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SEASON pouf, COMMON bench and SERRA table at the Huawei office in Düsseldorf (Germany). Photo by ApoProjekt GMBH, courtesy of de Viccarbe.

Viccarbe Furnishes Microsoft and Huawei Offices in Germany

Viccarbe, a contemporary furniture design studio based in Valencia, continues to strengthen its international presence with the contribution of design pieces in the furnishing of large technology...

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SEASON pouf, COMMON bench and SERRA table at the Huawei office in Düsseldorf (Germany). Photo by ApoProjekt GMBH, courtesy of de Viccarbe.09/24/2021Viccarbe Furnishes Microsoft and Huawei Offices in Germany

Viccarbe, a contemporary furniture design studio based in Valencia, continues to strengthen its international presence with the contribution of design pieces in the furnishing of large technology companies in Germany such as Microsoft and Huawei.Located in the center of Hamburg, the new Microsoft headquarters features a renewed office concept that promotes teamwork, interdepartmental networking and communication. This workspace, created by the architectural firm Lepel & Lepel, promotes flexibility by using comfortable and versatile design furniture, including the iconic Maarten chair designed by Victor Carrasco in the work rooms and the Colubi armchair, designed by RT Design, at the entrance of the office. In the dining area and employee lounges we also find theLast Minute stools and the Burin Mini side tables created by Patricia Urquiola and the Stan table by the VCCB studio.Viccarbe's creations have also been integrated into Huawei's new collaborative offices in Düsseldorf, which fit in with the Chinese multinational's philosophy of "constant search for innovation in an open ecosystem." To achieve this, APO projekt GmbH selected collaborative furniture from Viccarbe, connecting teams, promoting teamwork and providing comfort in their new work environment. In its installations we can see the Common bench designed by Naoto Fukasawa, the Legs sofa by Lievore Altherr Molina, the Wrapp armchair by Marc Krusin or the Pouf Season designed by Piero Lissoni. And the side tables Stan, Serra and Ryutaro, the latter two createdby Victor Carrasco. Viccarbe's collections seek to inspire Mediterranean experiences in unique collaborative spaces, thanks to versatile, warm, and timeless furniture. Among the firm's collaborators are prestigious international designers. Its creations are present in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, cafes, airports, universities, and libraries in more than 70 countries.

Actiu's furniture in Solystic's cafeteria and offices in Alixan, France. Photo courtesy of Actiu.06/17/2021Workspaces by Actiu Designed to Promote People's Well-being

The office furniture firm Actiu designs cozy and functional workspaces that support people’s well-being. An example of this would be their latest projects in France, Austria and Estonia.Solystic, the leading company in logistics solutions for the sorting, automation and distribution of packages, opened its new head office in the French city of Alixan in 2020. The firm prides itself on being a company with hardly any hierarchies, which gives employees a large amount of decision-making ability and autonomy and is committed to open and fluid offices. To achieve this, the architectural firm responsible for the project, Workfriendly, chose Actiu furniture to equip its offices and cafeteria. Two spaces in which they combined furniture in earth and oak tones with touches of brighter colors, such as blue, green or orange to achieve a warm and contemporary setting for work and relaxation.For the "open space” work stations the Vital Plus ST system and Mobility designed by ITEMdesignworks were selected, which, being height adjustable, guarantee the postural mobility and health of employees. Tabula tables and Noom chairs  created by the Alegre Design studio, which also designed the Cron chairs located in the two VIP meeting rooms, were installed in the offices for executives and small rooms for informal meetings. The cafeteria was equipped with the comfortable Wing chairs by the Ramos and Bassols studio, which together with their versatile Longo seating system and the informal Bend seats by Stone Design make you feel right at home.Hartlauer,  the optical and electronics chain opened their new head officein a historic building in the Austrian town of Steyr and Actiu has participated with its Austrian partner Sentup, equipping the open spaces of the office with the ergonomic Trim chair created by Alegre Design and the height-adjustable Mobility Step table. To make the meeting rooms elegant and welcoming, Arkitek tables and Noom 30 armchairs were selected. And one of the employee meeting areas has also been equipped with comfortable modules and tables from the Soft Seating Bend program and the Prisma high table, which invites you to have a drink in a relaxed setting.The new offices in Tallinn (Estonia) for the American company that creates Malwarebytes software are another example of Actiu's ability to adapt its products to different ways of working. The folding and height-adjustable office desks such as Mobility, the ergonomic and functional chairs such as Stay,  designed by Alegre Design, and in general the versatility of the Spanish firm’s products together with their Estonian partner Elke Mööbel,have won over this Californian technology company, which already chose Actiu in 2016 for one of the floors in its first home office in the country.

