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a-emotional light

a-emotional light specialises in the design and production of decorative lighting for residential and commercial projects. The firm’s philosophy has always been to offer characterful lights with a strong emotional quality. One-off and unique, they are handmade and boast lovingly created finishes. For several years, the firm has invested in innovation, exploring and developing its own materials for its lighting. Thanks to this research, it has developed SIMETECH®, an innovative, highly malleable, pliable material, suitable for creating products in large volumes. It has different textures and varying degrees of intensity in terms of light. The material was recognised in New York with a Best of Year award, presented by renowned magazine Interior Design.


Actiu is a company specialized in creating office furniture for workspaces. We think, design, produce and sell the most efficient and comfortable office equipment for offices and public areas. These products were born from our research on people needs. Our history started as a family company based in Alicante region, La Foia de Castalla. Since then, we have turned our roots and the collaboration with the best professionals into our best way of working. We also invest constantly in R+D. The result is one of the main Spanish office furniture manufacturers successfully established in more than 50 countries.


Agrippa has been designing and making contemporary furniture since 2008. Thanks to its high quality, unmistakeable style and high degree of creativity, the company is widely respected in the luxury furniture sector. Its furniture is hand-crafted and timeless. It mainly exports its designs, selling 80 per cent of these to markets in the US, Middle East, Mexico, India, Taiwan and Russia.  


Akaba dates back to 1986, its three founding partners joined forces to set up a furniture company for which design, international scope and image would be fundamental guidelines. One of Akaba's claims to fame is its capacity to carry out special schemes: important projects in recent years include supplying the benches for Norman Foster's modern metro in Bilbao, and the seating range for Helmut Jahn's Cologne-Bonn airport. Among Akaba's many awards are the Spanish National Design Prize in 2000 and the Prince Felipe Award for Business Excellence (SMB) in 2002.


Carpet maker Alarwool focuses only on custom-made products. Based in Burgos, Alarwool uses Axminster, Wilton and Face-to-Face techniques to create patterned bespoke carpets as well as making complementary hand-tufted and machine-made rugs.


Since 1995, Alfombras Veo Veo has been manufacturing and selling an extensive range of carpets defined by quality raw materials including pure New Zealand wool, silk cotton (Tencel), natural linen and European latex. They are hand-tufted and hand-knotted and offer an opportunity for customised rug design in any size, shape or colour. It also works in partnership with Spanish designers such as Edestudio, Díez+díez diseño and Enrique Eguino.


Alhambra was founded in Alicante in 1977 and today is present in over 100 countries. It is one of the leading names in the textile and home furnishing sector, thanks to the outstanding quality of its fabrics and designs. This firm's collections are the result of ongoing research, development and design. Alhambra uses fabrics, textures and colours to create a universe of wellbeing, inspiration and originality.


'Alma Light-Barcelona' manufacturers decorative light fittings since 1989. The company is committed to local designers and works with proximity suppliers, but its market is the world. Its products stand out for their contemporary, elegant and original design, excellent quality-cost relationship, compliant lead times and an effective customer care. The Alma Light brand has a Mediterranean, warm, craftsman spirit, with well-worked models made with noble materials. The Alma Light fixtures are exhibited at the main fairs in the lighting sector, and are part of the decoration of thousands of homes and important projects in facilities in many countries.


Almerich manufactures a wide range of products and styles: Contemporary lighting fixtures, Classic lighting and occasional furniture. We design all types of indoor lights, both for home and for projects. Our contract department can develop and produce custom-made pieces according to customer requests.


At the beginning of the 20th century there were many family workshops in Granada’s old Arab quarter in the Albayzin. In 1922, a painter joined several of these workshops and founded Alpujarreña.The entire carpet-making process is carried out at our facilities, which begins with the design of the sketches, the wool reeling, the assembly of looms, weaving and finishing. We use high quality materials, mainly natural products as cotton, jute, linen, silk and pure new wool. Our carpets are custom made, adapting the product to the particular demand of each customer regarding measures, shapes, colours, designs and textures. These give to our customers a master piece made according to their requirements.


Established in 1984, by a family with a wide and recognized craftsmanship tradition, Amboan aims to excel in the field of the Contemporary Interior Design, designing classic furniture adapted to modern needs. Therefore, they consider necessary to make a strict interpretation of the antique styles, as well as having a methodical care in the elaboration of their collections and occasional furniture, respecting the craftsmanship procedures and using noble and traditional woods.


Andreu World designs, manufactures, and markets furniture for the home and facilities and installations. It was set up in 1955 by Francisco Andreu Martí. What began as a small workshop has become Spain's top exporter of auxiliary furniture with a contemporary design. It is now a firm with significant industrial capacity reflecting its experience and exceptional mastery of manufacturing products in wood, upholstery, and other associated materials and techniques. This approach has made Andreu World what it is today -Spain's top seating exporter.


A crafts company started in 1975. Manufacturer of lighting items and special lamps for projects. They use woods, metals, patented materials such as Artecoon®, etc. with a multitude of finishes, shapes and models.


Design and manufacture of upholstery fabrics, from polyamide, polyester, cotton and blends.


Porcelain tile manufacturing and trading company Apavisa Porcelánico occupies 200,000 sq. m industrial premises equipped with cutting edge technology and a large and comprehensive workforce. With a market presence in over 100 countries, this company is a soundly established, reliable supplier for all kinds of projects, offering professionals and consumers the highest standards in technology, innovation, design and service.


Arlex was established in 1963 with the aim of producing high quality home furniture. In 1984, it expanded its range to include office furniture, becoming part of the FARAM group. Today we are market leaders in Europe, strengthened and consolidated by our expansion into markets in the Middle East, South-East Asia, and the Americas. In the office sector, we have taken part in projects such as Distrito Telefónica in Madrid, which was designed by Rafael de la Hoz, and the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, which was the work of Jean Nouvel. Our commitment to design and the creation of new home products means that we now export to more than fifteen countries, making up 10% of our total turnover.


With more than 100 years of history, Artesanía Textil de Grazalema is one of the oldest wool blanket factories in Spain. Located in the Sierra de Grazalema (Cádiz), they produce handmade blankets, throw blankets, scarves, capes and ponchos made of 100% merino wool. 30% of their products are exported mainly to EU countries and Switzerland, furthermore, their website has an online shop through which orders can be conveniently placed.


Ascender was founded in 2003 with a small team of four co-owners with more than 30 years’ experience in the sector. It quickly positioned itself as a highly respected European company in the sector for seating for cinemas, theatres, auditoriums and communal spaces. Its armchairs are of a very high quality, innovative and always manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. The company exports 75 per cent of its turnover of goods.


The family-owned company based in Valencia, Ascensión Latorre and Guillermo Torrent -who has designed a great many pieces in the catalogue - set up a company in 1976 called 'Ascensión Latorre Chaves'. It concentrated mainly on chairs and soon became established on the domestic and foreign markets, thanks to the high quality of its products and a strond focus on marketing.


B.lux is a leading company in the design and production of contemporary luminaires. Founded in 1979 and located in the Basque Country, design and the company’s status as a manufacturer are the main pillars of its organizational strategy. B.lux has an outstanding international presence and entrusts the design of its collections to the best creatives, generating synergies that result in timeless, functional luminaires that express a lot of emotion.

