoor terraces and the open-air platform on the first floor of this luxury yacht club: And created by Fabio Novembre, Sabinas designed by Javier Mariscal, Biophilia by Ross Lovegrove, Bum thought up by Eugeni Quitllet, and Ulm.  The WAITAN-BCF gym covers 3,000 square metres and is located high up in Shanghai’s Bund Financial Center. Offering a variety of areas for specific sports, it also has a pool with gorgeous views of the financial district. The gym features Faz chairs, pieces from the Wing collection designed by A-Cero, Roulette armchairs by Eero Aarnio, and Adan stools by Teresa Sapey.  

Capdell´s furniture at the Postillion hotel in Amsterdam (Holland). Photo: Courtesy of Capdell05/20/2019Seating designed by Capdell at the postillion Hotel in Amsterdam

 The new Postillion Hotel in Amsterdam is furnished using pieces offered by the Spanish firm Capdell.  This hotel’s goal is to make its guests feel as comfortable and happy as they would be in their own homes. Etienne Bouten from B+B Interieurarchitectuur has designed the space to achieve this goal, decorating it with all the warmth and comfort that Capdell seating has to offer. Capdell furniture can be found in the hotel’s common areas, including the lobby, restaurant, and rest or meeting areas.In the meeting spaces, you can find Capdell chairs, stools and armchairs that bring a friendly feel to the space, perfect for the exchange of ideas and pleasant conversation.The “Moon Light” chair, designed by Gabriel Teixidó, is one of the most defining pieces of the hotel’s interior décor. The orange version with a skid base can be found in the meeting and work space in the hotel lobby, where it provides both comfort and aesthetic appeal. Another featured chair is the “Nix”, created by Patrick Norguet, a piece that won the Good Design Award in 2018 and the Red Dot Award in 2019. It brings together comfort, versatility and elegance through an iconic design that combines work in solid wood with curved plywood 3D spherical geometry. Another one of the chosen chairs is “She” designed by Carlos Tiscar, a solid oak piece with an upholstered back and seat. Its internal geometry features subtle contrasts that bring together vertical and slightly angled lines.Finally, in the common areas, the interior designers chose “Concord” stools designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.This hotel, which features voice-controlled rooms, has recognised the value that both design and technology add to the guest experience. Capdell seating provides the contemporary design aesthetic that the hotel wants to bring to its customers. 

Viccarbe´s furniture at the Otemachi Place complex in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Nacasa and Partners. Courtesy of Viccarbe02/25/2019Otemachi Place, the new project for Viccarbe in Tokyo

 The Mediterranean spirit that characterises Viccarbe permeates throughout the innovative Otemachi Place complex in Tokyo, Japan, completed in 2018, which features nine designs from eight collections by the Spanish firm.Otemachi Place, a new model of urban development, rises in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, one of the oldest in the city and home to the Imperial Palace. This innovative space furnished by Viccarbe, covering more than 3,000 m2, was laid out with a view to the flow and interchange of knowledge and the way business is expected to be carried out in the near future, with open spaces that encourage connection as a meeting place for employees, and communication and comfort.The project, with active participation from Víctor Carrasco (Viccarbe’s founder and director of strategy) showcases a wide range of the company’s creations: the Sistema custom modular sofa collection designed by Lievore Altherr Molina; Ace and Penta armchairs designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and Toan Nguyen, respectively; Klip stolls designed by Víctor Carrasco; the occasional tables Shape by Jorge Pensi, Serra by Victor Carrasco and Aspa de FR Design; and Mini Season pouffes designed by Piero Lissoni.Viccarbe has had a presence of more than fifteen years in Japan, one of the first international operations by the company and in partnership with Interiors Inc., the exclusive distributor for the brand in the country, which has allowed Viccarbe to grow and develop its business at the same time.The company opened its Tokyo showroom in 2017, in conjunction with its distributor, which has since become an important space for Japanese architects and interior designers to collaborate and exchange ideas. The first Viccarbe space had been opened in Osaka in 2013. There will soon be a new space opening in the city of Fukuoka.Viccarbe has been very active in Japan, where they have furnished offices for major companies such as Apple and Coca Cola, and taken part in exhibitions such as ‘The Next Simplicity – Rediscovering the basics’, held in 2017 by ICEX at the Embassy of Spain in Japan. The company has also worked with Japanese designers of the likes of Kensaku Oshiro and Tomoya Tabuchi in recent years. 

