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Actiu Opens Showroom in Dubai

Actiu opened a showroom in Dubai (UAE) in October last year, its first showroom in the Middle East. This venue is located in the "Dubai Design District", a neighborhood that is home to the city's leading fashion and design stores and an ecosystem of companies focused on the prescription sector ranging from prestigious design and architecture studios to major manufacturers and distributors in the furniture sector.After 35 years of work in this region, this space serves as a meeting point between its various collaborators and clients in the Middle East and opens up new business opportunities in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, thanks to its location in this district, which isfrequently visitedby leading architects, designers and consultants from the area and around the world. Visiting customers will find a careful selection of products, oriented to work environments, but also to hospitality and other more versatile spaces.Actiu exports half of its production to more than 95 countries around the world and has seven showrooms of its own in London, Paris, Lisbon, Sydney, Miami, Madrid and Castalla (Alicante). 

Actiu opens a showroom in London

Specialising in the manufacture of furniture for workplaces and public spaces, Actiu was founded 40 years ago in La Foia Castalla, in Alicante, southern Spain. Today, the company, which exports over 60 per cent of its goods and has a presence in over 65 countries, is one of Spain’s leading furniture manufacturers. Actiu’s new, London showroom – situated in Clerkenwell, an area internationally renowned for selling design suited to architecture and the contract market – boasts a 250 sq m display area. Its philosophy is closely linked to the culture of the company, whose London premises appropriately feature a large, internal garden that provides plenty of light and transparency, green areas and an energy-efficient use of natural resources. The showroom’s interior has been conceived as an environmentally friendly workspace and showcase for the brand and its products, part of a sales and promotional distribution network, a space set aside for the continuous creation and development of products and a meeting point to display design in a social, cultural context. To date, Actiu has been involved in major projects in the UK. It has supplied furniture for the offices of BAA Ltd (British Airports Authority) at London’s Heathrow airport, public areas for American Express, London’s Queen Mary University and National Army Museum and for the British subsidiaries of car companies Mazda and Ford. Actiu has also equipped the education areas and offices of the restored, expanded Whitechapel Gallery in London, an institution that’s over 100 years old and hosts art exhibitions and events. Actiu recently won a close-run bid for a contract to furnish the offices and customer care centres of Transport for London (TFL), the organisation in charge of London’s public transport system. The 5.6 million Euro contract, which will take at least three years to complete, is expected to be seen as a truly prestigious project in the highly competitive, British market. London’s Actiu showroom is part of the company’s network of stores in 10 capital cities dotted around the world – among them, Sydney, Paris, Madrid, Düsseldorf, Lisbon, Casablanca, Dubai… and now London.

Actiu opens its first US showroom

The office furniture company chooses Miami to start its American rolloutOffice furniture company Actiu, a leader in Europe and the Spanish market, has just opened its first brand store in the Americas. Located in Miami, the aim is to boost its US position and serve as a marketing instrument for the whole of Latin America.The new 400-square-metre premises are a stone’s throw from Miami International Airport, to allow quick, efficient service for any customer travelling from other parts of the continent. The building has the “LEED Gold” certification for its responsible use of energy and natural resources, and makes careful use of natural light and green areas. The facility will exhibit all the solutions Actiu has to offer for the workplace and contract spaces. The inauguration of the new showroom was attended by Actiu president and founder, Vicent Berbegal, who recently became European Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 at the European Business Awards. He was accompanied by his son, Vicente Berbegal. American retailers and opinion leaders were invited to the launch party to become acquainted with the new space, where they were able to sample a wide selection of Spanish delicacies.In his address, Vicent Berbegal stated that the company’s initial aim was “to tackle space design projects that provide solutions for the needs of each company. The idea is for this showroom to generate trust with companies, architects, interior designers and opinion leaders looking for tailor-made solutions.”Miami is Actiu’s first strategic stop in the USA where it will seek to promote office furniture of higher quality and European design,  an aspect highlighted by company CEO Joaquín Berbegal: “This step undoubtedly represents a firm commitment to the US market, which is highly competitive and difficult, but offers great opportunities for European design and know-how”.The space will also serve as a point of connection and communication for all distributors in Latin America, an issue referred to by showroom manager Julián Duque, “We want to encourage our distributors in Latin America to come to this space, meet up with architects looking to invest or do business all over the continent who can clinch deals for Colombia, the Dominican Republic or any other market in the Americas.”Actiu also has its own showrooms in other cities such as London, Paris, Sidney, Barcelona and Madrid and is present in more than 90 countries worldwide. Product quality, design and innovation are the factors in its success. 

