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Lights by a-emotional light at the LuminAir skybar in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo courtesy of a-emotionallight

a-emotional light Thrills with its Cloud-Shaped Luminaires at the LuminAir Sky Bar in Amsterdam

The exclusive bar LuminAir, offering breathtaking views of Amsterdam, is one of the most exceptional projects undertaken by Spanish luminaire design company a-emotional light in recent months. The...

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Lights by a-emotional light at the LuminAir skybar in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Photo courtesy of a-emotionallight11/06/2023a-emotional light Thrills with its Cloud-Shaped Luminaires at the LuminAir Sky Bar in Amsterdam

The exclusive bar LuminAir, offering breathtaking views of Amsterdam, is one of the most exceptional projects undertaken by Spanish luminaire design company a-emotional light in recent months.The interior of the new bar at the DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam Centraal Station hotel designed by the hotel chain’s in-house team, KingKongs and QC Light factory. Situated on the 11th floor, the sky bar offers an outdoor terrace that brings Amsterdam's sky closer to visitor, providing an escape from the Dutch city's hustle and bustle. LuminAir is a modern space where art and light are always changing, filling it with life. In short, it is a place that offers a unique experience with each visit.For this project’s lighting, a-emotional light collaborated closely with the interior designers to create, develop and install custom-designed luminaires made from stainless steel mesh, mimicking the appearance of clouds. These hand-molded light sculptures adorn the ceiling of the sky, coming alive as they interact with light projections.

SEASON benches and PENTA armchairs by Viccarbe at the Across Ages Museum in Nizwa, Omán. Photo courtesy of Viccarbe09/05/2023Viccarbe Furnishes the Across Ages Museum in Oman and Offices in UAE

The furniture collections of the Spanish firm Viccarbe add a touch of comfort and design to the Across Ages Museum. Located near the historic city of Nizwa, the museum is a cultural oasis in the middle of the desert, immersing visitors in an interactive 800-million-year journey through Oman's history and heritage. To do so, it uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), 3D scanning and printing, and a 360-degree theater.This cultural universe presents a monumental steel-clad structure with geometric volumes that are in dialog with the landscape and the Hajar mountain range, the highest mountain range in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. The structure and exhibition design of the space was created by the experience design agency Event, in close collaboration with the Australian firm Cox Architecture, who took inspiration from the landscape of the region to give geometric form to the museum, and selected Viccarbe's collaborative furniture for the interior. The collections chosen to furnish it were the SEASON upholstered bench, designed by Piero Lissoni, the PENTA armchair created by Toan Nguyen, the RYUTARO side table designed by Victor Carrasco and John Pawson’s TRESTLE work table.Moreover, during the last few months Viccarbe has also furnished several corporate offices in the UAE. These include the new headquarters of the telecommunications company DU in the Dubai Hills, and the wine and spirits division of the LVMH group "Moët Hennessy", both in Dubai, and the new offices of Aldar Properties in Abu Dhabi.  In addition to the SEASON and PENTA collections, there are SISTEMA FLOOR modular sofas by Lievore Altherr Molina, COPA stools by Ramos & Bassols,  SHAPE side tables by Jorge Pensi, ALETA chairs by Jaime Hayón, LAST MINUTE stools by Patricia Urquiola, MAARTEN armchairs and SERRA side tables by Victor Carrasco, ACE armchairs by Jean-Marie Massaud, the COMMON system of modular benches and side tables by Naoto Fukasawa, and FUNDA upholstered chairs by Stefan Diez.

LedsC4 lights at the St. John Paul II parish church in Banksia Grove, Australia. Photo by Johnathan Trask, courtesy of LedsC4.07/04/2023LedsC4 Provides Lighting Solutions for Religious Temples in Australia and UK