BD Barcelona Design

The BD prestige is built on a catalogue populated by the works of the great figures in contemporary design such as Ettore Sottsass, Ross Lovegrove, Javier Mariscal, Oscar Tusquets, and Alfredo Häberli, and many others. Bd is also internationally recognised for being the first company to produce furniture designed by Antoni Gaudí and the designs of delirium from Salvador Dalí. It first saw light of day in the Barcelona of the early 1970s and its exceptional history won it Spain's National Design Prize en 1989 and the European Community Design Prize in 1990.


Becara is a leading brand in decoration, with 44 years of history. Becara designs, produces and distributes furniture, ornaments, linens, antiques and gifts. The materials used in the Becara Collection have a high standard of quality and integrity and the designs while contemporary always hold the touch of class and distinction that is the trade mark of the brand. Becara means contemporary and eclectic decoration, and at the same time the name suggests refined, stylish and comfortable spaces. The brand can be found in decoration shops in more than 40 countries and is currently expanding. There are also nine different Becara shops (Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, Pamplona, Murcia, Rome, Milan, Istanbul and Jeddah).


Founded with the aim of investing firmly in design and innovation, Beltá-Frajumar makes trend-setting, upholstered furniture that fulfils the functions it sets out to have. Belta-Frajumar designs products which it endows with their own soul and spirit. Its commitment to good design sees it collaborate with prestigious, internationally renowned designers. It also has a presence in over 30 countries and has grown constantly over the years, thanks to the huge effort it makes in using the latest technologies when selling and distributing its products.   


Bivaq was founded in 2003 in Barcelona (Spain) by a young entrepreneur and a small team of committed professionals. Since the beginning their goal was to create, innovate and launch outdoor collections that broke the standard tendencies, but at the same time outstood due to its comfort and quality. From its headquarters in Barcelona and manufacturing plant in Tarragona (Spain), Bivaq designs, develops and manufactures all its contemporary outdoor furniture.


Blasco&Vila is a Spanish company with more than 20 years’ experience. Located in Moixent, Valencia, they make since 1992 their own designs in an upholstery atelier that combines tradition handicraft, dedication and experience and the creativity with state-of-the-art technology. Each and every one of their designs are unique pieces conceived by expert designers and handmade by master craftsmen, a combination which provides each piece with the necessary characteristics to guarantee their durability, comfort, quality and functionality.


Bover's aim is to define a commercial line that to balances quality and form and results in a non-temporal style able to adapt comfortably to future times. Bover manufactures exclusive in Barcelona and has a total control of its production chain which guarantees delivery terms and quality.


Founded in 1952, and with its HQ in Valencia, Spain, Bronces Mestre is a Spanish brand that makes luxury taps, bathroom accessories and iron fittings. It also has offices in Shenzhen, China and Dubai in the Middle East, as well as a distribution network in Europe and other parts of the world. Adhering to a predominantly classical style, Bronces Mestre offers high quality, exclusive, handcrafted and timeless products. Its finishes in 24K gold and Swarovski-crystal details are found in most of its collections and are one of the brand's hallmarks, bringing glamour, elegance and sophistication to the most exclusive public spaces. Its taps and iron fittings grace private mansions, offices and five and six-star hotels all over the world. The company exports over 90 per cent of its goods.


We develop and produce fine outdoor & leisure furniture. We are young, untill when we will be able to say that?, and we are not geniuses, but fool enough to have these ideas that we do; they are like us and they spring forth after a bit more of effort than usual. Our litlle secret? Work as a team. And this is not just a cliché. We all have something to say, something to contribute; there is always something worth being heard. And we want to hear it.


Cancio, with more than 60 years of history, is a producer of contemporary furniture, specialised in chairs, stools and tables. All its collections are focused on design, the use of respectfull processes with the environment and the intention of using the maximum recyclable materials. Moreover, the firm offers a wide range of versatile and customizable products, having its own Design Department and the production capacity to adapt to any customer requirements. Its creative philosophy allows Cancio to develop high end and functional products for interior spaces both for residential and contract sectors, being present in more than 30 international markets.


Capdell was born from the tradition of working with natural wood. Imagining it, sculpting it… More than 50 years compromised with design culture. Committed to transform this fine material in an inspiration. To create comfortable, functional and timeless products. Capdell chairs have become a benchmark in the interior design world thanks to the use of latest materials, innovative designs and distinctive contemporary style. Adding new technologies and materials to the products, looking for satisfying people needs. More than 70% of the production are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Oceania.


“A new era for a great design”. It is with this slogan that Cármenes sets out on its new journey as a company designing original upholstered furniture, continuing the work done by Perobell over three decades. It does so with the collaboration of respected designers such as Lievore Altherr Molina, Jorge Pensi, Ferran Estela, Samuel Accoceberry, Lluís Codina, Mathias Hoffmann, and Héctor Diego. The company produces comfortable, adaptable, and durable furniture by using high quality materials and the latest technology, without undermining the craftsmanship that is a unique characteristic of the company’s products.


Carpyen is a family company founded in 1954. Currently Carpyen has a catalogue that is renewed every two years and that provides a coherent view of its products. It uses the latest technologies and enjoys excellent business prospects based on design values, value for money, and its punctual and effective customer service.


Casadesús designs, develops, manufactures, and markets sofas and easy chairs. Thirty years of experience stand behind its achievements in design, research and development, manufacturing, quality, and service. Its catalogue contains three different product lines, Modern, Classic, and Decó. Casadesús' focuses on both the home and the contract markets. While Casadesús makes use of the latest technologies for manufacturing and ensuring quality of materials, it maintains traditional craft skills wherever expert manual work is required.


Ceracasa is a pioneer in the production and sale of high quality wall and floor coverings. /> Founded in 1984 by Mr Carlos Cabrera it was dedicated solely to the production of stoneware tiles. In 1991 we made a big leap by incorporating the production of red clay wall tiles and forming the structure and brand Cesacasa S.A. In the following years we incorporated floor and wall tiles in different formats such as special pieces and different finishes into our range.


María José Guinot launched Colección Alexandra in the early 1990s with her two sons, Juan and Jacobo, after 15 years of working as an interior designer. She wanted to produce innovative, original design within the traditional sector and provide a service that allowed clients to have their pieces customized to their exact requirements. The company has now developed an accessories range offering kitchen equipment, lights, rugs, fireplaces and objets d'art, and has set up a textiles company, Texturas Por Alexandra.


Cookplay is a new-coming basque editor created by the designer Ana Roquero to redefine the modern table offering a more creative and refreshing tableware being nearest to the sensibility of the new food culture. Cookplay began winning a Red Dot Design Award for a shell adapted to the hand and now after 4 years since its formation it is positioned as the tableware brand of cutting-edge design. It is present in more than 40 countries and achieving numerous worldwide awards in different areas such as design, business and hospitality. “We are disruptive, we look towards a near future of new habits and new foods but our products are designed to last and stay with us”


Cordon is one of Spain’s best-known jewellery company. It has used bronze and gold to make impeccably handcrafted, unique pieces which come with a certificate of authenticity. Its made-to-measure jewellery can be seen in palaces, embassy, hotels and restaurants all over the world. The third generation of this family business has instigated collaborations with young designers such as Ximo Roca and Véronica Martínez, who have created new pieces based on more contemporary ideas which complement the firm’s lighting and jewellery watches, come with a life-time warranty, reflect the company’s character and the best in modern design..


