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An integrated design studio, Barbosa Space Projects conceives its creations from unquestionable hope and honesty and by enriching ideas they come across in the process of researching and developing their designs, with a commitment to innovation and creativity based in the best and most detailed quality. They cross the contemporary feel of its creations with pure luxury and is testament to the exclusivity of its designs. A cosmopolitan style mixed with the latest in international design.


Formed in Barcelona by Ramón Benedito and Maite Prat, Benedito Design has been dedicated to product design and development since 1973. Benedito Design´s primary focus is the design of electronic and computerized appliances, technical and scientific instruments, machines and tools, lighting, domestic objects, elements for installations and contruction, packaging, and furniture. In the course of Ramón Benedito´s trajectory, concepts of semi-artesanal design have coexisted comfortably with those of the latest technology, projects of small dimensions with those of high investments, experimental design processes and projects have been linked as much with traditional uses as products conveived for new utilities: since the beginning of his professional life he has developed under the mark of diversity.


Interior design studio with a Barcelona-based perspective on the rest of the world. Their projects have a common denominator: prior investigation of space and client, staying in touch with history and surroundings, while focusing on person-to-person interaction and enhancing the identity of the project site. The studio seeks to create something new, at the same time unveiling existing resources and paying constant attention to tradition and innovation. The blend of diverse experiences with different cultures has enabled them to develop close, flexible communication to identify with customer needs.


Boo in Barcelona is a young company operating on the European market. It is divided into three areas, each with separate functions which work together. Industry: Boo is involved in the production of most of its articles, although it also manages production for external customers, specialising in the metallurgy sector. Publishing: Boo commercialises its products and manages the creativity of external designers. Studio: responsible for handling Boo product design and development as well as commissions for external customers.


Although his career began back in 2001, Borja García is currently going through a period of conceptual reinvention. Following the experience acquired in the industrial design sector working for Nazca IDS and as and architect for Enproyecto Arquitectura (he was a founding partner in both studios, which were set up in 2002 and 2005 respectively), since 2011 he has provided industrial design services under a single trade name, combining the best of both professions in order to offer unified and coherent products. Excellence in design is not about added value; indeed, quite the opposite is true as it should be an intrinsic part of any product. Only then we will be able to achieve a more pleasant more respectful and sustainable environment.


Bruno Peral is a graduate of Elisava. He began working professionally at Francesc Rifle's studio. Later, he went on to be an interior designer at Roca Sanitario and he currently collaborates with Marcel Wanders' studio in Amsterdam and works with the Artic-Tic studio based in Barcelona.


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