The luminaires from LedsC4 are a perfect fit for religious temples the world over. Two of their most recent projects are the St. John Paul II parish church in Banksia Grove, Australia, and a synagogue in London, United Kingdom.The St. John Paul II parish church is situated in the suburbs of Banksia Grove, a town near Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Thetemple was inaugurated in January of this year and was constructed by the engineering and construction firm BCA Consultants in collaboration with Electek. The interior and exterior of the building are illuminated with LedsC4 luminaires.In the interior of the church, recessed downlights from the PLAY and SIA collections provide a uniform, soft and harmonious light to the space, creating a welcoming ambience. The ATOM HIDE downlight offers a more focused luminosity, accentuating specific architectural elements or areas of interest within the temple. The BENTO recessed luminaire completes the interior lighting, delivering maximum comfort with its Dark Light effect.To accentuate the beauty of the building from the outside, floodlights were chosen from the HUBBLE collection, designed to illuminate gardens, and the MAX collection, which stands out for its compact size, seamlessly integrating into the architecture of the building and remaining inconspicuous during the day, while providing perfect illumination at night. Adding a touch of versatility and dynamism to the design, the CUBUS bollard with its dual-head and independent rotation completes the outdoor lighting product. These sconces allow light to be directed in various orientations, providing the flexibility to adjust the lighting as needed.A few months earlier, luminaires from the Spanish company were also prominently featured in a synagogue in London. The project was developed by the James Harris architecture studio, with lighting design handled by Benjamin West and LedsC4. The lighting design for this place of worship was a comprehensive project that involved combining luminaires from various LedsC4 catalogs: Decorative Collection, Architectural Indoor and Outdoor, emergency luminaires and control and connectivity systems.In the main prayer hall of this Jewish temple, a combination of decorative hanging luminaires is used to enhance the grandeur of the space. The CIRCULAR, designed by the Benedito Design studio, has of great significance as it integrates design and architecture into a single piece. We also encounter the exquisite CANDLE luminaire, crafted by the same Spanish studio, which serves as a modern reinterpretation of a classic chandelier, incorporating an LED light source. Additionally, linear recessed luminaires were installed in the ceiling to offer supplementary levels of light as required. From the Outdoor catalog, the AFRODITA series was selected, consisting of sleek and modern wall fixtures specifically designed to illuminate entrances and pathways.By utilizing the Casambi control system in the project, it becomes possible to create diverse lighting atmospheres. In addition, the second floor of the building leverages the circadian cycle to control the lighting color temperature, simulating natural light and enhancing people's well-being and comfort. Optimal energy efficiency of the space has been achieved by implementing a control system that activates the lighting in passage areas and bathrooms using motion sensors.

KUBIKA benches, COMA 4L stools and LOTTUS AL tables at the University of Montevideo's School of Engineering, Uruguay. Photo by Ferrescanepa, courtesy of Enea.04/14/2023Enea Furnishes University of Montevideo's New School of Engineering

Last year, the University of Montevideo opened its new School of Engineering (FIUM). The interior design project for this spacious and modern building was carried out by the Uruguayan studio Dovat Arquitectos, and the Enea furniture that furnished it was supplied by the Spanish company's distributor in Uruguay.This School is located in the LATU (Technological Laboratory of Uruguay) technological park and has 2920m2 of space over three floors. The spacious waiting, café, and outdoor areas were decorated with Enea's designer furniture.The KUBIKA bench designed by Estudi Manel Molina was selected to adorn the School’s waiting areas. Thanks to its modular seating with or without backrests, it allows infinite configurations so that students can work in groups or take a final look at their notes. The polypropylene OH! armchair created by Gabriel Teixidó and the COMA 4L stool, designed by Lluscà Design, were also used in this space.In the same area, professors can meet and work as a team in a functional environment thanks to the LTS System table with wooden legs and the NOA chair by Estudi Manel Molina, with an upholstered seat pad for greater comfort. In addition, the OH! PATIN armchair with front upholstery for more comfortable seating, is for those more personal moments to finish planning a lesson or simply escape until the next class.The café features the NOA stool, a mustard-colored polypropylene seat and backrest that brings comfort and style to a space where you can have a snack before the next class or a mid-morning coffee to recharge your batteries.And on the building's terrace, we find the STREET chair with armrests by Estudi Manel Molina along with the LOTTUS AL table created by Lievore Altherr Molina, which come together in a pleasant environment where you can relax after a long day of studying, rest after a tough exam, or share a meal with classmates, weather permitting. 