Actiu opens showroom in Australia

Actiu, the Spanish manufacturer of furniture for workspaces and public areas, opened a new showroom in Sydney, Australia, last March. By opening this showroom, Actiu has shown a major commitment to expanding into Asia. As Vicente Berbegal, its founder and president explains, ‘When we decided a few years ago against manufacturing in China, but in our own country instead, we also made it clear we wanted to sell our products in that Far Eastern region.’ Located in Pyrmont, Sydney, the new, 290sq m showroom means that Actiu has made a major inroad into a country with huge economic potential. The move also consolidates the company’s business expansion strategy into the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. What’s more, Actiu’s new shop offers its clients a space where its products can be displayed, and serves as a link with European countries keen to forge new business relationships in the Asian-Pacific region. Actiu therefore creates a new networking venue that acts as a valuable meeting point for other firms, which can hold their own promotional events and business meetings here. Actiu’s Sydney showroom is one of over 10 shops it has dotted all over the world, including one it opened in London in July, 2010. Actiu’s many achievements – from its commitment to protecting the environment, via its integration of sustainable manufacturing policies and initiatives to receiving the LEED® Gold certificate (a rating system for green buildings) and winning various international awards, such as a Red Dot prize last year in the best product design category for its TNK A500 office chair designed by Alegre Industrial – have meant the Australian market has enthusiastically embraced the company’s products. The most notable ones in the new showroom are its Mobility desks, Informa customer service counter, Audit seating and Mit and Uka chairs for use in training rooms.

Actiu's Showroom on Boulevard Bourdon in Paris

The new space offers innovative solutions for French prescribers' contract projects Over year ago, just before the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, Spanish office furniture manufacturer Actiu , which specializes in workspace design, moved its Paris showroom to Boulevard Bourdon.Located on one floor at street level and the basement of a historic building on a total of 450 m2 next to the Seine and the Place de la Bastille, it is a must on architects´ and designers´ routes of the French capital.  It recreates real scenarios typical of hospitality environments and shows Actiu's know-how concerning efficient and flexible workspace design focusing on people's wellbeing.The interior design project, in which Cosin Estudio has collaborated, revolves around color accents ranging from the brand's characteristic red to the black of its Karbon chair, the company's iconic carbon fiber piece. Colors that frame the different work environments that make up the tour, which when combined with green and blue tones recall "the Mediterranean essence" of the showroom and the company.Actiu is one of the leading companies in Spain regarding design of furniture and spaces for the new forms of work that are emerging. Its innovative products are exported to more than 84 countries and it has six showrooms of its own in London, Miami, Sydney, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona. 

Andreu World opens a showroom in New Delhi

It’s the Spanish furniture company’s second monobrand store in IndiaResidential and contract furniture firm Andreu World opened its first monobrand showroom in New Delhi last February. It’s the Spanish company’s second store in India, the first having opened in Pune in 2014. The new shop in India’s capital represents a very significant step forward in the brand’s positioning in the Indian market.Andreu World’s steady growth in India has necessitated the opening of a new space in which Indian architects and designers have access to large display and office areas where they’ll find the firm’s different collections and environments.The shop showcases Andreu World’s entire furniture range as well as the latest collections by such internationally renowned designers as Patricia Urquiola, Lievore Altherr Molina, Jasper Morrison and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, all of whom have created pieces for the Spanish brand.The showroom’s display area has been designed so visitors can find any type of furniture to meet their exact needs. As such, the space has been divided into lounge, meeting and public areas featuring a selection of sofas, armchairs, chairs, multifunctional tables, all for use in workplaces, homes, public spaces, hotels, restaurants and outdoor areas.Pieces in the showroom include the Flex chair, designed by Piergiorgo Cazzaniga, which received a Red Dot and NeoCon gold award, and  several designs from the Ronda, Lineal, Sail, Carola, Smile, Pillow and Manila collections. The Alya armchairs and Raglan sofa (which won a Best of NeoCon gold award) grace the lounge areas. The standout tables are Reverse Conference and low tables Dual and Raglan. In the outdoor furniture section are the Sand sofas and Trenza collection, created by Lievore Altherr Molina.

