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Mad Lab is a Madrid-based furniture and design company renowned for its line of timeless, long-lasting. timeless heirlooms. Mad Lab is committed to innovation in all aspects of design, not only in terms of objects but also in terms of consumers' lifestyles that adapt to the changes occurring around us and to the evolving needs of the domestic environment. The belief that ’To design is to discern and know how to choose the right design solutions that new objects suggest to you’ is part of the philosophy of Antonio Serrano Bulnes, Mad Lab’s designer and creative director.


Design studio Magma Design, which specialises in strategic innovation and product design, was founded in 1995 by industrial designer Toni Clariana. Boasting a versatile, multidisciplinary team, it undertakes projects in a wide spectrum of fields, including railways, sanitaryware, electrical household appliances, electronic products, contract seating, office furniture and collaborative methodologies. It carries out projects on an international level through its offices in Hong Kong, Istanbul and Casablanca.


In 2008, Morro started Surtido, a platform for emerging Spanish talents that produces small collections. He designed the T-SD Mod.4, a prototype made from plywood and constructed so that the material's thickness doesn't impact the overall measurements. "I really just want to get a really cheap and quality piece", he says.


Margot Viarnés (Figueras, Girona, 1965) studied at the Elisave design institute and began her career at the Pepe Cortés and Nancy Robins studios. In 1989 she opened her first studio. She won, at a young age, the Valencia Furnishing Fair's national design prize in the students section, and has subsequently had various pieces submitted for the FAD awards. She has participated in various industrial furnishing expositions and international fairs in Cologne, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Brasilia and Athens. Her works have been published in leading international design publications such as Wallpaper, Interni and Arquitectura y Diseño. She is currently practising prêt-à-porter furnishing from her company, with works serialised for the public and made to measure design tailoring. She enjoys Japanese architecture, French art deco and Indian furniture.


In addition to his work as a designer of technology-related products, Mario Ruiz has gathered wide experience as the author of office furniture and lighting projects as well as more household-oriented pieces. Here the technological component, always present in the work of Ruiz and his Costa Design team, favours a positive dialogue between the object and its environment; a language based on the lightness of forms, experimentation with materials, and care in the treatment of surfaces and colour. The Actar publishing house has published Mario Ruiz/Costa Design, a monograph devoted to his work.


Martí Guixé (Barcelona, 1964) works as designer. His multifaceted activity revolves around his philosophy: “concepts and ideas for commercial purposes”. This generic definition allows him to work in several areas, from commercial interiors and showrooms through to communication campaigns, events and publications, with a very special concept of product design and culture. Trained in Barcelona and Milan as an interior and industrial designer, Guixé started his own studio in 1997. He founded a company specialising in developing commercial concepts, based in Barcelona and Berlin. He is co-founder of the label Ex-Designer, and since 2006 has also been the Art Director of B-Sign, a design firm based in Barcelona. Martí Guixé has worked as a design adviser and brand strategy consultant for the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (Seoul), Desigual (Barcelona) and Very Lustre (South Africa). In 1999 he received the Ciutat de Barcelona Design Prize, and was awarded the National Design Prize in 2007 (Premis Nacionals de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya).


Martín Ruiz de Azúa (b. Basque Country, 1965) is currently living in Barcelona. He graduated from the University of Barcelona with a degree in Fine Arts, specialising in Design. He has a postgraduate degree in Architecture and Design of Ephemeral Installations from the Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona and currently works as a designer for different companies. In 2004 he started the design studio Azúamoliné with fellow industrial designer Gerard Moliné. He teaches History of Design at the Elisava School. He collaborates with several companies as an industrial designer, an activity he combines with his research work. The latter has been included in several solo and group exhibitions in Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, Vienna, Paris, etc... Some of his projects have also been published in prestigious international publications. He recently received the Ciudad de Barcelona Award.


A multidisciplinary studio where architecture, design and art are all integral to the philosophy of its co-directors, architects and designers Marta Alonso Yebra and Imanol Calderón Elósegui. The studio's dynamic, restlessly creative spirit has led it to work in such diverse areas as architecture, design, designing structures, exhibition stands and pavilions and developing materials, among other things. A concern with functionality, form, beauty and structure is present in all their projects. 


Mediodesign is a design, production and consultancy studio that works on unique projects in the areas of architecture, interior design, product design, furnishings and advertising. It innovates, creates, designs and produces special objects, furnishings and installations. The studio specialises in the use of CAD/CAM numerically controlled cutting and design systems and the company is a point of reference in Digital Production in Barcelona. It markets its collection of designer furnishings that is designed and produced in Barcelona abroad. The collection includes high-quality designer tables, seats and lamps for a demanding market.


Mermelada Estudio, founded by Juan Miguel Juárez, Laura Blasco and Alex Estévez, is a brand that focuses on industrial design. They produce innovative items coherent with their surroundings. They work with ideas, giving special importance to conceptual, formal research and searching for the essence of objects in order to reach a harmony in the surfaces that they make. Their latest projects include the Carmen lawn stool, the Winter table with vase and the Maya lamp for Almerich.


