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Enea Furnishes University of Montevideo's New School of Engineering

Students and professors study and work with the Spanish firm's designer furniture

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Vondom´s furniture collection at the terrace of the Christian Dior offices in Shanghai, China. Photo courtesy of Vondom.11/21/2022Vondom Furnishes Projects in China and Bahrain

 Vondom’s designer furniture proposals furnish projects all over the world. We present some of the Spanish firm’s latest projects in two Asian countries: China and Bahrain.In Shanghai, Vondom has decorated the terrace of the luxurious Christian Dior offices in the Chinese city with its outdoor furniture collections. Architectural studio IDA Workplace chose AFRICA armchairs and MARI-SOL tables designed by Eugeni Quitllet, KES chairs, created by Gabriele + Oscar Buratti, PEZZETTINA armchairs designed by Archirivolto Design and Ramón Esteve’s VELA tables. The soft and simple lines of these creations placed all around the terrace create a calm, welcoming atmosphere for this space designed for VIP clients and glamorous events held by the international luxury brand with spectacular views of this cosmopolitan city.The luxurious 4-star W Hotel is located in the Chinese city of Changsha, and its architecture is based on the geometric shapes of the stars. Furniture from the STONES collection, designed by Stefano Giovannon, has been placed in the hotel’s garden, together with FAZ high tables by Ramón Esteve and Karim Rashid’s VERTEX stools, so that guests can rest and relax. A FAZ modular sofa has been placed in the adjoining space, with a lamp from the collection of the same name, and next to the pool, a truly outstanding piece - DAYBED FAZ. Karim Rashid’s VOXEL armchair together with a minimalist FRAME table by Ramón Esteve, make up an outdoor dining area where guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast or a memorable gastronomic experience in total privacy. The interior of the hotel has also been furnished with pieces from the FAZ collection, and LED lighting has been used, creating an atmosphere that is both serene and magical.Vondom's contract furniture also decorates the Yabeela Food Court, one of Bahrain's largest entertainment centers, which is located in the Al Liwan shopping mall in the city of Hamala. This fun place created for the whole family has a wide variety of games as well as a food and rest area. This is where the AFRICA chairs and FAZ tables are placed, bringing a modern, casual feel to the interior design of this space through the use of bright colors: navy, pickle and ecru. 

Point´s furniture collection at the Fisher Island Club in Miami, USA. Photo courtesy of Point.09/12/2022Point Makes the Americas

Designer furniture firm Point presents three of its latest hospitality projects in the United States and Canada. The furniture collections of this century-old company, which in 2019 won the Spanish National Design Award, can be seen in over 1,000 projects spread across five continents. A small island paradise off the coast of Miami Beach, the former winter estate of wealthy heir William K. Vanderbilt II is now home to an iconic club, hotel and luxury residences. In the Fisher Island Club, designed by interior designer Adriana Hoyos, are to be found the collections "Paralel", designed by Gabriel Teixidó, "Weave", created by Vicent Martínez, "City" by Christophe Pillet, the "Emmanuel" armchair, designed by Alfonso Gallego, and the "Round” table designed by Francesc Rifé.Also in Florida, this time in the heart of Miami's historic Coconut Grove, you can find New York studio ICRAVE’s design developed for The Key Club, an American-inspired restaurant where the key features are the "Hamp” armchairs and sofas, designed by Francesc Rifé.Further north, in Canada, the 1 Hotel Toronto was inspired by the city's varied natural environment. Seeking to capture the beauty of Lake Ontario and the contrasting colors of each season, this hotel has chosen to incorporate "Paralel" seats into its spaces to create a sustainable urban refuge.Point's story began more than 100 years ago with a master craftsman who was to become a benchmark in the world of craftsmanship. Four generations later, this family-owned company has transformed his legacy into an international brand, synonymous with the best of design, research and savoir faire. With close to 300 products created by great designers both national and international, today their design pieces are to be found in projects all over the world, everywhere from Australia to Mexico, including Dubai, London, Paris and Miami. Major international hotel firms such as Four Seasons, W, Shangri-La, The Langham and Hyatt Regency have included the company’s designer furniture on their premises.

