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Capella Garcia Arquitectura

Capella García Arquitectura is an architecture and integral design studio created by architects Juli Capella and Miquel García in Barcelona in 2001. The studio cherishes every tiny detail of its projects, however large or small. Although they do not claim to be specialists in any one area, they have a keen interest in everything, offering their clients, not just drawings, but ideas, service and enthusiasm. Their passion is architecture and design in all its aspects.


Carlos Tiscar received his degree in industrial design in 1982 from the Applied Arts School in Valencia and then continued his studies at Milan´s Polytechnic School of Design. His professional career began in 1987 as a member of the Factoría Diseño Industrial (that year he was also selected by Valencia´s City Council as representative to the Biennale for Young Mediterranean Creators in Bologna). In 1991, he became a founding partner of the consultancy Gesto Design Management, and in 1993 he opened his own studio, which has developed projects in different areas, ranging from office stationary design to staging exhibitions. He currently designs furnishings for homes, offices and facilities as well as serving as art director to certain clients. At Present is the President of ADCV (Designers Association of the Valencian Community).


After being recognised internationally along with Enric Miralles for projects such as 'Cementerio de Igualada', Carme Pinós founded her own studio in 1991 taking charge of projects that had already began such as the School-home in Morella. Since then she has participated in many projects in Spain, France, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Venezuela and Cuba and she has received many prizes for her work. She also combined her activity as an architect with teaching and has participated in numerous seminars, courses and workshops as a visiting lecturer in various Universities in the US, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.Its first furniture collection is Objects.

Carmen Baselga

Carmen Baselga’s career as an expert interior designer goes back to the mid 80s. Her workshop is a constant hive of activity covering various areas including interior architecture, landscape architecture, commercial and cultural exhibition spaces and stage sets. Over the years, she has led and coordinated various cultural projects within the setting of Feria Valencia and has sat on the panel for numerous design and interior decorating awards. Highlights of her career included the Award for her display in Madrid’s Plaza Matadero, and a place as a finalist for the FX 2010 and FAD 2004 awards.


This Barcelona-based industrial and product design studio created by David and Miguel Carrasco in 2010 offers innovative, custom-made solutions. Their previous work in other design studios such as Magma design and design teams of companies such as Faladesa and Infinity System has contributed a dual vision to the studio. This allows the product development process to be optimised, which contributes freshness, originality and innovation. Their commitment to design makes them take care over all aspects of the product, from how it works to its interaction with the user in an attempt to maintain an honest and realistic vision of design without ever losing sight of the real objective as regards their customers, to achieve a successful product.


Ciszak Dalmas is a design studio founded by Andrea Caruso and Alberto Gobbino, with a studio in Madrid and other bases in Turin, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong. The studio is developing new types of products, space design, branding development and communication.


Founded in 2013 by the designer Vicent Clausell after 10 years working in different sectors and countries, Clausell Studio is totally dedicated to industrial design and consultancy in product development, while also embracing other related services. One of its first starting points for undertaking a project is to achieve a very high quality in technical and aesthetic terms, thanks to extreme formal simplicity, a considered choice of materials and a passion for creating work that’s been ‘cooked’ to perfection. 


We are passionate about objects that demand interaction and ephemeral spaces that only work for the customers for whom they were conceived. Our aim is not only to create objects that are independent beings, but ones that grow, develop and transform through relationships with the user and the user’s interaction with the object attained through morphological changes and perception.


CONCEPTO OTOstd is a container of emotions; a studio for ideas, projects, creativity and life. Throughout its 25 years it has created spaces in which aesthetics overwhelm the emotions. National and international designers and its founder lead a young, hungry team who seek to improve everything they touch. Their vision for interiors is of the most sensitive, because with just the five senses the true meaning of art can be found.


Printed textiles is the field Christian Zuzunaga has chosen to work in since graduating from the RCA two years ago with an MA in communication art and design. Moroso, Ligne Roset and Christian Delcourt have upholstered sofas and chairs in Zuzunaga fabrics to stunning effect, while the designer has created a scarf for the Tate Gallery. Christian says he is inspired by 'essence and abstraction, randomness and repetition' and by colour, which, he says, evokes emotion and feeling in us and acts as a counterpoint to rational thought.


Cristina Guardiola, Barcelona 1984. Cristina studied a BA in Product Design at Eina, Escola de Disseny i Art in Barcelona. She worked with Luky Huber carrying out projects for elBulli and Escribà and also takes on freelance graphic and interior design projects. She has developed a course of creativity at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.


CrousCalogero is a design studio founded by Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero in Barcelona in 2009. Their training with leading designers and later experience in major companies provided them with the opportunity to get involved in all phases of the projects, seen through the eyes of the designer as well as from a corporate perspective. Their experience in innovation enables them to integrate ethnographic, marketing and research-based concepts into the design process. The result is competitive and forward-thinking products offering solutions defined by their differentiation and creativity.


This young creative design outfit dreams up all types of spaces, personalising each aspect of a project and incorporating the latest technologies into living spaces. Its Cuarto design collection stands out as a strong, new idea in the world of Spanish design.


We design and make objects for children aged three and over. We’re committed to local manufacturing, sustainability and collaborating with disciplines linked to design — the handcrafted, architecture, illustration — to bring added value to our products. We also seek synergies with other cultural industries which allow us to promote and spread culture and educational ideas among the very young.


The core team of CuldeSac and the permanent group coordinanting its activities, is comprised by Alberto Martínez (Master Royal College of Art. London 2000), Pepe García (Master Royal College of Art. London 1999), Francisco Pons (Graphic Design Escuela de artes y oficios de Valencia) y Pilar Roger (Industrial Design and Graphics, Univerisdad Cardenal Herrera del CEU San Pablo, Valencia). CuldeSac is much more than a design studio. Set up in August 2002 as a "creative space", CuldeSac is an open dynamic space where creatives from differente fieldscan meet and join forces to develop shared projects under one common denominator: multidisciplinarity. CuldeSac not only offers its services to companies in search of solutions to their problems, but also to all types of professionals, to anyone with an interesting idea worth pursuing, and exciting freesyle lab for observation, investigation and project development.


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