Point´s furniture at the Blue Mountain Country Club in South Corea. Photo: Courtesy of Point.

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Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Spanish outdoor furniture firm Point. Few firms in the sector can boast of being around for 100 years and being pioneers in design, innovation and...

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Avianca lounges at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport. Photo by David Zarzoso09/10/2018Spanish design in Avianca lounges at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport

 One of an airport’s most exclusive spaces are the lounges which airlines make available to their most distinguished customers. Here they can find comfort and privacy, not to mention original design of the kind Avianca has provided for its most loyal customers at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport in Colombia which carries the signature of Spanish designer Francesc Rifé.Francesc Rifé’s “Avianca Lounges” refurbishment project is designed to be a transition space which seeks to maximise the user’s experience through “layout and materiality”, based on a “balanced contrast of textures and volumes” which evokes a sense of calm. Spaces are arranged in simple, orderly lines which create a perfect dialogue with volumetrics, separating transition spaces from common areas for employees and two private rooms for customers, Gold and Diamond. Areas entitled “Enjoy your meal”, “Stay connected” and “Resting Area” feature tables, chairs and armchairs in ergonomic shapes, screens for privacy and a geometric auxiliary lighting system which mimics trees in a dense forest. In short, Francesc Rife has produced a sophisticated, restrained and elegant interior design project which envelops the traveller in a relaxing designer atmosphere. All of Spanish design, the furnishings which enhance passengers’ working, eating and relaxation experience in these exclusive rooms include: BUD and SAM armchairs from Cármenes  created by Francesc Rifé, NORMAN armchair designed by Arnau y Reyna and SAL Y PIMIENTA sofa by  Jorge Pensi;  Capdell  has made a chair called COL, also designed by Francesc Rifé, the CONCORD stool has been created by Claesson Koivisto Rune and the CULMEN table by Rafa Ortega; from  JMM, come NEO and KONG and from Blasco & Vila, RC stools and armchairs are also signed by Francesc Rifé. For lighting, WARM lamp has been designed by Ramos & Bassols for Vibia which has also made other bespoke lamps especially for the project.

Façade of the Palazzo Grillo hotel01/15/2018Vibia lights up the historic Palazzo Grillo in Genoa, now a hotel

  Design from Spain is still winning over its Italian neighbours. Now, Vibia, one of the most innovative Spanish lighting companies, has enhanced a refined Genoese palace recently converted into a luxury hotel, combining the artistic past of its old walls and frescoes with state-of-the-art design.     The Palazzo Grillo hotel is in the historic part of the Italian city of Genoa, which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. Built in 1545 by Domenico Grillo, Palazzo Grillo reflects the Genoese appreciation for art, architecture and culture. The building had been abandoned for centuries until, under the auspices of Le Nuvole group, it was completely restored. Since 2017, it is a luxury hotel which offers guests a unique experience, blending its glorious history with contemporary comfort and interior design.The 25-room hotel is lit by a selection of contemporary lamps, including luminaires by Vibia, which fit the different spaces of this historic building perfectly. The reception counter features pendant lamps Wireflow Lineal, designed by Arik Levy, with a sculptural but practical illumination which sets the tone for a sophisticated marriage of the old and the new. The rooms have been fitted with a combination of table lamp I.Cono, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, and the floor version from the Warm collection, created by Ramos & Bassols.In the hotel library and communal areas, you’ll find North, by Arik Levy. The fine carbon-fibre structure of its shade provides a foil to the high ceilings and original frescoes painted by Italian artist Il Bergamasco. Finally, the loft dining room has Skan lights, created by Lievore Altherr Molina, which reflect the elegance of a rediscovered space where diners can glimpse spectacular views over Genoa’s historical bell towers.Vibia has been making designer lighting since 1987, finding solutions for architecture, interior design and lighting professionals, drawing from an innovative portfolio of lights signed by renowned international designers. From its Barcelona base, it exports products to more than 80 countries and has a trading subsidiary in the USA.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/Riperlampnov13/A1-306X259.jpg11/22/2013Riperlamp illuminates Kiev’s Fairmont Grand Hotel