Cosentino focuses on the design, production and distribution of architectural and decorative solutions made from natural stone. It creates and defines leading products that are designed to provide innovative and functional solutions for the home and public spaces under the criteria of careful design, innovation and environmental respect. The group based its development on international expansion and an innovative research programme, which enables it to use the most advanced technology to obtain new materials. Cosentino's activity covers the entire natural stone manufacturing process, from extraction and processing to the installation of quartz surfaces, such as kitchen and bathroom worktops, cladding and other products. Cosentino distributes its products and brands to over 80 countries from its HQ in Almería, Spain, and has an established presence in over 30 countries. The multinational has seven factories (six in Spain and one in Brazil), one intelligent logistics platform in Spain and over 120 business premises all over the world. Over 90 per cent of Grupo Cosentino’s turnover is generated in foreign markets.


Since it was founded in 1985, Industrias Cosmic has focused on the creation of new bathroom environments (accessories, furniture, washbasins, taps and fittings, lighting, mirrors, etc). The aim is to make the bathroom a reflection of each individual's personality and the pleasure he or she derives from good design. Its management model and the quality of the designs it produces have resulted in Cosmic winning, among other awards, the Prince Felipe Prize for Business Excellence in 2003 in the Design category, and the Lux de Oro (Golden Lux) prize in 2001 for the design and creativity of its publications. Since it was founded just over 30 years ago, Cosmic is still known for its good taste, and has become a leading, highly respected bathroom fittings and accessories brand. Its new approach to bathroom design has proved successful, resulting in it exporting over 50 per cent of its goods and in having a presence all over the world.


Delica was created in Bera (Navarre) in 2005 as a company designing products for contemporary homes. /> The project began with the Delica line of trays, designed by Zoocreative, which was awarded the Delta de Oro in the 2005 Delta ADI FAD Awards, the Design Plus Award at the 2006 Frankfurt trade fair and the 2007 Red Dot Design Award. It continues with the Ameba collection and the Lorea fruit basket, also by Zoocreative. /> Delica has no intention of changing the world, merely to try to understand it and through a combination of knowledge and intuition, creating objects that express reality with an attentive look at contemporary homes.


At Doca, a young, professional, forward thinking team has combined a clear, positive vision with the experience and knowledge built up over three decades. Whilst we live for today we are constantly striving to bring the latest design ideas to the furniture market. Whether you are investing in a new kitchen bedroom or bathroom, Doca has a seductive and cutting Edge range of choices.


DVELAS designs and manufactures contemporary furniture by upcycling boat sails. Handworked into limited-edition loungers, armchairs, poufs, tables, chairs and hangers, each product is then tagged to show where the upcycled sail came from. Exports account for 35% of turnover, mainly to the USA.


Dyna Mobel is a manufacturer which provides its own, distinctive, integral response to the entire set of office components (partitions, floors, ceilings, chairs and furniture). Because at Dynamobel good ideas move on from mere ideas. They continually break the established paradigms which dictate modern-day distribution in order to provide designers with the chance to create the work place of the future. Each project combines design and functionality. The aspirations and tastes of their customers are the source of inspiration.


Enea came into being in 1984 under the auspices of a company called Eredu Sociedad Cooperativa. Since that time, it has focused on manufacturing and selling designer furniture. All its products are characterised by innovative, individual, industrial design and are manufactured to rigorous quality standards which guarantee their success in the international marketplace.


Epoca’s furniture represents utmost luxury, refinement and glamour. Handcrafted using ebony, mahogany and rosewood, each piece is a work of art that combines in an exemplary fashion unique, exclusive designs with exceptionally high quality veneers which, together, create outstandingly beautiful settings. Today, its collections have a presence all over the world; both in the most exclusive private residences and in the most iconic hotels, villas, embassies and palaces.  


Escofet is a Barcelona-based industry that designs and manufactures quality, high-class products in architectural concrete and cast stone. Thanks to its long experience, audacity and future vision, Escofet is now a market leader, a meeting point for the industrial avant-garde and modern architecture. Since its foundation, Escofet has helped to improve citizens' quality of life and stimulate their imagination. Our heavy reliance on innovation and our constructive criteria have opened up new fields in the creation of city spaces and building, making the most of cutting edge technology applied to the excellent qualities of concrete and other materials as well.


Estiluz has over thirty years' experience of designing, developing and manufacturing high quality lighting products.The experience acquired in these international markets has allowed it to grow enormously both in the domestic and contract sectors, and it now has an excellent reputation in the world lighting sector. The main factory and offices are in Spain, and the company has four subsidiaries of its own and a network of distributors and customers including companies such as Four Seasons, Hilton and General Electric.


After a long experience in the bathroom industry dating since 1963, Jose Estapé founded Estoli S.A. in 1980. Step by step, Estoli became an important player in the Spanish market, created a network of distributors and representatives through Europe and established partnerships with important sanitaryware manufacturers in the world. Since 2004 the growth strategy of Estoli has been to combine its traditional technological excellence with a strong commitment to design.


The fusion of craftsmanship and passion is the hallmark of all our furniture. Since its founding in 1960, Expormim has never stopped trusting the craftsmen who continue to transmit their knowledge from generation to generation. Our catalogues are made up of original pieces for indoor and outdoor use, committed to environmental sustainability, quality and good design. That is how they have quickly depart the intimacy of the household to be included in more and more contract projects, such as luxury hotels and restaurants, chic cafés and gastropubs and exclusive public and private events.


Tapizados Fama is a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, and beds. Established in 1972 in the Murcian town of Yecla, the Fama brand has continued to adapt to new technology over the years, making it one of the most advanced companies in its class. The company’s high degree of internationalisation is reflected in the fact that it exports more than 75% of its products to more than 60 countries and has its own “Famaliving” stores in the United States, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, and Malta.


Faro Barcelona designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor lighting and fans. With over 60 years of experience in identifying where to manufacture its goods to the highest quality, it creates simple but ingenious ideas — a line of different, original objects, which experiments with trends, materials and textures. The company exports around 65 per cent of its goods to over 90 countries all over the world.


Figueras International Seating is a truly global company and since it was founded 75 years ago, it has installed around eight million seats in buildings ranging from theatres and corporate headquarters to sports stadia and cinemas. The company's success is due to its on-going commitment to innovation and engineering.Over recent years, Figueras seats have been installed in a wide variety of buildings worldwide.


Font Barcelona is part of the Spanish Group Fontini which was formed in the early 1950s and specialises in the manufacture of electrical decorative material. Font Barcelona was created in 2010 out of the specific needs of the interior architecture sector and its area of expertise is the manufacture of personalised lighting products. In order to offer the right solutions for each project and respond to needs of architects and interior designer decorator, it adapts the product both in terms of function and aesthetic. The company markets its products through a distribution network present in more than 70 European, Asian, African and American countries. All of its products use energy-saving technologies and comply with all electricity sector standards.


Founded in the 1970s, Gamamobel specialises in the production of furniture and upholstered furniture. Since then, it has evolved until it has been able to adapt to the exact needs of its clients at all times, and create the highest quality products for the market. Gamamobel's factory specialises in the manufacture of sofas and upholstered furniture using state-of-the-art technology, ensuring that its products are highly competitive.


Gandía Blasco was founded in 1941 as a Valencian family firm primarily engaged in manufacturing traditional blankets and quilts, which it did for over 40 years. In the mid-1980x, it made a product shift to innovative, well-designed home textiles and furniture. Gandía Rugs share common attributes: they are modern, fresh and full of character.


Fabric producers since 1945, Gancedo designs, manufactures and markets fabrics reflecting the very latest and most stylish trends in interior design. We are sole agents for the most prestigious fabric, wallpaper and carpeting brands in the world. We offer a consultancy service as well as bespoke fabrication and fitting, taking great care over every last detail of every project. Our strong points - experience, quality and customer service – come together to provide private customers and professionals alike with tailor-made solutions.


