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Jaime Tresserra Clapés, the Tresserra Collection's exclusive designer, was born in Barcelona in 1943. He was brought up in a family of actors and fashion designers who taught him that special sensitivity so recognisable in his work. In 1987 he made a profound career change with the founding of J.Tresserra Design, which would later go on to be called Tresserra Collection SL, and presented his first homewares collection at the Valencia International Furniture Trade Fair in which he was awarded the prize for Best Modern Furniture Design for his "Secreter Carpett." Jaime Tresserra has designed exclusive pieces for numerous private clients and has his own showrooms in Barcelona and Paris. He is currently developing a collection based on a new concept of sculpture-furniture: Tresserra Gallery.


Javier, a designer from Madrid, was born in 1981 and started his career as an illustrator/animator for children's computer games. He studied at the Interior Design School of Madrid (Arte4) and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design from IED Madrid (Istituto Europeo di Design). In 2008 he travelled to Mexico. His style, based on tradition but within an entirely contemporary formal world, started to take shape here and was influenced by his interaction with technology and craftsmanship. The work of Javier Alejandre has appeared at Casa Decor, the Milan Furniture Fair and Casa Pasarela, as well as in many other displays of the current creative panorama. In 2010 he was chosen for the INJUVE Design awards. He currently works in the design and management of exhibition spaces for IED Madrid, as well as developing product and interior design projects from his study.


Javier Herrero studied industrial design at the Cardenal Herrera CEU University and Milan’s Polytechnic University, training under lecturers of the stature of Enzo Mari and Massimo Morozzi. He began his career back in 2004 at Ebualà, working on numerous projects for companies operating in the furniture and bathroom sectors such as Sancal, Novum and Expormim. Following the winding up of the studio, in 2009 he embarked on his solitary career, continuing to develop his previous work and taking on new projects and challenges. He works regularly with Luzifer Lamps on the development of both their stands and products.


Estudi{H}ac is a design studio which was founded in 2003 by José Manuel Ferrero. Creative and multidisciplinary, it specialises in bespoke work in the fields of interior design, temporary installations and product design. Its team of architects, interior designers, industrial designers and graphic designers offer innovative, creative solutions for companies looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Estudi{H}ac's simple, detailed, timeless aesthetic makes its products instantly recognisable, accessible and user-friendl Its designs have received various, prestigious international awards.


Joan Gaspar began his career at the company Vapor in 1988. Four years later he was collaborating with several companies, and in 1996 he was named creative director at Marset Iluminación. For Joan Gaspar "the issues of whether a product is good or not depends on the designer and largely on the company that produces it and, above all else, on how it is produced, how it is launched, explained and promoted". For that reason, he considers his personal involvement throughout the entires process as essential. In 2001, he established his own studio, working for the most prestigous producers in the national arena. His functional objects seek to trascend fashions and trends in order to achieve a lasting appreciation.


Born on 3 July 1962 in Barcelona, Joan Lao is above all a conceptual designer, creating furniture and lighting pieces and other objects, as well as large-scale interior design projects that always transmit a feeling of peace and balance. His interior designs have a unique quality: they stimulate an immediate and enduring emotional response. His interior design projects have been mostly based in private houses and apartments, hotels and commercial establishments, for which he has received numerous awards. During his 22 years of activity, he has completed nearly 3,000 projects.

Joan Rojeski

JOAN ROJESKI disseny sostenible is a design consultancy that help the customers in distinguishing themselves from their competitors and standing out through our services that integrate sustainable strategies throughout the project. In this way they develop projects that are socially equitable, financially viable and not damaging to the environment. This not only produces benefits for society but also exerts a positive influence on the client's business and manufacturing performance.In line with the professional activity and supplementing it, they participate in various training and spreading of creative culture and sustainable design activities.


Jon Gasca was born in San Sebastian, he got his degree as industrial Engineer. He has been following the line that Jesus Gasca started in Stua many years ago. Jon works as designer and art director for the furniture company STUA. His design portfolio includes the following products: Malena armchair and sofa. Summa table. /> Nube armchair. For Stua he edited the book 'A Simple Way' and he oversees all graphic design for the company. In addition, he is designs the exhibition stands for Stua at trade fairs worldwide and designed the interiors of the STUA showrooms. A different part of his work is devoted to the contemporary photography and more specifically to abstraction. You can see his works


He was born in Bilbao in 1973. He studied business science at the University of Deusto, obtaining a degree in Business Science and Economics in 1996, having specialised in the areas of marketing and commercialization. Following his time at Deusto, he obtained a grant from the DZ Design Centre to study industrial design for three years. He concluded his studies at De Montfort University in 2000, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree (Honourable Mention) in Product and Furniture Design. Since December 2000, he has directed the design studio he founded, Ideilan Design, for whom he has developed numerous projects for private companies and public bodies, including B-lux, Lino Alonso, Magefesa, Solac, Laster, Biplax, Sidenor, Metro Bilbao, the University of Deusto, Diputación Foral de Bizkaia (the Bizkaia Provincial Council), and the Basque Government, as well as Centros Tecnológicos del País Vasco (Basque Technology Centres), and various companies and centres in the regions of Castilla and Leon, and Asturias.