Lighting company Riperlamp has supplied lighting for Kiev’s Fairmont Grand Hotel. This five-star establishment, situated in Podil, the Ukrainian capital city’s historic district, opened in early 2012 as part of the celebrations that year of the UEFA European Championship football competition. The hotel has 258 guest rooms, including the luxurious Royal and Presidential suites, all of which are super-elegant and comfortable, allowing guests to take full advantage of this establishment’s fabulous amenities and service. Riperlamp, which specialises in lighting for the contract market, worked closely on this project with its architects and interior designers to create a scheme totally suited to the hotel’s needs. All the materials used in the manufacture of its furnishings are of the highest quality, and extraordinary care has been taken over every detail. Every piece was hand-made, with marble finishes in particular standing out among all the many beautiful finishes. Riperlamp provided over 200 rooms with marble and bronze night lights with an oval shade, which render the rooms ultra-elegant. Riperlamp’s standard lights coordinate with all the curtains and bedlinen. The company designed different wall lights for the corridors, which harmonise with the hotel’s decor. These take the form of torches in some areas or candelabra, while some, intended for more intimate spaces and staircases, have shades. In terms of scale, the lights which stand out the most hang in the main reception room. Made of bronze and crystal, these are suspended from an ornate skylight which enhances their beauty.The Valencian company Riperlamp was founded in 1985 and has specialised ever since in making custom-made decorative lighting for projects and public spaces. Along with the brands Creval and R&C, Riperlamp is part of the group Riperlamp, which offers its clients more than 70 collections with various technical or design features. These are exported to over 80 countries around the world.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/MarsetBasilea_oct2013/A.jpg10/01/2013DELIS FIND MARSET HARD TO RESIST

Top lighting brand Marset is continuing to find favour with Europe's delicatessens and cafes.On the heels of the Gail's Bread chain in London, the Pfifferling Deli in Basel is the latest to fall for the charms of the ceramic Pleat Box light designed by Xavier Mañosa of Barcelona's Apparatu studio and Berlin's Mashallah design practice. Five Pleat Box lights in white underglazed ceramic with a reflective gold interior hang over the deli counter, giving a soft, warm light.Designers working on cafes say they like the Pleat Box because the lights have indentations or folds which remind you of working with your hands to shape pastry or dough -  that said, the idea behind the product was to make you think about the folds that form naturally in fabric as it drapes.And for the icing on the cake, so to speak, the Pfifferling also chose Marset's glamorous and exuberant Discocó pendant light by Christophe Mathieu for its group seating area.As we all know, there's no point in hiding your light under a bushel.

/FicherosEstaticos/habitat/Proyectos/LzfBerlin_sept2013/A.jpg08/07/2013SPECTACULAR LZF LIGHTS GRACE THE SOYA COSPLAY IN BERLIN

Spanish company LZF’s spectacular Poppy and Spiro lamps have been chosen to illuminate Asian restaurant Soya Cosplay, situated at the heart of Berlin.Located a few streets away from the Brandenburg Gate, this modern, Asian restaurant welcomes both Berliners and tourists to enjoy its food in a very cool interior filled with the Spanish firm’s monumental pieces.The restaurant’s designers considered it vital to offer customers a complete experience in which tastes, atmosphere, sounds and light mingle, so pampering all the senses and creating an unforgettable experience. That’s why the restaurant chose to illuminate and embellish its interior with these two lights made of strips of wood in evocative forms that create a magical atmosphere. Various arrangements of both designs – which provide this exclusive restaurant’s different zones with warmth and a dynamic feeling of movement – have been created.Spiro is a circular, pendant light created by Spanish designer Remedios Simón. It takes its name from its delicate, concentric wooden elements and evocative forms through which light escapes. Its spiral formations have the potential to be ornamental and symbolic and invite you to lose yourself in them as you take in their hypnotic lines. Poppy is another pendant light with a convex shape, created by German designer Burkhard Dämmer. Both lamps have one thing in common: they’re hand-crafted using one raw material – wood.Spanish firm LZF was founded in 1994 in Valencia by Sandro Tothill and Mariví Calvo. Since then its spectacular designs have proved a hit throughout the world. An innovative approach – which drives the firm to collaborate with young designers and use cutting-edge materials – hand-crafted manufacturing and a respect for the environment are the company’s main hallmarks.Today, its lights grace countless public spaces all over the world. These include such hotels as the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu, Chicago Marriott, Hilton in Glasgow, the offices of such well-known companies as Microsoft, General Electric, ING and Hyundai as well as many restaurants and public spaces, for example, Disney Cruise Lines, Asiatic Restaurant in the United Arab Emirates and New Zealand’s Cinema Complex. 

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