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Sanserif Creatius is a multidisciplinary studio situated in the city of Valencia. It works in industrial design as well as furniture, accessories, graphic design, multimedia, etc. Its designers are specialised in company image and creating brands. Among their more notable projects are the cardboard furnishings and accessories for Grupo La Plana, the development of biodegradable fittings and stands for ISER, the flamenco chair-drawer for Muebles Orga and the Ninfo basin, in collaboration with Ramón Úbeda, for Artquitect.

SANTIAGO SEVILLANO, Industrial design

This Valencia-based, multidisciplinary studio, which has a strong international presence, was founded in 2003. It aims to develop the design of all kinds of objects and related or complete services, such as graphic design or commercial interior design. Our KNOWLEDGE and VISION of design give our products greater weight, meaning and an enduring appeal that transcends fleeting trends — qualities which distinguish them from those of other brands.


Ferran Serra Solá (Griferia Tres, Bauet, Resol or Barceluna) and Oscar Vera de la Rocha (who, as product manager for Ricardo Bofill´s as Tallerdesign, has vorked for Valli&Valli, Figueras, DAE, Tesa and Plastic Omnium) created Serraydelarocha in 2006 (previously called Inventadisseny). Precision, strategy, creativity and passion are their founding principles. Their professional focus is on conceptualisation and product design, covering a diverse range of sectors including household appliances and items, applied electronics, consumer products, furnishings, bathroom and kitchen elements and accesories.


Silo is the design studio of Spanish designer Attua Aparicio and her business partner Oscar Wanless. The studio was founded in London in 2011 with the aim of experimenting with industrial materials and processes in order to apply them to traditional craftworks. They have experimented with polystyrene in particular, a plastic that is often used for containers, from which they have created original pieces of furniture and a jewellery collection.


At the dawn of time and life, everything originated as magic sparks. And those sparks were transformed into things. Deep down, everything has a spark, but that happened a long time ago. Today, these sparks are at the root of all life. At Sparkling Design Studio, we discover these and create projects with them. Our work is about good, original, sustainable design which improves our quality of life and helps the creative industries to grow. Working together at Sparkling Design, Nando Abril, Alberto Corral, Javier Vidorreta and Chus Fernández use these sparks of inspiration to undertake graphic design, industrial design, products and design events.


stimulo is a product design & innovation agency. We’ve been helping companies grow by conceiving, creating and developing more competitive products for over a decade. To achieve this, we bring together strategy, creativity, marketing and engineering. 


Eva Pérez Rego 1974 and Cutu Mazuelos 1973 created Stone Designs in September 1995, just after finishing their studies at the IADE interior design school in Madrid. They are impulsive, passionate, direct, sincere, all of which is undoubtedly reflected perfectly in their pieces. Stone Designs always tries to provide new uses and solutions. If a project is entrusted to this studio the result will be, at the very least, surprising and different. All projects are a material interpretation of how the designers understand life, day-to-day, and the feelings of each one.


A company which provides interior and product design services working for both businesses and individuals in both Germany and Spain.


Susana Martínez Estellés is an industrial designer. Having worked for the trade fair in Valencia and the Ofifran firm designing collections of office furniture, in 2000 she decided to set up her own studio EstellésDesign. The studio is renowned for its versatility, carrying out urban, outdoor and office furniture projects, trade fair stands and lighting. She has also carried out a project for the Torry Harris restaurant chain in India, has worked with Vinçon Barcelona on a project sponsored by RED to create small kitchen ítems, and is currently developing furniture collections for VR platforms in the USA. She has a clear Mediterranean style, full of energy with a big personality. Ready to face new challenges where she expresses her creativity and offers customers a lively, sincere and innovative product, Susana Martínez works directly with companies in close collaboration, thereby creating an enriching professional relationship for both parties.


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