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EDDADESIGN is a design studio founded by Jordi Milá in 1995. Its orientation in the initial stage was toward product design and development but today its positioning is shifted to the entire design by experience, the best measures to establish a profound tie between consumers and the brand. Totally oriented toward consumers, the service of the studio is differentiated with its unique methods, ability, and technology. Their methodology understands the product gestation process in four stages: identification of potential needs, architecture of value, design and staging. The staff includes professionals specialized in a variety of activities, such as anthropologists; specialists in marketing strategy; product, software, communication, and model designers; and engineers. Winner of two awards from the Red Dot Design Award in Germany collaborates.


Having trained in Valencia in Industrial and Interior Design, Eduardo Alcón (1978, Valencia) and Esther Albert (1972, Alicante) decided to join forces in 2008 following their journeys through various design studios. Currently, Edeestudio is based in Valencia, where they work in the field of industrial, graphic and interior design for various firms in the sector.


Eduardo Albors specialises in the design of lighting products as well as product and image consultancy. Always in search of balance, the objective of his work, in addition to innovating, is to fulfil the consumer's requirement of rational design, with which he aims to satisfy, in formal terms, modern criteria and, in financial terms, commercial purposes. His collaboration with companies is not limited to product design rather he extends it to consultancy, to management of projects by other designers and image consultancy, by supervising advertising and promotion activities.


Egue y Seta is a multidisciplinary, flexible design studio founded by two ex-postgraduate in Barcelona, with a second studio located in A Coruña and a third opening shortly in Madrid. Egue y Seta designs spaces and settings (permanent and temporary), for business, sale or brand positioning, always ensuring its clients the highest profile and optimum display quality for their products and services.


El Ultimo Grito is the creative partnership of Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo. Their work continuously researches our relationships with objects and culture, exploring them across disciplines, through art installations and commercial projects for clients such as MAGIS, British Airways, Marks & Spencer, Science Museum, Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia, Mathmos, Nola, Lavazza or Abet Laminati. El Ultimo Grito’s work has been widely published and awarded, and is in the permanente collections of museums such as MoMA in New York, Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Stedlijk Museum in Amsterdam and Kulturhusset in Stockholm. Roberto and Rosario lecture at GoldsmithsUniversity and the Royal College of Art, and are Senior Design Research Fellows at Kingston University.


Ana Mir and Emili Padrós, (both were born in 1969) graduates of the masters´programme in Industrial Design at Central Saint Martin in London, founded the emilian design studio in 1996 with a view to developing both joint and individual projects. Their work ranges from the interior design of a private jet to product and furniture design as well as teaching and organising and designing exhibitions. The studio is characterised by its capacity to provide clients with a new approach for each project, its experimentation with materials and active involvement of users, withour ever losing sight of the functional, technical and production aspects. Their designs have been featured at international exhibitions (New York -MoMA 2005, Amsterdam, Lille, Milan, Lousiana, Paris...) and some from part of the Fond National d´Art Contemporain of Paris.


Enblanc is a multidisciplinary studio created in 2007. Since its creation they have developed international projects in the worlds of industrial design and graphic communication in search of practical, simple and coherent solutions. Their projects have been displayed in numerous exhibitions and galleries in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Finland, Tokyo. The prizes they have won include the Designer's Association of the Community of Valencia (ADCV) prize 09 for their Zas lamp for Ona, the Accésit Injuve Prize 09 and the Nude-Bancaja Grant for their Form project. Carlos Velasco, Paula Aloy and José Aranda are the members of Enblanc.

enPieza! eStudio

enPieza! eStudio was co-founded in Madrid by David Tamame and Lucas Muñoz in 2005. Two others — Alejandro Couchoud and Stéphanie Maurey — joined the company four years later. Since 2014, the studio’s members have been David and Stéphanie, and its goals are to create original objects with a strong identity — unusual, fun or ironic products that arouse feelings in the user and always provoke a reaction. Their starting point is achieving functionality, while they aim to be timeless, are made with great attention to detail and manufactured to a high standard. The company also offers clients a personalised service. 


Enrique Martí Aguilera, born in Valencia in 1972, studied technical engineering for Industrial Design at the Cardenal Herrera CEU University from 1992 to 1995. He followed this with a Masters in Product Development and Design at the same institution. Currently, he works as a product designer and developer for key companies in the Spanish homeware industry, such as Andreu World and Paco Capdell, among others, as well as in technical assessment and product management.


 Freelance artist, space, product and creative advertising designer. Conceptualisation and development of projects for brands and institutions, and personal projects.


