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Design studio CuldeSac has succeeded in gathering together almost 100 objects in Spain in order to evoke the fascinating world of the circus. This exhibition, called Design Circus, jointly organised by CuldeSac and the Sociedad Estatal para el Desarrollo del Diseño y la Innovación (Society for State Development of Design and Innovation) and presented for the first time in Madrid, recreates a magical atmosphere which highlights the more emotional and familiar aspect of objects as well as innovation and improvements in contemporary Spanish design. The show includes furniture, textiles, lighting, decorative objects and even jewellery and footwear which represent different and fun circus scenes, including tightrope-walkers, wild animals, knife-throwers, the circus ring, human cannon balls and objects emitting sparks. Of particular note at Design Circus are objects which are very recognisable and which represent Spanish design on an international level, such as Jon Gasca’s Eclipse tables, made by the company Stua, Martín Azua and Gerard Moliné’s Flod seats for Mobles114, the Belloch, Paipay and Plek chairs for Santa & Cole, Amat-3 and Actiu respectively, Luis Eslava's Agatha lights for Luziferlamps and B.Lux’s Kanpazar lights, not to mention the outdoor designs of Gandía Blasco and Vondom. So Design Circus presents the perfect opportunity to admire the latest creations of the most internationally renowned Spanish designers – such as Patricia Urquiola, Jaime Hayón and Vicente García Jiménez.


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