Point´s furniture at the Blue Mountain Country Club in South Corea. Photo: Courtesy of Point.

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Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Spanish outdoor furniture firm Point. Few firms in the sector can boast of being around for 100 years and being pioneers in design, innovation and...

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/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/VondomSingapur_feb2013/A.jpg02/06/2013VONDOM FURNISHES HOTEL W SINGAPORE – SENTOSA COVE’S POOL AREA

Vondom, the prestigious Spanish company that specialises in outdoor furniture and homeware, has supplied furniture to the swimming-pool area of Singapore’s five-star hotel W Singapore – Sentosa Cove.Undertaken in 2012, the project saw Vondom furnish the chill-out area of this luxe hotel’s swimming pool with its Pillow collection. Created by renowned Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni, this features armchairs, tables and pouffes, all illuminated from within and so doubling as lighting.The 1,338 m sq swimming pool is one of the hotel’s highlights: exuding glamour, it invites guests to relax and drink in the breathtaking, panoramic view from the hotel of the South China Sea. At night, the Pillow collection glows in the dark, creating a spectacular atmosphere where people can chill and enjoy a magical evening. The stunning combination of materials, lighting, interior and furniture design and scenery around the pool reflects the subtlety and level of attention to detail paid by the other companies involved – Singapore-based landscape architect Cicada Pte Ltd and XTRA Designs Pte Ltd, which specialises in outdoor furniture.Giovannoni’s Pillow collection wittily simulates comfortable, squashy cushions and, like many of his designs, they’re life-enhancing and ergonomic. Like all Vondom’s products, Pillow is suitable for outdoor use, and even for harsh weather conditions, since it’s made of rotational-moulded polyethylene, a plastic that meets the strictest technical standards.Vondom’s cutting-edge pieces, designed by such internationally renowned designers as Stefano Giovannoni, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, A-cero, Teresa Sapey and Ramón Esteve, among others, grace high-end hotels, private residences, offices and public spaces and leisure centres in China, the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Australia, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Sweden, Austria and Spain, among other countries. In fact, its innovative furniture, lighting and plant-holder collections are sold in over 70 countries.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/SoherASaudita_ene2013/A.jpg01/11/2013SOHER REDESIGNS THE GOVERNMENT OFFICES IN JEDDAH AND MECCA

High-end, Spanish interior decoration company Soher has recently redesigned the entire government offices of HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, governor of the cities of Jeddah and Mecca in Saudi Arabia.Undertaken in July 2012, the project consisted of the interior design of the government offices of these two cities in Saudi Arabia. The Spanish firm supplied a large number of custom-made furniture, designed specifically for the building’s private offices, sitting rooms and reception and meeting rooms. All the supplied furniture, save for the seating, is part of the Belle Epoque collection, and was custom-made.The governor’s office and the conference halls were furnished with wooden pieces in Makassar ebony, while those in the directors’ offices and other personal areas are made of walnut. The most spectacular furniture is made of glossy, walnut veneer decorated with gold leaf, beautiful fabrics and special bronze finishes. The most stand-out pieces are a fabulous table for meetings, office chairs and tables, made-to-measure armchairs, lighting and a wonderful, Moorish-inspired screen. It’s also worth highlighting that the panels with Arab-inspired designs are motorised to slide more easily and conceal TV screens.Soher enjoys a high profile in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and many of its clients are celebrities. The company’s creations grace many public areas all over the world, among them, the Equestrian Club in Abu Dhabi, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Sydney and luxurious private residences in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.Soher was established by Vicente Simó Iborra in 1942. Since then it has specialised in manufacturing bronze ítems and high-end furniture for unique, upscale interiors. Throughout its history, it has maintained a hand-crafted character and used the highest quality materials at all stages of its manufacturing processes. Soher currently distributes its upscale products in over 50 countries.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/HayonParis_dic2012/A.jpg12/03/2012JAIME HAYON REFURBISHES LE SERGENT RECRUTEUR

High-profile, Spanish designer Jaime Hayón has just completed his latest project – the refurbishment of the restaurant, Le Sergent Recruteur, which, living by the slogan ‘live, eat and rest’ and recalling France’s legendary brasseries, has just reopened its doors in the heart of Paris, on the Îsle Saint-Louis.Hayón’s project aims to respect the history and spirit of one of Paris’s oldest eateries, which has strong roots in the Napoleonic era. To this end, the designer has made use of furniture, lighting and Aubusson tapestries woven by Amsterdam’s Museum of Textiles, jugs and other decorative features, created exclusively for the restaurant’s new decor. Each piece and element here also strives to enhance the cuisine of talented, French chef Antonin Bonnet, who oversees the kitchen of the French capital’s gastronomic mecca.The restaurant is on two floors, and the decor of its lower-ground floor contrasts with that of the floor above. Its interiors combine a Nordic style with unmistakable Hayón touches, from enormous Venetian mirrors to a multi-armed chandelier from his Copacabana collection for Barcelona-based lighting company Metalarte. Found by the restaurant’s entrance, the bar is decorated in pale colours, has a wooden floor, white walls and a ceiling with original, wooden beams. In the main dining area, tables with pale, laminated wood, redolent of 50s American diners, stand out in particular. Displayed against one pristine white wall are porcelain pieces designed by Hayón. There’s a private dining room in the lower-ground floor, reached by spectacularly lit stairs flanked by glass partitions. With its vaulted ceiling, this floor creates an atmosphere that’s cosy yet also airy, thanks to its white walls and unimposing furniture.The resulting space is appealingly simple, harmonious and inviting. Its custom-made furniture, stone walls, wooden ceilings painted white, curved contours, forest green upholstery and details picked out in gold make for a snug yet elegant space – and result in a magical atmosphere that fuses this Spanish designer’s flair with the innovative, culinary approach of the restaurant’s highly regarded, French chef.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/ViccarbeGrecia_nov2012/A.jpg10/31/2012VICCARBE GRACES THE TESORO BLU HOTEL + SPA