CORAL collection at the Hyatt Centric Buckhead hotel in Atlanta. USA. Photo courtesy of a-emotional light.06/17/2022Hotels and Restaurants in the U.S., Europe and Maldives Shine with A-emotional Light

We recommend you get to know some of the latest designs of the a-emotional light brand by visiting hotels and restaurants in the USA, Europe and the Maldives where they have been shining for a few months now. In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, is the hotel Hyatt Centric Buckhead, designed by interior design studio Sawyer & Company.  Inspired by the history and natural environment of this state, the American studio has selected for one of the hotel's lounge areas the CORAL collection, a hanging composition inspired by the beauty of coral reefs. And in another bordering state in the deep south of the US, in the city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Kimberly Bryant Design Group studio selected the CAOS collection for the Capitan George seafood restaurant. Original and unassuming hanging lamps designed by Arturo Alvarez who finds his inspiration in the primordial state of the cosmos.Back in Europe, we visited the Yaya franchise, created by the Eleni group, which owns several cafés in several cities in France. At Yaya Secretan, the ONN luminaires shine in Paris. Made of painted stainless steel mesh and designed by Arturo Alvarez, the lamps in this handmade collection evoke the marine world. And at Yaya La Defénse in the city of Puteaux we discovered, in addition to ONN, the TEMPO VIVACE pendant luminaires, which represent two instants generated by the same movement with different tempo.And moving further south we discover the PortoBay Teatro hotel located in Porto, Portugal, whose interior design revolves around the Victorian era. The palette of gold and bronze tones gains prominence and the pendant lamp of the GEA collection, which is named after mother earth, is tinged with beige to shine in its rooms. And in the heart of the Mediterranean, the CORAL collection is on display in the rooms of the exclusive Splendid Mykonos Luxury Villas & Suites complex on the exotic Greek island of Mykonos.We finish our adventure in the Maafushivaru hotel of the Maldives. A facility surrounded by a natural paradise with lush vegetation and fine sandy beaches. The villas of this resort are designed in the purest Maldivian style and, with an organic, elegant, and natural presence. And the FLUO lamp, in various combinations, brings its light to the hotel's various common areas. This majestic piece that reproduces the illusion of a vaporous fabric shines at the entrance and highlights the beauty of the wood with its most natural look.

AERO benches by Sellex at the Geneva Airport, Switzerland. Photo by @Joás Souza, courtesy of Sellex.04/05/2022Sellex Lands at Geneva Airport

On December 14, 2021, the "Aile Est" (East Wing) of Geneva Airport (Switzerland) came into service. This renovation project represents a major improvement in terms of comfort and operational flexibility. The new facilities replace a space that was built for temporary use in the mid-1970s, and it was in need of change.This project has been possible thanks to the Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) architecture studio, who put their trust in Sellex to equip the waiting areas of the new facility. One of the company’s design icons, the AERO bench, was chosen, and the airport has installed two hundred and fifty AERO benches, including four- and eight-seaters, some with built-in side tables. All are self-supporting and upholstered in different colors with a visible stripe, to match the color scheme of each area and help travelers to find their way around.The AERO bench, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, was identified by the team at RSHP as a product that met the quality standards required for the new facility. As Douglas Paul, Associate Partner in charge of the project says, the bench “fits comfortably with the structural concept of the Aile Est.”The renovated airport building is efficient, sustainable, and resilient. This has been achieved by installing seven thousand square meters of photovoltaic panels on the roof, one hundred and ten geothermal stacks for heating and cooling, an in-depth thermal performance analysis to eliminate cold bridges, energy efficient cool roofs, a LED lighting strategy with responsive control systems, and low water consumption using methods such as rainwater harvesting.Along with sustainability, durability was a determining factor in the project design. The materials used were selected in accordance with this criterion; all are low-maintenance and well able to withstand the constant flow of passengers. The finishes are granite, and transparent glass or back-painted panels have been used, depending on the area. You can see how the AERO bench is a perfect fit with the airport: seating that can withstand the test of time and is adapted to suit the different spaces. You'll find benches upholstered in blue, green, yellow, orange, red, gray, and purple.SELLEX is a furniture design company with 45 years of experience that has collaborated with designers such as Lievore Altherr Molina, Gemma Bernal, Mario Ruiz, Burkhard Vogtherr, and Carlos Tíscar, and has completed over a thousand installations in more than forty countries all around the world.  Photos Copyright Joás Souza:

ALPINO sofa by Rafa García for Sancal at the Raiffeisen banc in Nyon (Switzerland). Photo by Enric Badrinas, courtesy of Sancal.02/21/2022Sancal in the Offices of Banks and Finance Companies in Switzerland and Bulgaria

Spanish interior design studio Bloomint Design has renovated one of the branches of renowned bank Raiffeisen in Nyon, Switzerland, outfitting it with several pieces of furniture by Sancal. Meanwhile, Bulgarian design studio Cache Atelier has also selected several of the Spanish firm’s designer products for the offices of Garitage Investment and Management in Sofia, Bulgaria.As part of the Raiffeisen bank branch renovation, Bloomint Design wanted to highlight the evolution of the entity since its founding in 1927. Designers were able to achieve this by integrating natural materials that reflect the origins of the bank with other minimalistic and industrial elements that show its evolution toward the future. In keeping with its origins, this 350-square-meter space puts the bank's current philosophy on display, with an open floor plan that represents the transparency of the bank.The project had a further premise: to make customers feel at home. To do so, they selected upholstered furniture by Sancal, such as the Alpino sofa and the Nido armchairs designed by Rafa García. Then, to intertwine it all with the project's neutral and warm materials, they used Beetle panels (MUT Design) and Pion tables by Ionna Vautrin to bring a colorful balance to the space.Hence, Bloomint Design has created a revamped version of the 1993 reception hall, where elements and materials from the past find a new home in a futuristic and innovative environment. For this Spanish interior design studio, collaborating on this project has been a completely new and truly exciting experience, as it was the first office renovation it has taken on.  The second project was the offices of Garitage Investment and Management in Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgarian studio Cache Atelier wanted to create a tailor-made solution for these offices spanning 650 square meters. Without sacrificing functionality for appearance, the studio achieved the perfect balance and configured a cozy and pleasant environment. Sancal left its mark on the collaborative spaces and waiting areas, as the renovation blends the industrial style of the architecture with the soft textures of upholstered furniture. Here we find the Tiptoe sofas (Rafa García) and Tonella armchairs (Note Design), Sumo sofas and armchairs (Yonoh), Tortuga armchairs (Isaac Piñeiro), and Nudo coffee tables (Juan Ibáñez).

ARENA table by iSiMAR at the Coronado hotel in USA. Photo courtesy of iSiMAR.11/19/2021iSiMAR in Hotels and Offices in North America

We traveled to two of the most visited states in the USA, for their climate, cities, attractions, and paradisiacal beaches: California and Florida. Starting this year in two of its glamorous hotels, we can find pieces of furniture of the firm iSiMAR.  On the beach in the town of Coronado, on Baja California's San Diego Bay, stands the luxurious Hotel del Coronado,one of the few surviving examples of American Victorian architecture in the country, which was chosen in 1977 as a National Historic Landmark (). Opened in 1888, it was the largest hotel in the world and the first to use electricity. During its more than 130 years of existence, it has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities and has been featured in numerous films and books. And now on the balconies of the resort's rooms, we find the solid ARENA table, created by the iSiMAR team to enjoy the views while having a coffee.  And on the other side of the country in Miami Beach, Florida, the BOLONIA table and MADRID stool furnish the bar and the interior lounge of the Strawberry Moon restaurant at the Goodtime Hotel. This hotel was designed by singer Pharrell Williams and local nightlife and entertainment entrepreneur David Grutman, along with designer Ken Fulk. The artist Pharrell Williams wanted to bring his positive energy to this hotel so that guests can have a good time in a space with an art deco aesthetic, located in a privileged location in the historic downtown of South Beach.And we crossed the border to the Mexican capital. The bar and interior lounges of theoffices ofthe well-known French cosmetics brand L'Oréal in Mexico City have been decorated with the OLIVO armchair, LAGARTO sofa, and MENORCA table collections. These offices located in Torre Mitikah were designed by the studio Oxígeno Arquitectura & IHO Espacios and are inspired by the Mexican landscape and beaches. That is why they selected exclusively outdoor furniture from iSiMAR and other Spanish companies such as Expormim, from which we found the NAUTICA swing created by Mut Design.Around 60% of iSiMar's revenue is from exports, and its main foreign markets are the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. In the U.S., it has a permanent office in New York to serve the U.S. market and subsidiary offices in London and Mexico. In addition, it has had a showroom in the Big Apple since last year. 

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