Kettal's outdoor furniture at the PuXuan Hotel & Spa in Beijing, China. Photo courtesy of Kettal.02/17/2021Kettal's Style Is a Hit in the Far East

With 55 years of history, Kettal 's outdoor furniture proposals stand out for their design and innovation. “Kettal Living" attracts numerous international prescriptors who select its design pieces, created by world-renowned designers, for their most exclusive hotel and restaurant projects. We traveled to three Far Eastern countries and discovered their latest projects for 2020 and 2021.In China: 's 5-star PuXuan Hotel & Spa, located a stone's throw from the Forbidden City, offers spectacular views of the ancient Imperial Palace from the top of the complex. In the informal bistro on the outdoor terrace we can have breakfast comfortably seated in the Village chairs, designed by Jasper Morrison for Kettal. Likewise, the versatile Basket chairs created by Nana and Jørgen Ditzel add an elegant and cozy touch to the Lobby Lounge terrace and the Spa terrace, where we also find the Boma sofa and bench designed by Rodolfo Dordoni and the Mesh aluminum side tables by Patricia Urquiola.In Japan: Aman Kyoto Resort & Spa is located on land that is part of what was once an artistic community that gave birth to the revered Rinpa school of painting some 400 years ago. The complex is located within walking distance of the most visited temples in the city of Kyoto, such as the impressive golden temple of Kinkakuji. And blending into this restful space surrounded by forest, we find the Landscape armchairs and Vieques side tables, created by Patricia Urquiola. Further north, in the city of Kanagawa, the Vimini armchairs and Vieques tables, designed by Patricia Urquiola, encourage people to enjoy the refreshing sea breeze of Sagami Bay on the terraces of the Malibu Farm Zushi Marina restaurant.And to end our trip to the Far East: beds, tables and loungers from Kettal's Landscape collection offer a well-deserved rest at The Shilla Jeju Seogwipo hotel (South Korea). This hotel complex, located on the tourist island of Jeju, offers visitors a tranquil setting to break away from the routine of everyday life. The hotel is built in a Mediterranean style with a harmonious blend of European atmosphere, where the Kettal furniture fits like a glove. 

ALFI pendant lamps, designed by Estudi{H}ac for Estiluz the Hashotel Hotel´s Hall. Photo by Tom Jasny, courtesy of Estiluz.02/17/2021Estiluz Lamps Shine in Belgium and Greece

Estiluz designer lamps do not leave anyone indifferent, especially when staying in a hotel chosen by the client for its comfort and design. Their latest hotel projects in Belgium and Greece are a good example of it.In the heart of the Belgian city of Hasselt, we find the original "Hashotel” hotel, a tower of 6 floors, each staggered at least 60 cm from each other, creating a striking image and offering its guests penthouses, luxury suites and a high-end restaurant. The architectural firm UAU Collectiv, was in charge of this project with the ideaof creating an unconventional hotel to experience and discover. And Estiluz was a perfect fit for this type of space, which is why they decided to use several of Estiluz’s designer lamp collections.In the hotel lobby, the delicate ALFI suspension lamps , designed by the Estudi{H}ac studio, create impressive compositions, and their golden finish gives the room a luxurious feel.In the corridors and rooms, we find the ALFIsconcewith laser-cut signage, an option that Estiluz is increasingly offering in its wall lamps. In the rooms, a combination of theCIRC table lampand the CIRC floor lamp, two designs created by Nahtrang, which focus on simplicity, have also been incorporated. And in the hotel’s restaurant, the CIRC suspensionversion, beautifully proves how more than one ceiling light can be combined to create their own design.Both families of designer lamps, CIRC and ALFI, use similar concepts, making them perfect as complementary collections. The interior design work really gives this hotel the luxurious and high-end feel expected by its clients when carrying out the booking. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.And to enjoy a few days in the birthplace of democracy, the Niche Hotel, located in the heart of Athens, offers spectacular views of the Greek Acropolis. Throughout the hotel, you can delight yourself with a special decoration paired with the minimalist luxury of the rooms and the Estiluz lamps.The VOLTA collection, created by Nahtrang, is present in a wide variety of spaces. In the 33 rooms and 4 suites we can find the VOLTA sconcesplaced next to the double bed, accompanied by the table lampof the same collection on the desk. In addition, an impressive VOLTA suspension composition welcomes guests in the foyer and multipleindividual suspension lamps from the same collection hang throughout the dining room. The earth tone colors are complemented by the copper tones of VOLTA and the decorative arm of the  ASANAlamp. These are customized lamps for the hotel that build a décor full of ancient Greek influences.