Merry is a company specialised in the fields of interior design, architecture, product and concept design. It was set up in 2005 by Alfonso Merry del Val, who brought together a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of professional designers to afford pleasure, originality and optimism to everyday activities by means of key tools such as emotion, creativity and passion. Merry’s strength lies in the creativity of its design that makes each project a unique experience. The constant pursuit of appropriate solutions leads Merry to experiment with trends, shapes, aesthetics and materials but, above all, with ideas. Alfonso Merry del Val was born in 1969 in Madrid. After graduating in law, he laid the foundations for his interest in design. In 2005, Merry Design Studio was founded to develop projects for Spanish and international clients, spanning the spheres of interior and concept design, architecture and product development.

MFM Interiorismo

Design studio MFM Interiorismo is headed by Martín Félix Massa, who studied interior design and architecture at the University of Coruña, and has an MA in architecture and design. His work encompasses technical drawing, draughtsmanship, graphic design, 3D graphics, advertising and generating ideas. He has also sat on a judging panel at the Elisava school of design and engineering in Barcelona, which is affiliated to Pompeu Fabra University. He combines his projects with research into sustainable architecture and design. Boasting over nine years’ experience in architecture, design and his own brand of creativity, he undertakes projects both in Spain and abroad. 


Miguel Herranz has realised industrial design projects since 1994, responding to a diverse variety of needs and objectives and completing conceptual, highly technical, commercially oriented and experimental projects alike. He works in differente fields: furniture, lighting, cars, products as well as interior and stand design projects. His goal is to create pieces that make the most of the potential and the virtues of each company he works with, emphasising diverse parameters on each project whilst pursuing a singular result.


Architects Belén Moneo and Jeff Brock set up Moneo Brock Studio in 1993 in New York. Between them, they have a wealth of experience when it comes to design, interior design, town-planning and landscape architecture. Mainly based now in Madrid, their work involves the analysis and further development of an architecture that responds sensitively to its location, be it the surrounding landscape or urban context. The studio is committed to environmentally friendly and innovative design, a creative vision and efficient service.


Fifteen years ago, Ferran Morgui opened his own studio. He had spent several years as head of the product and environmental design división at Quod Disseny i Marketing and in the image and new product department at Galo /Ben. Morgui Súnico´s team includes qualified professionals in various fields of design: architectural interventions and interior design for hotels, commercial spaces, houses, corporate image, exhibiton spaces, houses, corporate image, exhibiton spaces as well as commercial presentations and events. For ICEX this design house has exhibited at Design Made in Spain and at ICFF in New York (2204), whilst for SIDI it has designed various stands at European trade fairs and has taken part in three competitions at 100% Design Tokyo for the design of the SIDISPAIN space. Apart from his design work, Ferran Morgui gives classes at the Eina Design School and at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona


Mormedi is a Spanish consultancy with expertise in various areas of design such as industrial design and design strategy. It also offers a comprehensive service which takes care of everything from initial strategies to final implementation. Mormedi has a multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists, engineers, business development consultants and marketing specialists who work in a wide variety of sectors. The company always approaches projects in a creative, innovative way, devising products and services which give its clients added value, while helping to improving people’s everyday lives.


Mr. Simon is a young studio that was founded in 2010 by two designers: Aaron Feliú and Nacho Frías. Industrial Design graduates, they trained prestigious studios such as the Valencian Lavernia & Cienfuegos and the Dutch Demakersvan. Mr. Simon carries out projects related to graphic and product design, with a marked conceptual nature. It is committed to simplicity and synthesis in representation and views design as an ongoing research project searching for new forms of communication. Com-Oda seats - when folded they become a new item of furniture.


Muka Design Lab, founded in Bilbao in 2011 by Miguel Abajo Pérez and Laxmi Nazabal Gaztañaga, is a studio dedicated to the design of products and spaces as well as graphic designs, which stand the test of time and quality. They see design as a tool to develop differentiated products, not associated with the mass market, thus providing added value to projects. They embrace the “Slow Design” movement, believing in the importance of traditional materials in order to create products that the user finds pleasant, using environmentally friendly materials and not ignoring new manufacturing techniques. International customers mainly in China and the US are responsible for over 70% of its turnover.


Founded in 2010 by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, Mut is both a studio and a publisher whose principles are based on emotional design. It was created for experimentation and the continual re-conceptualisation of everyday objects, a trademark that is reflected in each project produced by this bustling atelier. Mut Design is a global design space in which industrial design, interior design, graphic design, branding and multimedia projects are developed. Mut's independent nature has allowed this studio to become a design icon and its regular presence at international trade fairs is leading it further afield. “Mut, a laboratory which is constantly brimming with ideas”


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