Viccarbe´s furniture at the Otemachi Place complex in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Nacasa and Partners. Courtesy of Viccarbe

Otemachi Place, the new project for Viccarbe in Tokyo

The Mediterranean spirit that characterises Viccarbe permeates throughout the innovative Otemachi Place complex in Tokyo, Japan, completed in 2018, which features nine designs from eight...

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/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/JaleoWashignton_jul2012/A.jpg06/29/2012JALEO RESTAURANT IN WASHINGTON

Jaleo is the Washington restaurant of world-renowned Spanish chef José Andrés. Jaleo is a Spanish word meaning fun, commotion and hustle and bustle, and has nice, positive connotations. Such adjectives can also be applied to the interior design of this restaurant, dreamt up by Barcelona-based architecture studio Capella García.The venue’s interior is inspired by the typically Spanish food, tapas. A related word is ‘tapeo’, which consists of lots of small mouthfuls, is cleverly mirrored by the small nooks also found here. One, in the entrance, is very casual; another more formal one features traditional, reserved tables, and a third, more relaxed one, is designed for eating at the bar.According to Juli Capella, one of the project’s designers, ‘We wanted to create an environment that’s nice, sociable, welcoming – as Spanish people are – and brimming with colour and daring shapes, with touches of craziness and irony and a dash of Mediterranean surrealism.’All the furniture used was created by some of Spain’s most talented contemporary designers and manufactured by Spanish companies. These pieces are innovative and of the moment, and demonstrate the mix in Spain of rich of craftsmanship and more cutting-edge mass-produced design.Notable among these pieces are Javier Mariscal’s Green chairs for Mobles 114, RS’s football tables, Patricia Urquiola’s Nub chairs for Andreu World, Estadi Hac’s Tea chairs for Sancal, the highly original Vespa Cavallet stool designed by Emiliana Design Studio, armchairs, benches and tables created by Francesc Rifé for Ziru and Lottus stools in the bar area, dreamt up Lievore Altherr Molina and made by Enea.As for its lighting, the restaurant boasts Marti Guixé’s Booklamp light made by Luján y Sicilia, Jordi Vilardell’s Slim pendant lights for Vibia and, in the entrance, the spectacular Agatha Lamp, designed by Luis Eslava for LZF.The floor was designed by Capella García Architects and features a design of coloured tears reproduced with the help of hydraulic tiles (meaning the tile’s pigment is hydraulically pressed into its surface), a century-old technique connected to traditional mosaics, which, on this occasion, has been fabricated by Huguet, a company in Mallorca.An undulating bench has been placed in the bar area, while the top of the bar is made of the quartz-derived material, Silestone in a shade called Toffee. One wall to the side and part of the ceiling are decorated with hexagonal acoustic panels from Sancal’s Tea product range.Several artworks by Spanish artists are also to be found here, such as a bull’s head covered with a mask, a piece by Mikel Urmeneta, owner of the Spanish homeware shop Klukuxumuxu.And finally, the company Kriskadecor supplied some curtains inspired by traditional ones found in Spanish villages.Jaleo definitively represents a slice of the Spanish lifestyle in Washington. It’s a place to taste the best tapas and experience the best contemporary Spanish interior design.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/OfcomesDusseldorf_abr2012/A.jpg03/22/2012THE ECONOMIC AND COMMERCIAL OFFICE OF THE SPANISH EMBASSY IN DÜSSELDORF IS RENOVATED

The Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Düsseldorf has just seen the completion of the innovative redesign of its public areas. The remodelling of the Düsseldorf offices involves a degree of rationalisation of its spaces and modernisation of its equipment. In one respect, this has meant that less office space is required and that spaces function better. And it has led to an ergonomic optimisation of the workstations. It has also given the building an assembly room and exhibition space to provide Spanish exporters a better space.Barcelona-based design studio Lagranja was entrusted with the interior design project and provision of furniture and equipment. The interior design aspect has followed such guidelines as the maximising of use of outdoor light within the building and opening up of spaces which highlight the offices’ functions. The latter also reinforces the collaboration between different teams and maximises the sense of transparency between different offices and areas.In turn, the furniture and equipment chosen – all of which have been made in Spain – deliberately showcase current Spanish design trends, and give the offices an image of functionality, elegance and modernity.The public areas’ decor was created using products from the following 15 Spanish companies: Andreu World, BD Barcelona Design, Blauet, Bordonabe, Dynamobel, Estiluz, Grespania, Metalarte, Nomon, Now Carpets, Roca, Sancal, Santa & Cole, Sellex and Uno Design.Table B, a design by Konstantin Grcic for BD Barcelona Design, as well as Andreu World’s set of Nanda chairs in neutral colours, look particularly good in the meeting room. And standing behind a glass partition is an open-plan room devoted to exhibitions, with an area furnished with Uno Design’s stools and versatile high tables.All the office furniture is designed by Francesc Rifé and made by Bordonabe, while the office seating is by Dynamobel and the shelving by Sellex.Lighting is one of the most considered aspects of the project. Notable among the pieces chosen were those of Santa & Cole, such as the iconic Moaré and Leonardo lights designed by Antoni Arola, and the TMM design by Miguel Milá; those of Estiluz, such as the Infiero light created by Lagranja itself; those of Metalarte, such as the Oslo light designed to illuminate a table, also designed by Lagranja; and Blauet’s pendant lights designed for worktables.Finally, accessories were supplied by Sancal – namely its coatstands – and Nomon – its wall clocks. In addition, all the ceramic flooring and surfaces were supplied by Grespania, the taps and bathroom fittings by Roca and the rugs, especially picked for being bright and colourful, by Now Carpets.


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