Born in Barcelona in 1975, Jordi Canudas trod the path to the RCA’s postgraduate product design course, graduating in ’07. Now part of the Okay Studio, Jordi is inspired by action… stretchy fabrics, elastic bands, metal springs and he likes to create products that change. His Less Lamp for Metalarte, for example, has a ceramic shade that the user has to break with a hammer before light emerges. His Raincatcher expands when it rains.


Jordi Llopis i Freixas has consolidated his own design studio in Barcelona, having worked for Metalarte (2002-2006), Niall O'Flynn Studio (1994-1995 and 1998-1999), and Uli Marchsteiner (1995-1996). He holds an MA RCA (Master of the Arts) in Furniture and Product Design under the tutelage of Ron Arad from the Royal College of Art in London (1996-1998), and a BA (Bachelor's Degree) in Industrial Design from the Escola Superior de Disseny Elisava de Barcelona (1991-1995). He has created various designs -in particular lamps- and also produces and develops designs for other important designers.


At Jorge Herrera Studio, we love detail. Our work consists of a constant search for simple, focused design ideas because we consider design to be a tool for making complicated things easy to use. We believe in strongly differentiating our company from our competitors to further our success, although we never claim to be reinventing the wheel or tearing up the rulebook. We only explore those avenues which lead to intelligent and practical solutions which also trigger innovation. We invest in technical and innovative processes, with a clear commitment to continue to improve and learn. We love all things modern, pleasing proportions, aesthetics, elegance, products that arouse emotions, while we’re also influenced by tradition. Someone once said that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. We’ve adopted this maxim and made it the cornerstone of our work. 


After beginning his professional career in his native Argentina, the architect and industrial designer Jorge Pensi moved to Spain in 1975, where he bacme naturalised. He established himself in Barcelona in 1977, where he joined the Grupo Berenguer, collaborating with Alberto Lievrore until 1984, the year in which he founded his own studio, which specialises in furniture and lighting design, the visual image of his products and the setting up of different kinds of events. Together, Constanze Schuetz, Diego Slemenson, Román Proubasta and Toni Casares make up Jorge Pensi Design Studio.


He qualified as an Industrial Design Engineer in 2007 and later that year exhibited several of his personal projects at the Valencia Habitat Trade Fair at 'NUDE', a space for new designers. His first press appearances came in the light of this exhibition. Also in 2007 his works were selected for inclusion in 'Entrantes 07', an exhibition for young designers. His designs were again featured at the 2008 edition of ‘NUDE’, as well as in magazines such as AD, the New York publications ID and SURFACE and Proyecto Contract. That same year he began work as a product and interior designer for “Eve Eduardo Terradez” whose collaborators include prestigious designers such as Jaime Tresserra. In 2010 he exhibited his works at the Zaragoza Design Show, held at the city’s exhibition site, in the Young Design Talent Space, and at the 2010 edition of the Saint-Étienne International Design Biennale.


Designer and interior designer Josep Ruà heads up his own eponymous multidisciplinary team, which designs and carries out residential, commercial and temporary architecture projects. The studio sees being innovative and forging its own identity as an everyday challenge. It always tries to envision new aesthetic languages, while taking a handcrafted approach, whenever possible. Its personalised, original, timeless projects realise the dreams of all its clients or enhance the image of its products. The studio aims to create unique spaces in our globalised world where everything seems transitory and throwaway.


José Antonio Gandía-Blasco Canales was born in Ontinyent, Valencia, in 1956. He studied Law at the University of Valencia, but never practised. Following this, he returned to the family business of blanket making. A strong artistic restlessness drove him to reconsider the business model and the focus of the organisation. In 1989 he contacted Valencian studio La Nave and transformed the company's image. Hence the current brand image was born, recognisable by the slender cat logo, and then came his first collection of designer rugs. Although initially his designs were received cautiously, currently his designs, both for textiles as well as for outdoor furniture, are some of the company's biggest successes. Being his own connoisseur eventually paid dividends.


Juan Ares's design studio — which is part of the 'slow design’ movement — was founded in 2012. Its furniture is produced under essentially qualitative parameters and in a restrained way. Juan Ares promotes the manufacture of its furniture in local workshops and by businesses deploying traditional craftsmanship. Yet it also takes an innovative, iconoclastic approach. A respect for the environment and a belief in recycling are central planks of the company’s philosophy. Its creations' unique aesthetic is rooted in a search for an interaction with the sea’s structure via design. Our souls belong to the sea. 


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