Valencia-based company Viccarbe’s furniture now graces the exclusive, five-star hotel Tesoro Blu Hotel + Spa on the picturesque island of Cephalonia on the west coast of Greece. The hotel, in the beach resort of Skala, is near the southern tip of the island in a secluded valley surrounded by countryside and glorious views of the Ionian Sea. This exclusive hotel, where minimalist design meets unspoilt landscapes, creates an idyllic bolthole.Undertaken by BDG Architects, the project – marked by an attractive, contemporary style, distinguished by its stylish furniture and use of raw materials – aims to achieve a look of simple elegance.Viccarbe has contributed to this amazing project by furnishing its restaurant, called Piacere, with its Layer chairs, designed by Arik Levy. Meanwhile, its Last Minute stool, by Patricia Urquiola, can be found in the hotel’s White Bar and Black Bar. And armchairs and sofas from Viccarbe’s Fedele collection designed by Víctor Carrasco – ideal for chill-out areas – also grace the White Bar, a perfect spot for drinking cocktails by day or watching live-music acts at night. The Spanish company has also provided all the hotel’s relaxation and communal areas with a variety of pieces, such as chairs and tables from its Holy Day collection and its sculptural Ad Hoc chair, all designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. And designer Marc Krusin’s Wrapp chairs and FRdesign’s Aspa tables also grace parts of the hotel.Viccarbe’s contemporary furniture can also be found in over 70 countries all over the world, while its products and collections can be admired in many hotels in such cities as New York, Chicago, Amsterdam and Barcelona, and in restaurants in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan and Madrid, among other cities.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/EzcarayRusia_oct12/A.jpg09/24/2012EZCARAY FURNISHES KRASNOYARSK’S PHILHARMONIC HALL

Spanish company Ezcaray Internacional’s chairs grace the auditorium of the Philharmonic concert hall of the city of Krasnoyarsk, in the southern part of central Russia.The concert hall of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic symphony orchestra is one of this city’s most iconic venues, so the design of its interiors needed to reach the same high standard. While choosing materials, equipment and furniture for the project, the company opted for pieces that convey a sense of robustness and grandeur yet are also practical and functional. The Russian company Eurocreslo won the bid to supply 1,800 auditorium chairs which Ezcaray Internacional specially manufactured for the hall.For the project, the Spanish company proposed a natural modification of the Feup chair – the armchair chosen to furnish the concert hall. Elements of it were subtly tweaked, namely the shape of it sides and armrests, even though the chair’s original comfortable, light-looking design was retained. One of its most eye-catching features is its red upholstery which, moreover, changes tone and shimmers, bringing a sense of movement and vibrancy to the look of the room.One advantage of Feup is that it’s not too bulky. It’s particularly suited to environments that demand excellent acoustic properties, as an acoustic panel can be added to it in situations where the design of the acoustics box demands getting the best out of the space’s remaining features.Ezcaray Internacional has been manufacturing seating for assembly rooms, auditoria, cinemas and theatres for over 100 years. Its chairs can be found in leisure and education centres in Spain, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Malaysia, Singapore, the US and Finland, among other countries. One of the company’s most iconic projects has been its furnishing of the National Theatre of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/CustoLondres_sep2012/A.jpg08/01/2012DEAR DESIGN CREATES CUSTO BARCELONA’S NEW LONDON SHOP

Its interior, dreamt up by Barcelona-based design studio Dear Design and Architecture (Dear for short), is inspired by the Mediterranean – an idea inextricably linked with Custo’s origins.The shop’s organic, asymmetric fittings aim to evoke the Mediterranean’s winding, rugged coastline.The materials used – including wood lacquered white, glass, shiny, stainless steel and boards of textured wood in two shades of grey – harmonise perfectly with the innovative and sophisticated style of Custo Barcelona’s clothing.The shop’s interior reinforces Custo Barcelona’s brand identity, its background and DNA – and, what’s more, creates spectacular effects of light, shadows, textures and relief patterns.Dear was founded in 2005 by Ignasi Llauradó and Eric Dufourd. Its prime aim is to add to its members and collaborators’ professional experience two core, connected values of contemporary design: functionality and aesthetic pleasure.This studio has created interiors for such top-end fashion brands as the group LVMH, Burberry, Nike, Munich and Escada, and collaborated with such prestigious brands as Audi and Bombay Sapphire.


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