Gandía Blasco was founded in 1941 as a Valencian family firm primarily engaged in manufacturing traditional blankets and quilts, which it did for over 40 years. In the mid-1980x, it made a product shift to innovative, well-designed home textiles and furniture. The things that Gandía Blasco designs and manufactures all share common attributes: they are modern, fresh and full of character. Outdoor living and all that entails by way of furniture, accessories, lighting, and so on is currently the companys most important segment.


Company founded more than 60 years ago that manufactures custom lighting for contract projects.  The company has two brands targeting markets that have synergies with each other but are addressed separately. On the one hand, García Requejo's lighting design focused particularly on the hospitality sector. On the other hand, the emerging Germiled brand is focused on more industrial and sanitary projects. In recent years, it has invested heavily in technological developments and materials with which it has won several national and international awards and recognitions.


Gastón y Daniela is more than a brand. Our innovative spirit since the opening of our very first store in 1876 has made us one of the leading brands on the textile and interior design market. In combining the newest innovative technologies with the preservation and update of our rich historic archives, we manage to be on the vanguard of the market and to keep open for new aesthetic trends. We focus on quality, attention to detail and we are open to partner with other professionals of the industry to turn every project into something unique.


Grassoler is one of Spain's leading firms and the oldest operating in its sector. Since it was founded in 1960, this family firm has remained committed to innovation in design and top quality manufacturing processes when creating its sofas. This initial strategy has been consolidated steadily over more than 48 years, and today the firm is positioned firmly at the forefront of the decorating sector. Grassoler sofas are characterised by their outstanding designs, comfort and quality manufacturing methods, with products that have withstood the test of time to become classic items of furniture.


Grupo Lamadrid is a family-owned group with two brands: Güell Lamadrid and Les Creations de la Maison. The two brands work together. The colourful prints and patterns that characterize Güell Lamadrid are complemented by the stripes, checks and plain fabrics of the Les Creations de la Maison ranges. Both companies have a youthful spirit and their collections are popular with residential and contract clients.


Guadarte was launched in 1980 originally as a manufacturer of ceramic and wrought iron interiors products. But in the Nineties it decided to widen its repertoire and started to manufacture furniture, upholstery and lamps. Its customers are principally five-star hotels as well as high end retailers. Hotel projects include the Hotel Melia Sancti Petri in Cádiz; the front yard of the Palacio Real in Madrid; Hotel Pemberton in Barbados and Hotel Riu Paradise in the Bahamas.


Established in 1914, Antonio Ferre is a family company with a clear manufacturer vocation, specialised in the production of fabrics with fine fibres such as linen and cotton. Its experience, gathered through four generations, has allowed us to reach the XXI century with a wide range of products with high added value.


HOUTIQUE is a company specialised in the contract world that was created in Valencia in 2015. In this project, Masquespacio and Really Nice Things join forces to create a brand that breaks stereotypes and turns spaces into unique experiences. All furniture, lighting and textile products are created by local artisans. They are products that are 100% made in Spain and ready to go global.


The Hurtado brand was created in 1940 as a manufacturer of furniture items. The family’s International calling garners them entry into markets such as America and Japan. Today, the third generation of the family manages the company.


Inalco supplies ceramic tiles and services to the building, architecture and interior design sectors. Slimmker is the trademark for Inalco’s collections of large format slim tiles. Inalco has recently launched Slimmker-Floor, floor tiles that are up to 3 times more resistant than traditional thickness porcelain tiles.


Inbani is a young, dynamic company whose aim is to add comfort and aesthetic value to the bathroom space. The brand invests in R&D to bring functionality and technology to its products, which is indispensable in a world where objects are gaining greater importance. Despite being a new company, it is already present in Europe's most important cities and has become a benchmark within the bathroom sector


Founded in 1960, Industrias Tagar specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of equipment for hotels, public spaces, schools and nursing homes. Its furniture has been designed by such names as Aitor García de Vicuña, Miguel Milá, Jorge Pensi, Ximo Roca, Martín Azúa, Luis Eslava and Manuel Torres Acemel. It currently distributes its products to over 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Central America and Australia. These are known for their high quality, innovative design and manufacture using state-of-the-art automation and environmentally friendly methods.


Iris Cristal makes some of the finest and most entrancing crystal lighting in the world.Iris Cristal employs 100 people divided between Spain and the Czech Republic, where the company has its own factory. Export is crucial to the company, which is why it attends many international trade shows.

iSi mar

Based in Noain in Navarra, the company iSi mar — which is synonymous with innovative ideas and solutions — has 50 years’ experience in manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture.  iSi mar believes in the Mediterranean philosophy of outdoor living. It gives our imagination free rein and a constant sense of freedom and inspiration. It offers a huge, constantly evolving colour palette that reflects all the latest trends.


From the outset in the seventies, the JG group companies have been dedicated to supplying their customers with office and filing furniture designed to meet the their needs and made using the latest techniques and materials. The result is that we have satisfied customers on all five continents and the motivation to keep on working to maintain and enhace our recognised standards of quality and service.

JMM (José Martínez Medina)

JMM is one of Spain’s leading office furniture manufacturers, specialising in the senior executive segment for both public and private organisations. JMM guarantees top quality finishes and bespoke service tailored to meet the needs of its customers (distributors, intermediaries, interior designers and architects).


Founded in 1984, Joquer is a domestic and contract furnishing company that has developed through its focus on products marked by Mediterrranean roots. During its years of growth, the company has updated its technology, notably increasing its capacity to respond, and expanding its production plant. All its energy is channelled into maintaning the design and quality of its products and these qualities are seen as an investment in time and as an added value. Its consistency and personality have been rewarded by the trust of Joquers's customers and the confidence of all those who know what they want.


JOVER+VALLS is a Spanish home decor atelier where the integrity of materials and manual dexterity, come together to create unique and personalized furniture. All furniture collections are produced in Spain, using traditional techniques and expertise to which they incorporate technical innovation and contemporary design. The combination of materials such as metal and leather carefully selected, together with original processes and finishings, create unique pieces that reflect the personality of the brand and bring exclusivity and comfort to homes.


Kendo furniture is a company located in Valencia (Spain), specialized in occasional furniture manufacture. Its catalogue includes coffee tables, console tables, side tables, TV furniture, mirrors, containers, book cases, desks, modular coffee tables among others. Since the year 2000, Kendo has been working with a design focused on quality, excellence, competitiveness and respect for the environment, fully adaptable to the different settings and spaces of homes and contract projects. Kendo exports more than 30 per cent of its goods to over 30 countries.


The Keraben Group is a group of companies involved in the manufacture and marketing of ceramic products and special ceramic pieces, hydromassage systems and shower solutions.  Keraben’s design and quality have made it a leader in its sector. Its main aim is to create products with their own special identity and the brand is therefore committed to on-going improvement throughout its production processes. An international benchmark in its sector, the Keraben Group operates in more than 120 countries.


Since it was founded in 1966, Kettal has had a strong ambition to excel in design and innovation on an international level. In the early Noughties, it acquired the brands Hugonet and Triconfort, and the company became the Kettal Group. Kettal currently collaborates with some of the world’s most influential designers, including Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hella Jongerius and Emiliana Design Studio. All its products, which are exported to over 60 countries, are designed and manufactured in its factory in a small coastal town 45km away from Barcelona.