Stua furniture at the lobby of the World Trade Center in the Dutch City of Almere, Nederland. Photo Peter Markesteijn, courtesy of Stua11/30/2020STUA Furnishes the Lobby of the World Trade Center in the Dutch City of Almere

The designer furniture of the STUA brand is found in numerous projects around the world. One of the latest facilities is the lobby of the World Trade Center, a 120-meter-high skyscraper located in the center of the Dutch town of Almere, which offers direct trains to the center of Amsterdam and Schiphol International Airport.The Dutch architecture and interior design studio Huguette Crielaers and Marjolein van der Tol of Crielaers & Company had the main objective of turning the WTC entrance hall into an attractive meeting place for the users and visitors of this spectacular office and co-working space. The biggest challenge was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in such a space of enormous height and walking in different directions. The end result is an attractive and welcoming lobby for work, meetings or relaxation, where STUA furniture provides the warmth and design demanded by the place.In addition, the designers have managed to wisely combine most of the Basque firm's collections in this space, creating very attractive and functional meeting areas, rest zones and a new cafeteria. In the different areas of this lobby we find the GAS, LACLASICA, and GLOBUS chairs and the ZERO and LAU tables designed by Jesús Gasca, as well as the COSTURA sofas and armchairs, the LIBERA armchairs and the SOLAPA coffee tables, created by Jon Gasca.As designer Marjolein van der Tol comments, "The sofas and armchairs are soft and comfortable and fit perfectly into the warm and welcoming interior we had in mind. And to achieve this, STUA created a collection of fabrics and materials for their upholstery which allowed different combinations, including the one most used in this project, in pastel shades. Natural materials such as wood and upholstery were also chosen within a scheme of warm colors reflected in the floor carpets and curtains. The warmth and comfort of these STUA design pieces invite us to stay and enjoy this work and meetings space.STUA is a family business founded by Jesús Gasca in 1983, which designs, manufactures and distributes contemporary designer furniture throughout the world. The brand has equipped multiple facilities with its timeless designer furniture collections in which their son, Jon Gasca, also participates. 

Gandía Blasco furniture at the rooftop of the 31-story apartment building LH The Bangkok Thonglor (Thailand). Photo by @ Rungkit Chareonwat, courtesy of Gandía Blasco.09/14/2020Gandía Blasco: from the Mediterranean to the Bangkok Sky

The Spanish outdoor furniture company Gandía Blasco has once again signed a major project with a Mediterranean feel outside Spain: displaying its unique style and careful design, it has furnished the roof of the LH The Bangkok Thonglor apartment building in the Thai capital, known for its bold wraparound glass facade. The facility, designed by Landscape Architects 49 Limited, has 31 floors and 150 apartments, and its design reflects the exclusivity of the surrounding area in its design. The upper floors were conceived as a luxurious common space for the residents, who can enjoy the swimming pool and the solarium located on the terrace/open air viewing platform, featuring spectacular panoramic views of the Bangkok skyline.This rooftop features some of the most representative collections from the Valencian firm, such as FLAT, designed by Mario Ruiz with its sun loungers, sofas, design throw pillows and white aluminum side tables. The Mediterranean style evoked by the collection combined with the unique environment creates a perfect atmosphere to relax, 30 floors up and surrounded by a sea - the pool - that blends with the sky over the Thai capital.The collection, created by designer Mario Ruiz, is joined by another from one of Gandía Blasco's young brands, DIABLA. In this case, the design of the monochrome white 365 sun loungers by Pablo Gironés and José A. Gandía-Blasco, inspired by the early models of the Porsche 356 from the 1950s, echoes the soft waves of the swimming pool and contrasts with the panoramic view of Bangkok's skyscrapers on the horizon.The building also features the TIMELESS collection by José Gandía-Blasco and Borja Garcia, which decorates the common garden spaces on the lower floors of the building. The armchairs with white aluminum frames, the teak wood armrests and the anthracite gray cushions blend with the green of the plants in the common areas, generating harmony in the space thanks to discreet, elegant and timeless design.GANDIABLASCO is the outdoor furniture brand of the Gandia Blasco Group, a family business founded in 1941. It designs and manufactures outdoor furniture with an architectural feel and links to its Mediterranean roots. Today the brand is present in over 90 countries and is internationally recognized for the quality of its designs, its passion for outdoor living and collaborations with prestigious architects and designers

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