Andreu World opens its new showroom in London

 Andreu World confirms its international expansion; if a few months ago they were in Boston, now they are opening a new space in London, aspiring to become a point of reference for interior design and design in the capital of the United KingdomLocated in the heart of the Clerkenwell area, it has been created as an open and dynamic space, structured in different areas, where we can find seats, armchairs, sofas and meeting tables, some of them created by leading designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Lievore Altherr Molina and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. There is also an interesting selection of different chairs and stools designed to create solutions for public spaces such as offices and restaurants or private spaces.This new showroom continues to use the same identifying characteristics of the Andreu World brand: the continuous presence of natural wood, a material that perfectly expresses the features of its tables and seats and the utmost respect for the environment. It is a balance between timeless, elegance and contemporary that wood provides with its warmth, nobility, freshness and naturalness. The space with large windows allows a continuity with the urban environment, while the different interior settings create an architectural space where everything is perfectly connected through the wood. The classic designs mix with the new ones such as Duos, created by Jarper Morrison; the Nuez Chair, designed by Patricia Urquiola; the Raglan sofa; the Capri Lounge armchair; and the Alya armchair, as well as a line of table collections with a clear corporate leaning like the Radial Conference or occasional tables such as the Reverse, Quattro and Dual. In short, versatile and innovative designs adapted to the new work and residential environments, where the use of new materials is also featured.The space created by Andreu World aims to be a place where there is room for interior design, furniture and decoration professionals. The brand offers a selection of finishes, textures, colours, fabrics and materials with which they want to share their brand experience in London, bringing architects, designers, interior designers or simply design lovers a new space for exhibitions, work or inspiration in the heart of the city. This showroom in London joins those that are already running in the United States (Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., and Denver), Dubai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Moscow and Copenhagen.We at would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Andreu World for having won two RED DOT awards, awarded for the high quality of its designs, reflected in the Nuez and Capri Lounge chairs. These two designs will be part of the special exhibition Design on Stage - Winner of the Red Dot Product Design 2018 Award which will be at the Red Dot Museum Essen. They will also be included in the 2018/2019 Red Dot Design Yearbook which shows all the award-winning products of the year. Congratulations!!!

Andreu World furniture in Tokyo and Washington DC

Spanish contemporary furniture company Andreu World opened its first showrooms in Tokyo and Washington DC at the end of last year.The Tokyo showroom is the Spanish company’s first monobrand store in Japan. Andreu World has had its own business office there since 2010, but has now been operating in the contract channel for more than a decade (hotels, restaurants and workspaces). All the company's products are JSI certified in line with the Japanese standard recognising excellence, quality and product durability. The spacious 250sqm loft is in the Minami Aoyama district which is home to most design and furniture companies in the Japanese capital. Since it opened in October 2016, Japanese architects, designers and other clients have had chance to see in situ the furniture company’s latest products, created by well-known international designers including Patricia Urquiola, Lievore Altherr Molina, Jasper Morrison and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. The showroom’s interior design has been arranged to cater for all visitor furniture needs. The layout includes various lounge, meeting and installation areas featuring a selection of sofas, easy chairs, and versatile tables and chairs that can be used at work, in homes, facilities, hotels or restaurants, as well as out of doors. The brand’s products have been brought to life in different scenes separated by backlit panels which enhance the finish, colour and texture of the textiles and materials chosen for the exhibition area.A month after Tokyo, Andreu World opened a new showroom in Washington, which joined spaces in Chicago, New York and San Francisco to make it their fourth in the USA. This strategic market accounts around 55% of company exports, hence the brand’s interest in new points of sale of its own. The store is in Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue, an ideal setting to showcase the company’s latest collections. Inside, visiting architects, designers and other customers can find a wide selection of furnishings. Like other Andreu World showrooms, natural wood is a prominent feature, creating a cocooning and welcoming atmosphere.This year, in October, Andreu World opened a new showroom in Bangalore, its fourth space in India after New Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad.Andreu World´s showroom in TokyoAddress: 2-19-6 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062. Ratio Minami Aoyama. 107-0062, JapanPhone number: + (81) 3 6804 2966Email: aworld@andreuworld.comAndreu World´s showroom in Washington DCAddress:  1010 Wisconsin Ave NW  Washington DC. 20007-3617. USAPhone number: + (312) 464-0900Email: info@andreuworldamerica.comAndreu World´s showroom in Bangalore Address: #8/4 Ulsoor Road, Bangalore 560042. IndiaPhone number: + (0091) 98 86 653005Email:  

