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Mobboli emerges from the creative drive of delaoliva. Mobboli is a contemporary aesthetic criterion designed to give possibilities to all kinds of spaces and environments. A new brand of flexible and state-of-the-art furniture that is also faithful to its origins. A concept that is environmentally friendly and with a whole philosophy of work, developed over more than 60 years. This great balance between youth and maturity, and between production experience and creative vitality is reflected in their products: pieces with their own identity, which are functional and versatile, modern and attractive, and with the qualities required for commercial, residential and contract use.

Our brands:
  • Foods & Wines from Spain
  • Interiors from Spain
  • Aula Virtual
  • Invest in Spain
  • EmarketServices
  • ICEXNext
  • Audiovisual from Spain
  • Diary
  • News about interesting fairs and events which Spanish companies and designers are taking part in
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