Fontal chairs at the Digital Luxury headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Photo: Courtesy of Digital Luxury Group11/27/2018Expormim furniture in Geneva and Rotterdam

 Spanish contemporary furniture company Expormim has unveiled two international projects featuring its designer pieces: Digital Luxury’s Geneva offices and the Room Mate Bruno hotel in Rotterdam.In Geneva, Digital Luxury Group, the well-known digital marketing and communications company which specialises in luxury brands, has opted for the Fontal chair in its Swiss HQ. Made from rattan and created by architect, painter and designer Oscar Tusquets Blanca, it provides warmth and proximity. Rattan also helps redefine traditional office usage, with curved, organic forms for dynamism. The name “Fontal” comes from ‘fuente’ meaning “source”, because, as Tusquets explains, “Expormim has chosen to go back to its origins using rattan and the essential know-how that has helped preserve autochtonous artisans down the ages”.In the reception area at the Room Mate Bruno hotel in Rotterdam, you’ll find the Nautica swing chair designed by Spanish studio Mut Design. The seat—one of Expormim’s iconic pieces—has won numerous international awards, including the 2014 Red Dot Award for best product design and innovation. This piece attracts an observer’s gaze as they enter the lobby, through the delicate play of shadows in motion which reminds us of the light reflecting on the waves. Though visually lightweight, Nautica is both strong and sturdy.Boutique hotel Room Mate Bruno has 217 modernist rooms located close to the pier, near the Foodhallen market. They are housed in one of the few historical buildings that remain in what is known as ‘the Manhattan on the Meuse’, as it is the only site that withstood the bombing offensives of the Second World War. The project has been created by architecture and emotional design studio Teresa Sapey, which has sought to reflect the past era by keeping the original 19th-century structure and enhancing it with colours reminiscent of the spice trade, nautical elements, stars and Flemish painting. The design features linear and geometric forms in a bright, joyful colour scheme. Expormim has worked with the hotel chain on previous occasions at its Gerard hotels in Barcelona and Valeria in Málaga. 

Avianca lounges at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport. Photo by David Zarzoso09/10/2018Spanish design in Avianca lounges at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport

 One of an airport’s most exclusive spaces are the lounges which airlines make available to their most distinguished customers. Here they can find comfort and privacy, not to mention original design of the kind Avianca has provided for its most loyal customers at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport in Colombia which carries the signature of Spanish designer Francesc Rifé.Francesc Rifé’s “Avianca Lounges” refurbishment project is designed to be a transition space which seeks to maximise the user’s experience through “layout and materiality”, based on a “balanced contrast of textures and volumes” which evokes a sense of calm. Spaces are arranged in simple, orderly lines which create a perfect dialogue with volumetrics, separating transition spaces from common areas for employees and two private rooms for customers, Gold and Diamond. Areas entitled “Enjoy your meal”, “Stay connected” and “Resting Area” feature tables, chairs and armchairs in ergonomic shapes, screens for privacy and a geometric auxiliary lighting system which mimics trees in a dense forest. In short, Francesc Rife has produced a sophisticated, restrained and elegant interior design project which envelops the traveller in a relaxing designer atmosphere. All of Spanish design, the furnishings which enhance passengers’ working, eating and relaxation experience in these exclusive rooms include: BUD and SAM armchairs from Cármenes  created by Francesc Rifé, NORMAN armchair designed by Arnau y Reyna and SAL Y PIMIENTA sofa by  Jorge Pensi;  Capdell  has made a chair called COL, also designed by Francesc Rifé, the CONCORD stool has been created by Claesson Koivisto Rune and the CULMEN table by Rafa Ortega; from  JMM, come NEO and KONG and from Blasco & Vila, RC stools and armchairs are also signed by Francesc Rifé. For lighting, WARM lamp has been designed by Ramos & Bassols for Vibia which has also made other bespoke lamps especially for the project.


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