DUNE and POPPY lamps by LZF at the World Spa in NYC, USA. Photo by Brian Berkowitz and BK Developers, courtesy of Lzf.03/02/2023LZF Illuminates World Spa Wellness Space in Brooklyn

Luminaires designed by LZF can be found in hotels, restaurants, offices, and other facilities around the world. A luxurious relaxation spa has been built on the site of a former parking garage in the New York City borough of Brooklyn: "World Spa”. This wellness space was designed and created by the architecture and interior design studio BK Developers in collaboration with RYBAK Development, and the Spanish company's lamps illuminate it.This project, nearly a decade in the making, is a sprawling three-story center that was designed to be an oasis of calm in the heart of Brooklyn. Inspired by the bathing and wellness rituals of different global cultures, "World Spa" offers a journey around the world with spa experiences such as the Eastern European banya, the Finnish sauna, the Turkish and Moroccan hammam, the Himalayan salt room, and the Japanese onsen. A "clay and hay" sauna, an infrared sauna, an aroma sauna, and a snow room add to the wide range of experiences on offer.The promoters of this space wanted to emphasize the need for authenticity. For this reason, the materials and equipment have been brought from their countries of origin: mosaics from Morocco and traditional Turkish tiles for the hammam, and pine wood from Northern Europe for the various saunas and baths.And to make the experience even more authentic, the Spa equipment comes from the leading European manufacturers of wellness products. Hence, to illuminate their rooms and use the lighting to transmit calm and wellness, the designers of this space selected several collections of LZF's handmade lamps made of wooden veneer and blown borosilicate glass. Thus, visitors to this center can relax and unwind in a sumptuous setting, in the company of the majestic CANDELABRO lamp, the ethereal KOI fish, the BLACK NOTE suspension luminaire collections designed by Ramón Esteve, DUNE, created by Mayice, BANGA by Yonoh, and CERVANTES, POPPY, and POD created by Burkhard Dämmer.

Vondom´s furniture collection at the terrace of the Christian Dior offices in Shanghai, China. Photo courtesy of Vondom.11/21/2022Vondom Furnishes Projects in China and Bahrain

 Vondom’s designer furniture proposals furnish projects all over the world. We present some of the Spanish firm’s latest projects in two Asian countries: China and Bahrain.In Shanghai, Vondom has decorated the terrace of the luxurious Christian Dior offices in the Chinese city with its outdoor furniture collections. Architectural studio IDA Workplace chose AFRICA armchairs and MARI-SOL tables designed by Eugeni Quitllet, KES chairs, created by Gabriele + Oscar Buratti, PEZZETTINA armchairs designed by Archirivolto Design and Ramón Esteve’s VELA tables. The soft and simple lines of these creations placed all around the terrace create a calm, welcoming atmosphere for this space designed for VIP clients and glamorous events held by the international luxury brand with spectacular views of this cosmopolitan city.The luxurious 4-star W Hotel is located in the Chinese city of Changsha, and its architecture is based on the geometric shapes of the stars. Furniture from the STONES collection, designed by Stefano Giovannon, has been placed in the hotel’s garden, together with FAZ high tables by Ramón Esteve and Karim Rashid’s VERTEX stools, so that guests can rest and relax. A FAZ modular sofa has been placed in the adjoining space, with a lamp from the collection of the same name, and next to the pool, a truly outstanding piece - DAYBED FAZ. Karim Rashid’s VOXEL armchair together with a minimalist FRAME table by Ramón Esteve, make up an outdoor dining area where guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast or a memorable gastronomic experience in total privacy. The interior of the hotel has also been furnished with pieces from the FAZ collection, and LED lighting has been used, creating an atmosphere that is both serene and magical.Vondom's contract furniture also decorates the Yabeela Food Court, one of Bahrain's largest entertainment centers, which is located in the Al Liwan shopping mall in the city of Hamala. This fun place created for the whole family has a wide variety of games as well as a food and rest area. This is where the AFRICA chairs and FAZ tables are placed, bringing a modern, casual feel to the interior design of this space through the use of bright colors: navy, pickle and ecru. 

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