The history of KOO International goes back to 1998. Antonio Muñoz, founder of the firm and an entrepreneur with long-standing experience in the manufacture of upholstered furniture, set up the business in Silla (Valencia). One of the secrets behind KOO International’s success is its skill at combining the experience and know-how of its human capital with state-of-the-art technologies applied to the production of upholstered furniture. Offering modern competitive designs and maximum comfort is the objective of this company both in the home and contract furniture sectors.


Kriskadecor is a firm founded in 1926 that creates highly customized projects made with anodized aluminum links, offering architects and interior designers a wide range of solutions: space dividers, wall coverings, ceilings, facades, lighting elements or any other structure you can think of. Internationally renowned, their design solutions add beauty to myriads of projects and events around the world. The firm exports over 70% of its production.


LA EBANISTERIA established its first workshop in 1968. The company was founded by Felipe Sánchez Vázquez, an enterprising cabinetmaker who soon gained a reputation for producing custom-made furniture, from exquisite boiserie (panelling), made using a huge variety of woods and veneers, to entire bedrooms in a contemporary style. In the mid-1980s, the family's second generation became involved and the workshop evolved into a small factory. In 1995, a part of what is its current factory now was opened. Today, occupying 9,000sq m, the factory boasts the best state-of-the-art machinery, all operated by experienced master cabinetmakers. The company currently has eight collections — which range in style from the classical to the contemporary — and exports 40 per cent of its goods.


With more than 40 years’ experience in the design, development and production of lighting devices, LedsC4 supply more than 13,000 clients in 140 countries all over the world. Active in every lighting segment, both indoor and outdoor, they emphasise flexibility, specialising in ad hoc solutions designed to cater for specific needs.


In 1953 Juan, José and Vicente Lladró make their first creations inspired by an experimental vocation in a Moorish furnace built in their own home in Almàssera (Valencia). In this way, they develop their artistic interest as they work in a tile and crockery factory. These carefully designed pieces already have a special charm that awakens public interest. Over its more than 50 years of history, Lladró has become the world international standard in the sector of porcelain figurines


Lola Glamour is a Spanish company from Soria that designs and manufactures unique furniture using fine woods, handcrafted construction and extraordinary finishes since 1995. They produce artistic furniture that are timeless pieces and customized in size and finish according to the customer's needs. The company exports about 60% of its production mainly to Italy, Russia, South Korea and Puerto Rico, and in 2020 they opened a showroom in Seoul.


Luxmader, which belongs to the group Fusta Blinds, is one of the world's most highly respected wooden blind brands. Based in Spain and the US, it distributes its products to over 50 countries all over the world from its factories in Sollana, Valencia, and Tijuana, Mexico. Thanks to the huge range and wide variety of its products, 90 per cent of them are exported. With a history that almost spans 80 years, the firm stands out for having such an extensive product range, for the high quality of its materials and finishes on its blinds’ wooden slats as well as for being able to provide clients with totally custom-made products.


Luz Difusión was created in 1985 as a brand of design, manufacture and marketing of decorative lighting appliances. Faithful to the sector's handcrafted origins and wary of mechanisation and mass production, Luz Difusion has always respected tradition and opted for both experimentation and innovation.


LZF is a lighting brand with a 25-year track record and more than 35 national and international design awards. With a highly professional family business model, it stands out for its interpretation of natural and technological materials, for a design concept full of artistic visions, and a dynamism that is the result of the mix of cultures of its protagonists, Spanish, Australian and Italian. The company, which works with a dense and extensive multidisciplinary network of established artists and young promises, masterfully fuses light and wood to create captivating and enveloping atmospheres.


Lékué is a highly successful company and a leader company for Platinum Silicone products for kitchen.Functionality, quality, innovation and avant-garde design constitute the basis of Lékué’s philosophy and these values have allowed them to experience rapid growth in the last few years. Currently, Lékué continues to develop new product ranges, striving to surprise customers while helping them enjoy their homes.


Made Design Barcelona began in 2010 as a brand of design accessories to cover a range of needs in the workplace, public spaces and at home. Its main strength is that all its products have been created by renowned designers. Made Design Barcelona exports 85% of its turnover, primarily to Europe. It is part of the Planning Sisplamo group.


Mantas Ezcaray was founded in 1930 by Cecilio Valagñón, who transformed the production of cloths by hand loom into the manufacturing of handkerchiefs, scarves, stoles and blankets. With its headquarters in the Riojan town of Ezcaray in the upper Oja Valley region, the business uses the highest quality natural fibres, which are worked by expert craftsmen in its manufacturing processes. In 1950 it added mohair to its creations and, since 1970s, the sons of the founder have been consolidating the company's growth and expansion. The firm possesses masters of wool-working, cloth-cutting, dyeing and weaving who continue to keep the traditional arts of washing and dyeing wool, as well as finishing the product, alive.


Founded in 1948, Manterol Casa provides integral solutions for all types of consumers of home textiles and bed linen. The quality, design and outstanding degree of innovation of all its products are undoubtedly the key features of this brand. This is a dynamic company that is constantly changing and reinventing itself, yet which retains all the hallmarks that have characterised it throughout its more than 60-year history. Its products are manufactured in Spain and the firm has three points of sale in Valencia, Madrid and Zaragoza.


Founded in 2000, this company creates its own designs following its motto of making “affordable lighting, with design and quality available to everyone”. The phrase "Feel the light” decorates and accompanies the image of the firm, which sells its products in Europe, America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In addition to its in-house team of designers, the company works with freelance designers to create lighting with a distinctive style and identity, which illuminates spaces efficiently and effectively in a very special way. 


Valencia-based Manuel Revert is a family business that was established in 1945. It produces a wide range of upholstery and soft furnishings collections, as well as bedlinen with a focus on contemporary design. Revert exports to 60 countries across the world and has showrooms in Perpignan, France; in Podova, Italy and Havana, Cuba.


Mariner has two product lines: furniture and lighting. The ligting ranges encompass classical and contemporary styles, with all designs being exclusive to Mariner. One of company's trademarks is its use of bronze in its lighting. The furniture division designs and manufactures products in classical Spanish, French and English styles, for example Louis XV, Louis XVI and Regency. Highly skilled craftsmen use fine materials to make them, such as alabaster, brass and resin. The company has received many awards during its 115 history.


Marset was established in 1943, and since 1965 it has been devoted to designing, producing and distributing lighting. Innovation and research have been the two main objectives of this company. Marset lighting collection focuses on a design marked by authenticity and stands out for its approach towards light with all of its different nuances and effects, to create ambiances with character. These are lamps designed to provide contemporary lighting for different types of spaces.


Martínez Otero was founded over 60 years and is a family-owned business. It is now a group of companies, specialised in four areas of activity: contract (shops, public buildings and hotels), collection (furniture design), metal furniture and turnkey installations. Located in La Estrada (Pontevedra), the company is now operating worldwide. Its premises occupy an area of over 15,000 m2, it employs a workforce of 200 people and its turnover is 25 million Euros.


Meddel is a brand specialized in the design and production of sophisticated, high-end furniture pieces in which marble is the key feature, with raw metals and impeccable glass surfaces resulting in a brilliant combination. The company's designer, Joaquín Moll, is an expert in stonecutting, and this enables him to design tables and other sculpted furniture works. By means of light and breathtaking designs, Joaquín shatters the stereotypes always associated with marble by creating and conveying perfect symmetries and asymmetries.


Owned by the Luxiona group, lighting brand Metalarte has forged its own identity by combining new and traditional forms in order to be in tune with the times. Since it was founded in 1932, its product range has kept a balance between the future and past, the contemporary and more traditional. The company is committed to Spanish design and Spanish creatives.