Andreu World Moves to a New Showroom in New York City with a New Image

The new 500 M2 space located in suite 1111 of the New York Design Center in Manhattan.Andreu World, a leading manufacturer of Spanish contemporary design furniture and Spain's leading exporter of seating and tables, moved its New York showroom last year in September. Located at Suite 1111 of the New York Design Center, at 200 Lexington Avenue, the new space has an exhibition area of 500 square meters and signifies a renewal of its image in the Big Apple.The interior architecture of this rendezvous for architects, interior designers and clients has focused on generating a lively and eclectic place. It uses natural wood as both its language and common denominator, which has been in the firm's genes since its origins more than half a century ago, in 1955. The exquisitely and perfectly balanced light is a brilliant aid in helping appreciate the designs in a warm and very natural way. Furthermore, the shelves and general "props" are custom-made and are used to decorate, divide and organize the different types of furniture presented. Each scene is underpinned with large-scale images of projects featuring the furniture collections created by the brand in a joint effort with renowned international designers, enhancing the visitor's experience by showing each design piece in real, functioning environments. As well as being a work space for interior design, furniture and decoration professionals, the new showroom offers a dazzling array of finishes, textures, colors, fabrics and innovative materials which are instrumental in being able to work on projects in a global fashion. As they say in the firm: "Our goal is for it to be a meeting point for architects, designers, interior designers and design lovers in a new space for exhibition, work and inspiration, right at the heart of New York."The groundbreaking manufacture has another five permanent showrooms in the USA in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Washington and Denver. It also has single-brand showrooms in Paris, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Madrid, Valencia, Mexico City, Moscow, Pune, Gurgaon, Stockholm and Copenhagen, as well as in-store spaces in Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver. 


From Valencia to Chicago passing through 65 countries over the course of 50 years of history. The figures do not lie and less still the deep wrinkles that line the hands of the carpenter who has been creating chairs for half a century. With his farsightedness, Andreu Martí, the founder of Andreu World, always aimed high, but it would have been difficult for him to imagine half a century ago that his small factory would reach such heights. Specifically, as high as the tenth floor of the Merchandise Mart Plaza, a colossal building that can claim to be the largest commercial building in the world, housing the great international furniture brands. Moreover, it is the headquarters of NEOCON, the most important furniture trade fair in the United States. The journey has been long but worthwhile. Andreu World America currently occupies 250 m2 where it exhibits its work together with that of the giants of the sector, such as Vitra, Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller, B&B Italia and Knoll, to mention just a few. Chairs have always been the raison d’être of Andreu World. Its commitment to design and innovation have done the rest. Now, any of the three million visitors received by the Merchandise Mart Plaza every year can enjoy Andreu World’s latest collections. Noteworthy amongst these are the Smile, Radical and Lineal Confort designs, created by Lievore, Altherr & Molina. Shining next to them are the Valeria chairs by Estudio Andreu, Zarina, designed by William Sawaya, and Wok by Javier Mariscal. The company’s management has been focused for some time on the North American market. Andreu World has been working here for five years under its own label. Just by looking at the number of projects completed by Andreu World America in the USA, it is clear to see that all the effort made has not been in vain. The latest projects to be completed are the Bronx Criminal Court Complex in New York, Tryg’s restaurant in Minneapolis, the Myth restaurant in San Francisco, the HYATT hotel in Chicago and the Finnegan Henderson law firm in Washington DC. Andreu World has recently been awarded the National Design Prize, awarded annually by the Spanish Ministry of Industry. Some believe that they have reached the top of the world but Andreu World continues to look straight ahead, focused on the brand’s worldwide growth. 

