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Jaime Tresserra hits New York

Last November, Spanish designer Jaime Tresserra opened a shop in New York, at 53 East 58th Street on the Upper East Side, one of Manhattan’s more upscale neighbourhoods. The new shop represents a further step in the international expansion of the Spanish designer, and marks his entrée into New York, undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan city in the US and the one most receptive to contemporary design. The style of the space — which displays Tresserra’s work as if it were in an art gallery — is transparent, luminous and neutral. Its interior is predominantly white, creating a neutral backdrop that allows the furniture to stand out. And large windows in different shapes and sizes framed in polished brass — these are original features — give the shop a classic, timeless, New York vibe impervious to fleeting trends. As Tresserra himself says, ‘I’m hugely inspired by the cinema, and so I feel this city is my second home. I had no choice but to open my third shop in New York. Being able to relive memories and dreams which have been so central to my life has been my greatest achievement.’ Tresserra set up his own company, J Tresserra Design, in 1987. It was later renamed Tresserra Collection. In 1994, he opened his own showroom in Barcelona and, in 2005, a second shop in Paris, situated opposite the Louvre. Tresserra’s designs, which have a strong identity, combine the handcrafted, a use of noble materials, a Mediterranean sensibility and a functional and creative approach that is utterly contemporary.


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