Mi Baño Design belongs to Mogar Group, which began as an artisanal workshop founded in 1982. It has grown significantly thanks to its ongoing investment in R&D&I which combined with the artisan’s painstaking and careful work, has managed to become well-known in the bathroom furniture sector together with its added value of ‘bespoke, exclusive and custom-made furniture’. The company exports 15 per cent of its sales and its main export markets are France, Lebanon, Romania, Albania and Portugal.


MILAN ILUMINACIÓN has been designing, making and selling lamps for more than 50 years, with quality and customer-service excellence as its watchwords. Exports to more than 40 countries account for 57 per cent of its turnover, and its luminaires are available from top showrooms in leading world cities, including Paris, London, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Moscow.


Missana has been demonstrating its passion for design, upholstery and furniture for more than 20 years. These innovative products – created by high-profile Spanish and international designers – are crafted at its Alberic atelier in Valencia. Projects around the world feature furniture from a Spanish brand which leaves its distinctive upholstering hallmark on every item it makes. Designed for the discerning customer, Missana products are not only exclusive, elegant and distinguished, but also state of the art. The company exports around 60 per cent of its turnover mainly to Europe, USA and Australia.


Mobboli emerges from the creative drive of delaoliva. Mobboli is a contemporary aesthetic criterion designed to give possibilities to all kinds of spaces and environments. A new brand of flexible and state-of-the-art furniture that is also faithful to its origins. A concept that is environmentally friendly and with a whole philosophy of work, developed over more than 60 years. This great balance between youth and maturity, and between production experience and creative vitality is reflected in their products: pieces with their own identity, which are functional and versatile, modern and attractive, and with the qualities required for commercial, residential and contract use.


Mobenia, founded in 1987, is an international firm focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of home furniture solutions and contract projects. Its valuable artisanal know-how combined with the technification of its processes through cutting-edge machinery in the sector, allows it to offer creative solutions with the highest standards of quality and innovation. Attention to detail and a continuous exploration of new aesthetic codes that surprise its clients are other key attributes that make Mobenia a perfect ally for the execution of large projects in which efficiency, commitment and differentiation are required.


Mobles 114 was launched in 1973 in Barcelona. From the outset, J.M. Massana and J.M. Tremoleda, the company's industris designers and producers, have kept alive an idelology linked to business values as well as humanistic values of design. Mobles 114 nurtures a corporate culture founded on design, service to the customer, and promotion of its human capital, a team of committed people who trive to offer a product that will satisfy the user's demands.


Family business dedicated to producing carpets and rugs made from natural fibers and recycled materials. The company exports approximately 75% of its production, primarily to the USA, UK, Bahrain, France and Belgium.


Nanimarquina was established in 1987 as a brand given over to designing and producing rugs and textile products. Throughout its existence, this company has been concerned with researching raw materials and manufacturing processes. Currently, nanimarquina is a leading company in the decorative textile sector and its collections are distributed successfully in over 40 countries in all five continents. Among the awards it has received are the National Design Prize in 2005, as well as the FIDEM Award for Businesswoman of the Year in 2006 awarded to its director.


Natucer first got off the ground in the 1990s, coinciding with the consolidation of Spain's technological revolution, which included the production of ceramic tiles using rapid firing methods. We began by producing unglazed products, before moving on to invest in R&D and setting up our own development laboratory on site. Today, Natucer's latest challenge is to include digital ceramic printing in its production system.


Naturtex thinks, imagines, designs, develops and produces unique and special textures that result into carpets, upholstery and decoration fabrics, modular panels, carpets, etc. And all this thanks to a high expertise and experience in the area of materials and textile processes, a high knowledge in decoration and fashion world, a creative balance between tradition and innovation and a high capacity for flexibility and adaptation thanks to being manufacturers.


Nomon manufactures and sells clocks of distinction. We create unique, contemporary designs that compliment the modern workplace and home. We reflect the beauty in the everyday things that surround us. Our clocks mark with style the passing of time. The innovator and designer for Nomon is José Maria Reina. His talent in the selection and aesthetic use of materials delivers inspirational results.

NOW Carpets

Our philosophy is to offer a highly specialized service. We make a difference. We adapt to the needs and tastes of our clients because each project is different. Our carpets dress rooms and common areas of hotel chains such as Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, Mercer… We have the certificates required by professionals. We also offer a door-to-door logistics service.


Since 1990 Ofifran has designed, made and marketed high quality office furniture renowned for its strong identity and innovative design. Its main vision is to establish, sustain and operate within a culture of confidence and trust. It likes its customers, suppliers and employees to pool their efforts and work in concert. Ofifran manufactures wooden furniture for senior management. Its standout collections are its Art & Luxe, contemporary and classical lines, and 55 per cent of its manufacturing takes place mainly in Europe, various Middle Eastern countries, Africa and Russia.


Ofita was launched in 1969 with a working philosophy of "quality of life at work". More than three decades of corporate history have made Ofita a leading company in the Spanish market and one of the firms of widest international renown, with presence in more than 20 countries. Ofita is an office furnishings manufacturer that also offers integrated services and solutions. It has received the Silver Q award for quality in managemente after surpassing the number points required by the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Mangement) Excellence Model, in an assessment conducted by outside consultants.


Oi Side designs, manufactures and distributes outdoor furniture, using technologically advanced materials which are personalised to undertake domestic or contract projects all over the world. Its furniture is practical and ergonomic, composed of minimal and basic elements, clean colours and simple, geometric forms. The company exports 50 per cent of its goods, mainly to countries within the Eurozone.

Ole! Lighting

Ole! Lighting is a brand of lighting design "made in Spain". All models are produced by our factory FM Iluminación S.L.U, located in Valencia (Spain) since 1992. They develop unique lamps with original, fresh and functional designs, with the double purpose of lighting and decorating. They work with maximum respect for the environment and promote energy saving. In addition, they are positioning themselves in the market as a brand with high flexibility when it comes to adapting to the needs of each project, adjusting their designs, modifying measures, colors and even materials, to offer customized lamps tailored to their clients.


Founded in 1977, Ondarreta is a family business which manufactures tables, chairs and stools for the domestic and contract markets. It took its name and inspiration from the beautiful beach of Ondarreta in San Sebastián, located a few minutes away from the firm’s HQ. Passionate about interior design and architecture, Ondarreta is committed to innovation and good design`– two key concerns, which differentiate it from other companies. The firm mainly exports its goods to countries in the EU. 


Founded in 1972, Pamesa started out by manufacturing ceramic floor tiles, using tunnel kilns to fire them. In 1981, it began to make single-fired ceramic wall tiles. The Pamesa Group, whose business experience spans a period of over 30 years, currently owns premises covering a total surface area of over 180.000 m2 with an estimated annual turnover of 205.000.000 euros. Pamesa is a business group in an ongoing state of evolution.


Planning Sisplamo S.L. is a Spanish company devoted to the manufacture and distribution of equipment and complements for offices, communities, public areas... Since 1967, Planning Sisplamo has remained faithful to the main target of reaching the highest level in the three main areas that constitute our capital focus of our philosophy: quality, design and service. Our company development is being carried out by a young, motivated and optimistic team, concentrated on how to improve and develop new products able to fulfill all our customers necessities. By having modern facilities of more than 4000 m2 located in Ripollet (Barcelona), we provide a fast, effective and personalizad service to our clients.