Andreu World opens its first showroom in Paris

The designer furniture firm Andreu World has opened a showroom in Paris, the first store of its own in France. At the showroom’s opening on 30 September, designer Patricia Urquiola presented her new creations for the company. The new exhibition space aims to be a reference point for interior design, offering furniture solutions for workspaces, contract projects, outdoor spaces and homes in the French capital.The showroom is located in the heart of the City of Lights, just a stone’s throw from the Arc de Triomphe. Collections of chairs, armchairs, sofas and tables created by international designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Häberli, Jasper Morrison, Lievore Altherr Molina and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga grace the different areas of this open and dynamic space.Laid out over two floors, the idea of the exhibition is to showcase the design’s core essence and the different types of products offered by the Spanish brand. Wood has been used profusely throughout the space as this natural material expresses the characteristics of Andreu World’s seating and tables to perfection; balance between timelessness, elegance, design and innovation.  This space joins the Andreu World international permanent showrooms in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., Denver, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Moscow, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Mexico City, and its retail concessions in stores in Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver, among others.

Andreu World lands on the Pacific coast

Last May, Andreu World opened its new showroom in San Francisco. This is the company’s third showroom to open in the US, following the opening of its shops in Chicago (in 2007) and New York (2012), and it consolidates the brand’s presence in the country. The new store’s main aim is to boost the firm’s profile among design professionals and suppliers on America’s West Coast.   The showroom is situated on 2nd Street, in the heart of the Financial District, where some of San Francisco’s most iconic buildings can be found. The space has various display areas which demonstrate the versatility of Andreu World’s products. It showcases a broad range of chairs, armchairs, bar stools with fixed or swivel bases and meeting and occasional tables. A selection of multifunctional sofas and armchairs as well as highly flexible occasional tables take up the remaining space.What’s more, Andreu World has other shops around the world — in Valencia, Dubai and one run by its distributor in Pune, India, which opened in 2014. The Dubai showroom opened last March, and represents an important step in widening the company’s distribution network in the Middle East. The shop, which occupies a spacious, 200-sq m loft, is situated on the 33rd floor of the iconic Jumeirah Business Center 3, which boasts spectacular, panoramic views of Dubai’s skyscrapers.

Andreu World opens Boston showroom

 Forging ahead with its US sales growth, Andreu World opened another branch in Boston at the end of January, its fifth showroom in the market.The new space is at 35 Channel Center, a more than 180-year-old building in the flourishing neighbourhood of Fort Point. A vivid example of historic Boston, the building has brick walls and original barn doors, coupled with 21st-century architectural design. It is owned by the Ben & Jane Thomson family, whose many achievements include the "Design Research” project that has been bringing design into US homes. Some of their original symbols, like the iconic neon sign, can be seen in the main lobby.The spacious showroom has five unique areas exhibiting Andreu World armchair, sofa and table collections created by renowned international designers like Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Lievore Altherr Molina and Piergiorgio Cazzaniga. On display are more than a hundred different chairs and benches which provide furnishing solutions for public and private spaces – offices, restaurants and households – as well as a selection of outdoor furniture.The Boston showroom has been designed to communicate the values of innovation and technology, woodwork excellence and the company's fully environmentally-sustainable approach. The new premises join the company’s showrooms in Washington, Chicago, New York and San Francisco, and reinforce the brand’s presence and products in the USA, its main market, accounting for more than 55% of their world exports. Andreu World plans to open more new showrooms this year. Next up is Madrid on 15 March. 

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