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Parábola by Miguel Herranz for B.Lux

The high-profile designer Miguel Herranz has created Parábola, a new collection of lamps, for the brand, B.Lux. These incorporate a curved spotlight framed by a square form with rounded corners, which make the piece look balanced and harmonious.


Parábola has a central mirror which can conceal the lamp’s fluorescent light source to prevent it being overpoweringly dazzling. What’s more, the mirror is designed to create the greatest possible impression of depth in the room the light is in. The resulting piece creates an attractive play of light and reflections, which recall the Round light for B.Lux, inspired by the slogan, Light is aRound.


Parábola measures 60cm by 60cm. Thanks to its large scale, architectural quality and technical appearance, it’s primarily conceived for use in public spaces, although it suits homes equally well. It’s available as a wall light, ceiling light, as a light to go in a soffit (the underside of a beam, arch, staircase or cornice) and as a pendant lamp, and creates an ambient light.


Founded originally as a cooperative in 1980 in Vizcaya, northern Spain, the B.Lux group is now highly respected in the contemporary lighting design and manufacturing sector. It’s known for producing innovative pieces which place great emphasis on good design.


Since 1994, Herranz has worked in all areas of industrial design: furniture, lighting, the automobile industry, bathroom design, ceramics, product design, technology, interior and exhibition design. His designs are consistently highly individual and innovative. His versatility reflects a restless desire to experiment with new approaches to design.


Report: lighting, 2011

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