102 YEARS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP AND DESIGN.Dubai, Mexico, Australia, Paris, London, Miami… POINT is an ambassador of Spanish design and a leading brand of outdoor furniture. The brand is present in more than a thousand contract projects worldwide signed by prestigious interior designers and architects and in countless homes, helping to elevate swimming pools, terraces, patios and porches to another level. A browse through its catalogue reveals around 300 products created by acclaimed national and international designers, products where tradition meets the latest technology.  


Porcelanosa was founded in Villarreal (Castellón) in 1973 with 98 employees and 25,000 sq.m plant for producing ceramic paving and cladding tiles. Three decades later, it has grown into Spain's leading manufacturer in this sector, internationally prestigious and engaged in ongoing research and development. Its rapid expansion in the domestic and international marketplace has consolidate its position as a benchmark company in the ceramic sector.


Pujol Iluminación has been manufacturing contemporary lighting since 1978. At its factory in Sant Feliu de Llobregat in Barcelona, the company designs and makes decorative lighting – including custom-made pieces – for public spaces and projects which are highly considered and of very good quality for their price. The firm's commitment to having a strong international presence is reflected in the fact that it exports over 50 per cent of its goods to 40 countries all over the world. 


Puntmobles was set up in Valencia in 1980 by designers Vicent Martínez and Lola Castelló and technician Francisco Fernández, and immediately adopted an innovative approach to furniture design, both domestic and contract. Some of its pieces have become design classics, exhibited in museums such as London's Victoria & Albert and The Design Museum, the Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Cologne in Munich, and the Museo de las Artes Decorativas in Barcelona. Puntmobles has won many prizes and awards, including the Spanish National Design Prize in 1997.


RamonSoler® has been designing taps with people in mind since it was founded in 1890, seeking to offer, not only beauty but convenience and precision mechanisms. For several decades, the company has been focusing on research to optimise not only water and energy consumption, but also materials and production processes. In recent years, RamonSoler® has become an international benchmark: its products carry certificates guaranteeing compliance with the strictest quality standards and it has sales networks in more than 40 countries.

Real Fábrica de Tapices

The Royal Tapestry Factory is a leading historical manufacture which leads the field of production and restoration of luxury textiles in Spain.
Operating since the 18th century, the Royal Tapestry Factory is a tangible link between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art and design. Carpets, tapestries and coats of arms are totally handmade in the factory, thus keeping in touch with the Spanish textile tradition while fostering its transition towards a high quality and fully sustainable production. From the outset, the Royal Tapestry Factory has played a fundamental role in the conservation of Spanish textile heritage, actively participating in the development of mechanisms and technologies aimed at the restoration of historical textiles. The company exports 81% of its turnover, mainly to the US, the Middle East and Europe


DD by Resol Group manufactures plastic products with high added value in design, innovation and technology. With customers in more than 60 countries, the group is a leading company in the development, manufacture and sale of resin furniture and technical thermoplastics.


Resuinsa has specialised in linen since it was created in 1976, catering for the needs of the hotel & restaurant business, hospitals and communities requiring special linens of the highest quality. The brand is defined by the premium quality of its products, its sustainable development policy and corporate responsibility endorsed by the Made in Green corporate certification scheme. Resuinsa exports to more than 60 countries and has more than 5,000 clients all over the world, as well as subsidiaries in Miami, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Cape Verde. It also has an extensive sales network across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Central America.


With more than 20 years of creating upholstery and decorative fabrics behind it, Rioma focuses on contemporary trend-led designs. Quality of service is as important as quality of manufacture -which Rioma backs with ISO managemente systems. The company's huge warehouse allows large volumes of fabric to be held in stock.


Roca is a company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and sale of bathroom products for architecture, construction and interior design. Founded in 1917, it combines tradition and knowledge with a passion for innovation and respect for the environment, in order to meet the demands of customers and contribute to improving the well-being of society.  With sustainability as a key element in all its manufacturing processes and a commitment to ensure a better planet for future generations, Roca has implemented this philosophy in the 170 countries in which it operates and in its 76 factories, transmitting this daily to its more than 21.000 employees.This family business is a market leader in Europe, Latin America and India. It also has a significant presence in China and the rest of Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. As a result, it is a world leader in its sector. 


Roca Cerámica's first factory, in the Barcelona area, was opened in 1980 and produced white stonewear floor tiling, the prestigious Gres Diamante. The next step was the production of wall tiles, also using a single firing technique. 1998 saw the operational startup of a new tile production plant -considered the world's most modern- close to the city of Castellón. This is home to the production of all the porcelain tile varieties. Currenty, Roca's Tile Division operates in more than 50 countries under four brands: Roca, Incepa, Laufen and USCT, which make up the Roca Tile Group, thereby guaranteeing the best possible adaptation of products to the needs of different markets.


We make ceramic products of the highest quality. And we find solutions to real problems to help you with your private or professional project. We research and develop innovative building solutions. Our focus is on sustainable approaches that simplify and reduce the costs of the building process. We offer exclusive technical service to support professionals throughout the entire building process. We are a family business, which means we are driven by effort and commitment. Our people, team, clients, partners and society come first for us. We know that every detail can make a difference tomorrow, which is why we focus on the long-term. We love what we do.


At RS Barcelona we believe that hope and optimism can do no harm. To the contrary. Filling our lives with enjoyment is wonderful, as insignificant as it may seem. Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, scuba diving, or walking barefoot on wet grass, we immerse ourselves in what makes us feel good. And these moments are what inspire RS Barcelona. We search for new languages and ways of expression to create furniture. We like to see things with different eyes, because that's how we reach new ideas and original solutions. But we do this with no intention other than to introduce a little joy into your life. Because at the end of the day, the protagonist in these moments is you, and your loved ones who join you in them. 


Saloni was founded in 1971 with a clear commitment to offering consumers the products they need. The firm’s premises currently occupy an area of 240,000m2, with a workforce of over 700 people dedicated to meeting the demands of customers on all five continents, within the best possible deadlines. Saloni produces a wide variety of different white-body, porcelain and coloured-body products so that customers can find the one that best suits their needs. For Saloni, tile making is a traditional legacy, updated and brought forward to the 21st century.


Founded in the early 1970s, Sancal has always been clearsighted about its role in the upholstered and auxiliary furniture sector: its overall product concept combines predominantly simple lines, contemporary style and high quality, and recognises that intangible properties are as important a factor as tangible ones. This approach to upholstered furniture has attracted considerable interest from abroad: half of the company's production is currently exported to 29 countries, and the firm has also opened showrooms in Belgium and the Netherlands. Sancal has won several prizes awarded by various organisations.


Santa & Cole has been producing industrial design since 1985. The brand appears on interior lighting and furnishing, street furniture, books, and natural pieces for use in urban reforestation projects. These four very disparate areas all share a common denominator: a professional team of interior designers, designers, architects, town planners and lanscape architects, all engaged in original, top quality, contemporary design. Santa & Cole expresses its commitment to the basic values of functionality and good design through such exponents as Antoni Arola and Miguel Milà.


The company Santos started as a small carpentry near Santiago de Compostela at the beginning of the century. Run by José Antonio Santos Barral, in 1923 it already had 4 employees. In 1952 José Santos opened up a carpentry workshop. This was the beginning of a family-owned company that has developed its own style in the kitchen furniture market, creating a quality product with a functional design to suit the needs of a consumer that is becoming more and more demanding.


Sargadelos is one of Europe’s most unique porcelain design and creation companies, with more than two hundred years of history closely linked to the development of Galician culture in all spheres of creativity. Using the same clay, culture and tradition as always, the company continues to make its mark in the present day, with new ideas that come together to create one of the most dynamic projects of our times.


