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This industrial designer, creator of famous products, specialises in office and domestic furniture and lighting. He has been working professionally since 1974 and has collaborated with some of the sector´s major companies. Among other activities, he has won several important awards and has also taught at EINA, the art and design school associated with the Autonomous University of Barcelona


After working in art and design for more than 20 years, Gabriel Corchero has honed his own, personal style, which is founded in simple lines and the search for harmony in the final piece. This has led him to a new professional milestone: art director for the highend jewellery company Carrera y Carrera. In this capacity, he has developed a new image for the comany, generating communication concepts, presentations and spaces that until that time had not been used in this sector before. He is currently involved in the luxury goods´sector and is working for a selection of companies in fashion, jewellery and cosmetics.


GCA aquitectos asociados, a studio with headquarters in Madrid and Barcelona, boasts twenty years' experience developing architecture, town planning, and interior design projects both for the administration and for the private sector. These projects include office buildings, hotels, apartment blocks, houses, shops and shopping centres, and furniture and fittings. GCA has acquired an international reputation within the fields of architecture and interior design with projects for hotels in Paris, London and Prague, offices in New York, Brussels and Lisbon, and shops in New York, Athens, London, Paris, China and Taiwan.


Gemma Bernal (Barcelona 1949) is a multi-faceted designer who, in her 40 year long career, has created objects ranging from furniture and lighting, to toys, electrical appliances, homeware, healthcare and urban furniture. In 1969 she was awarded a Delta de Oro for a shower telephone made for the company Raydor. She currently combines her designing with teaching, giving classes at EINA, ESDI and for the Mayfly Architecture Masters of the University of Barcelona.


The work of Pablo Figuera (Madrid, 1988) and Álvaro Goula (Barcelona, 1989) originates at the point where industrial values and creativity meet and complement each other to create a business of beauty. “People, after all, require beauty in their daily lives and businesses, as providers or creators of needs, should focus on beauty”. From the beginning of a project, when designing, Álvaro and Pablo hold fast to an essential principle: to take painstaking care over the shape of the object, something, which they say, manifests its aesthetic values through the expression of the material, respect for the manufacturing process and of course, its use. Their pieces always tend to avoid frivolous, superfluous decoration and they seem to have something more to them than just their use. They aim to be elegant, simple to understand and honest and great care is taken over their detail.

GR Industrial Design

GR Design is a design studio based in Barcelona which works in fields such as furniture design, packaging, and product and graphic design. The company is composed of Adrià Guiu (Barcelona, 1980) and Iñaki Remiro (Pamplona, 1978). Since they met and studied together at the Escola Elisava, they have been working as designers and consultants for different companies, institutions and agencies. They also carry out constant research work. They have received both national and international acclaim and prizes for some of their projects. They have held exhibitions of their work and research projects both in Spain and abroad, and some of their projects have appeared in specialist magazines.


Guillem Ferran has worked as a product designer for Novell / Puig Design and as a furniture designer for Emiliana Design Studio. He has also worked for a number of large companies including Decathlon and Benetton’s La Fabrica in Treviso. He is currently working on several projects, including industrial design and art direction.


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