Ernest Perera combines his sculpture studies at the Fine Arts Faculty with industrial design at the Elisava School in Barcelona. He founded Ernest Perera Design Studio in 1999 and designs products and experiences to help companies become more competitive. Each project is defined by new concepts with ad hoc solutions. In 2006, he set up his own home-product maker Amor de Madre, which gives him the freedom to create and experiment with diverse articles for households and their members. Since 1998, he has taught at several design universities in Barcelona. He has worked with companies including Camper, Lékué, Delica, Mago Urban, Almalight, Museo Picasso, Rumitag, Artesanía de Cataluña and ADI-FAD. He was selected for the DELTA ADI-FAD awards in Barcelona 2009 and won first prize at Les Découvertes Awards for Maison  Objet, Paris (2008). He has exhibited at galleries worldwide and featured in diverse international design publications.


An industrial design studio specialising in furniture and lighting. They have developed projects for well-known companies such as Perobell, Santa & Cole, and Metalarte, always looking beyond the function of an object in order to find its personality.


Antoni Arola began working in 1984 at Alberto Lievore and Jorge Pensi´s studio. He then went on to work as head of the interior and industrial design department at Associate Designers. In 1994, he opened his own studio where experimentation, the element of surprise and dialogue came to form a backbone for projects that often varied in theme, materials and means. This is exemplified by the studio´s wide repertoire of projects, ranging from interior design and ephemeral spaces to the design of lamps, containers, objects as well as industrial design. Arola also teaches at the Eina School and sat on the FAD Awards jury. He collaborates with profesionals such as Pati Núñez, Pablo Martín, Peret, Patrick Thomas and Javier mariscal, to name a few, and has exhibited his paintings and sculptural work at the Galería Palma XII in Vilafranca del Penedés.


Estudi Ribaudí works with ideas, lets them grow and then transforms them into objects and spaces. Led by Jordi Ribaudí, it comprises a team of five designers and interior decorators who mix creativity, materials and technology, transforming them into spaces and objects with identity. Estudi Ribaudí works with furnishing, lighting and fashion companies.


Jorge Frías and Irene Zurdo (Madrid) have worked as architects since 2005 and founded Estudio ji in the same year. They initially developed public and private tenders, where they won their first awards. Now, Estudio ji combines different design disciplines with architecture and teaching. In 2013, they opened Estudio ji/ Altea, their own studio + designer space with a showroom where they also exhibit their own furniture and textile jewellery designs.


This studio works both with public and private organisations, collaborating with other professionals in the world of art and design. In 2005 they completed an international project for Hotel Puerta de América in Madrid, for which they designed the car park. In the same year, they won a competition organised by Madrid City Council for the reforms they made to the public car park on Plaza Vázquez de Mella. Other projects for international fashion firms include projects for Custo Barcelona (in Madrid, Milan, Paris, Las Vegas, and Kuwait) and the new stores by Mandarina Duck. Estudio de Arquitectura Teresa Sapey regularly publishes items in national and international publications. The publishing house Mondadori - Electa published the work Sapore Sapey in 2005 to celebrate a decade of work by this studio.


Ever since Javier Mariscal (b. Valencia, 1950) clutched a pencil to make a living, his career has been characterised by its creative incontinence; by this he means the need to express himself through different fields, artistic or otherwise. Furniture design, painting, sculpture, illustration, interior design, graphic design, landscaping, gardening, horticulture... all are part of his profession and his life. Mariscal founded his studio in 1989 and expresses himself through a personal language that is complex in its intention and simple in its manifestation, innocent and provocative at the same time, allowing him to innovate, take risks and communicate, teasing the eyes of his audience as a bond develops between those who look at his work.


Estudio Vitale was created in Castellón in 2005 and is headed by Santiago Martín, Carlos Folch and Lucía Chover. The studio specialises in Corporate Design and adopts a global outlook which incorporates every aspect of brand image. It covers: interior design; corporate, commercial and retail spaces; product design; graphic design and communication. Its philosophy is to create products and spaces from a responsible strategic perspective where design is an integrating factor and contributes to brand creation.


Since 1999, Estudio Mariano Martin has been fully committed to the comprehensive development of architecture and design and believes that the client should have a key role throughout this process.


Estudio Nómada, José Antonio Vázquez Martín (Architech) and Enrique de Santiago (Interior Designer), results of the sum of different personal trajectories which converged in 2008 in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Currently the studio is oriented towards architectonical projects with a special emphasis to the details and a strong link to interior design, seeking to produce a unified concept. This aspiration to get involved in all facets of the pro-cess pretends to differentiate the studio and exploring new disciplines outside the established profession, such as furniture and industrial design, graphic design, events planning, etc. but always with the same rigorous working process as on architectural projects.


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