Sellex was founded in San Sebastián in 1977 since which time its efforts have been focused on promoting designer furniture and equipment. Over its thirty-year career, Sellex has acquired considerable experience in the contract market, equipping public areas such as universities, hospitals, hotels and airports, both in Spain and abroad. Its products are currently distributed in more than 30 countries around the world.


Vergés chairs and furniture are the result of combining experience, vocation, quality and design. Founded in 1970 as an artisan workshop in Tortellà (Girona), it is now a modern company that manufactures contract chairs and furniture in collaboration with renowned national and international designers. In recent years, the company has put an emphasis on expanding the brand internationally and has seen success in its efforts exporting about 50% of its production primarily to Europe and Latin America.


Soher, founded by Vicente Simó Iborra in 1942, was dedicated from its origins to the manufacture of bronze and high-quiality furniture, while maintaining their character and craft for all its processes, using the highest quality materials, as determined from its founding principles.


Sonia, S.A. was born in 1990 in the bosom of the Ferrer Group. Since 1994 Sonia S.A. has expanded in 15 new markets in South America, Europe, East Countries, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Sonia, S.A. distributes their products in more than 90 countries all over the world. Since 2000, Sonia S.A. stars up designing and marketing bathroom furniture. Our supply gets wider with the production of stoneware basins under our own design and manufacturing.


The work of STUA is conceived and executed at an extraordinarily high level of aesthetic and engineering detail. The work is innovative and original. It is suitable equally for commercial and residential applications. But what separates this work from much of contemporary design is the enduring nature of form.There is a fresh spirit to the work, but its character is grounded firmly in the principles and character of classic modern design, that of simplicity and timelessness.


In 1967 in Castellón de la Plana was born Taullel S.A. The great ceramic Project Tau began. Taulell was constituted as an Association of Companies during the 60s. The founding members were entrepreneurs from five companies with strong ties in the world of ceramics and a professional management team. The industrial development favoured high production figures of ceramic biscuit and it became Europe’s top producer. Tau entered the 21st century with a powerful brand, a great workforce, cutting-edge facilities, global commercial networks and a highly innovative product.

Tecni Nova

Tecni Nova was established in 1986. The company makes upholstered furniture (sofas and chairs), wooden furniture for bedrooms and dining rooms, and accessories such as lamps, mirrors and picture frames. Tecninova’s artisans are skilled in marquetry and gold leaf and are at ease working with precious materials such as marble and bronze.


Our company - founded in 2007 - is well known for the commercialisation of linear lighting products and services based on LED technology. Our success is based on top quality products, outstanding service, constant innovation and full commitment. We have expertised in the manufacturing of both LED strips and custom-made luminaires, not to forget that we are capable of making deliveries in short periods of time. Our team dedication and values have meant that our products can be found in lighting projects all over the world making our company a brand of recognised prestige in the sector.


A respect for tradition, social responsibility and products which are 100 per cent natural are all hallmarks of this cooperative which manufactures textiles for both the home (sheets, bedspreads, counterpanes, cushions, plaids, curtains) and clothing (scarves, mufflers, shawls or baby blankets).


Treku was founded in 1947 in Zarautz in Guipúzcoa. It specialises in the design and manufacture of contemporary furniture. The company originally took its name after its founder, the cabinetmaker Jesús Aldabaldetrecu, and, in 1970, it was renamed Muebles Treku. Today, the company is committed to providing a specialist and bespoke service, to sustainability and to the high quality of its products and services, which are distributed in Europe and the US.


“And if we did something different?” That is how we got the idea of offering our painted paper store clients new and fresh products that where original, attractive and with a clear creative attitude.In 2004, Tres Tintas Barcelona was born: a new painted paper and fabrics company aiming to make something new. In 2009 Tres Tintas had presence in 36 countries.


Tresserra was created in response to the needs of a special kind of consumer, whose aspirations reflect a particular life-style. Our goal has always been to reject the industrial constraints which so often sacrifice beauty to profitability. Faithful to this aesthetic compromise, we combine fine craftsmanship with the noblest materials to give shape to our designs.


Thanks to its long, varied experience, Troll’s technical lighting product portfolio is the largest in the Spanish market.Troll roots date back to 1929, when a certain Julio Feliu de la Peña started company that manufactured electrical equipment. It has opened offices in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Mexico. Troll, which employs some 300 people, controls the whole lifecycle of its products, from conception to final application. The brand Troll belongs to the Luxiona group


Uno Design was established in 2003 by a group of professionals with considerable experience in the furniture and interior design sector. It was set up to produce a type of modular furniture in which design featured prominently. Since that time, Uno Design has become one of Spain's most outstanding contributors to contemporary furniture design. The company's close and ongoing collaboration with prestigious designers reflects its concern with making the latest trends in interior design available for use in the home.


Vibia is a company that produces and distributes decorative interior lighting: standard lamps, table lamps, pendants, inset lighting, ceiling and wall lights, kitchen lighting, picture lights and bathroom lighting. Established as part of the 25-year old Grupo T company, Grupo T Diffusion adopted a new strategy in 1999, establishing three major brands for the firm: Vibia (lighting), Tramo (furniture systems) and BSC (seating), which have found their way into countless homes, offices and contract projects. Its stated aim was to "offer products of top quality and design".


Viccarbe's products reflect a contemporary life-style. Its collection is attuned to the needs of a modern home, and is simple, elegant and distinctive. Its pieces exemplify new approaches to the relationship and communication between object and user, and fit readily into various types of environment. Their timeless look is intended to appeal to users who live in the present with an eye on the future.


With a history of more than 60 years, Vilagrasa is a company that has never left aside the needs of people and the surrounding environment, which is why all products are the result of a careful analysis of function, usability and context. Specialized in the design and production of wastepaper basket, accessories for offices, public spaces, infrastructure, contract and home, they manage to interrelate architecture and people to make all the pieces have a unique stamp, turning the space into a more human, efficient and sustainable place. Thus, Villagrasa achieves success in each of its implementations including the adaptation of custom projects all over the world..


Vives Azulejos y Gres is a company dedicated to the manufacture of ceramic products for floor, wall, porcelain and special pieces, in order to create an innovative and effective product. Thanks to our evolution characterized by our constant concern for progress and our effort for satisfying the most demanding needs of the market, we create high quality ceramic products with a trendy design. Thanks to this constant effort, Vives becomes an innovative company that is constantly adapting to new technologies, provided with the most advanced production systems. Vives is also committed to environmental policies through EcoVives, all backed up by more than fifty years of experience.


Founded in 2010, Vondom based in Beneixida (Valencia) is a company which specialises in the production and marketing of indoor and outdoor furniture and lighting. Vondom inspires a warm, sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyle, and its collections are signed by the most renowned international designers. The brand exports more than 80% of its designer products to more than 120 countries.


Ybarra & Serret's mission is to design, manufacture and distribute fabrics for Interior Design. The success of this objective has been largely due to Coqui Ybarra, a Fine Arts' graduate, she has 20 years' experience working for the most prestigious of fabric firms until 1998 when, boosted by the success of her design collections, she decided to set up her own company. The company is run by Coqui Ybarra, founder and Artistic Director. Ybarra & Serret's philosophy is to ensure creativity and innovation in the production of interior design fabrics, matched by top quality design, products and customer services. The design house specializes in printed and woven fabrics on natural and coordinated textiles, in various textures and in a wide range of shades.

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