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Viccarbe Furnishes the Across Ages Museum in Oman and Offices in UAE

The furniture collections of the Spanish firm Viccarbe add a touch of comfort and design to the Across Ages Museum. Located near the historic city of Nizwa, the museum is a cultural oasis in the middle of the desert, immersing visitors in an interactive 800-million-year journey through Oman's history and heritage. To do so, it uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), 3D scanning and printing, and a 360-degree theater.


LedsC4 Provides Lighting Solutions for Religious Temples in Australia and UK

The luminaires from LedsC4 are a perfect fit for religious temples the world over. Two of their most recent projects are the St. John Paul II parish church in Banksia Grove, Australia, and a synagogue in London, United Kingdom.
The St. John Paul II parish church is situated in the suburbs of Banksia Grove, a town near Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Thetemple was inaugurated in January of this year and was constructed by the engineering and construction firm BCA Consultants in collaboration with Electek. The interior and exterior of the building are illuminated with LedsC4 luminaires.
In the interior of the church, recessed downlights from the PLAY and SIA collections provide a uniform, soft and harmonious light to the space, creating a welcoming ambience. The ATOM HIDE downlight offers a more focused luminosity, accentuating specific architectural elements or areas of interest within the temple. The BENTO recessed luminaire completes the interior lighting, delivering maximum comfort with its Dark Light effect.
To accentuate the beauty of the building from the outside, floodlights were chosen from the HUBBLE collection, designed to illuminate gardens, and the MAX collection, which stands out for its compact size, seamlessly integrating into the architecture of the building and remaining inconspicuous during the day, while providing perfect illumination at night. Adding a touch of versatility and dynamism to the design, the CUBUS bollard with its dual-head and independent rotation completes the outdoor lighting product. These sconces allow light to be directed in various orientations, providing the flexibility to adjust the lighting as needed.
A few months earlier, luminaires from the Spanish company were also prominently featured in a synagogue in London. The project was developed by the James Harris architecture studio, with lighting design handled by Benjamin West and LedsC4. The lighting design for this place of worship was a comprehensive project that involved combining luminaires from various LedsC4 catalogs: Decorative Collection, Architectural Indoor and Outdoor, emergency luminaires and control and connectivity systems.
In the main prayer hall of this Jewish temple, a combination of decorative hanging luminaires is used to enhance the grandeur of the space. The CIRCULAR, designed by the Benedito Design studio, has of great significance as it integrates design and architecture into a single piece. We also encounter the exquisite CANDLE luminaire, crafted by the same Spanish studio, which serves as a modern reinterpretation of a classic chandelier, incorporating an LED light source. Additionally, linear recessed luminaires were installed in the ceiling to offer supplementary levels of light as required. From the Outdoor catalog, the AFRODITA series was selected, consisting of sleek and modern wall fixtures specifically designed to illuminate entrances and pathways.
By utilizing the Casambi control system in the project, it becomes possible to create diverse lighting atmospheres. In addition, the second floor of the building leverages the circadian cycle to control the lighting color temperature, simulating natural light and enhancing people's well-being and comfort. Optimal energy efficiency of the space has been achieved by implementing a control system that activates the lighting in passage areas and bathrooms using motion sensors.